Self-ligating braces: self-ligating bracket systems

Advances in modern dentistry enable to get rid of the disorders of taste and give a smile. Today for this purpose are widely used self-ligating braces, which are distinguished by their device. The main difference between them and dental products of the past generation is the fact that they do not use ligatures, which allows the arc to slide freely. Self-ligating braces are considered to be one of the novelties of modern dentistry and have many advantages over other orthodontic devices. With their help it is possible to reduce the time of treatment, and adjust the taste of the patient.

The advantages of braces

Self-ligating braces have many advantages, the foremost among them is the fact that to strengthen the orthodontic arch they present sliding retainers in the form of latches or clips. Thanks to them, the change of the arc and the correction is performed much easier and faster. Self-adjusting braces require the orthodontist much less physical effort when installing them that helps the patient to avoid uncomfortable feelings. When using such orthodontic system to notice positive results of treatment can after a few months, which significantly reduces the time of wearing them.

Self-adjusting braces while wearing not cause the patient any pain. To visit a specialist for changing arcs has two times less in comparison with conventional orthodontic appliances for correction of malocclusion.

In that case, if the patient is self-adjusting braces, this allows the teeth to move in the most natural way. In fact, not least is the fact that wearing these devices helps to get rid of many pathologies without removing teeth. This means that self-ligating braces, if necessary, can be used for expansion of the dentition, allowing you to avoid crowding of the teeth without removing them.

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In recent years, discreet self-ligating appliances which help to maintain the attractive aesthetic appearance of the patient. These dental braces have a stimulating effect on the cellular activity of the soft tissues around the tooth and cause problems with its blood supply. This helps to improve periodontal status, to avoid pain and various injuries to the mucosa in the lips and cheeks.

Self-ligating braces are more easy to care for because of their lack of ligatures. Due to this, the patient is much easier to hygienic measures for the care of the oral cavity, which significantly reduces the risk of tooth decay. Despite the numerous advantages of self-ligating braces are one minus is the price. In fact, such orthodontic systems are much more expensive than classical design with ligatures.

What makes self-ligating design?

Today, self-ligating braces are made of different materials. The choice of a particular orthodontic bracket system is defined as complexity of dental defect and the desire of the patient.

Metal braces

The most inexpensive and most popular are considered metal self-ligating braces and the reason is their low cost. Using such orthodontic appliances are able to correct even the most complex pathology of the teeth patients. Metal braces are widely used for bite correction, and the most popular among them are:

  1. Damon 3MX. Such metal self-ligating braces are thin enough and without sharp edges, so their presence on the teeth, the patient gets used pretty quickly. Such designs create on teeth a certain tension, and thus shift them to the required distance;
  2. Damon Q. Metal fixtures of this model are used for correction and the correction of complex malocclusions. The mechanism of action of such a dental fixture allows for a small period of time to plan a successful and accurate result of the treatment;
  3. In-ovation R. Such metal braces stand out among the rest is its small size that allows at any stage of treatment without problems to establish arcs of all sizes to control the movement of the teeth.
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Ceramic braces

Self-regulating ceramic braces are more attractive and their colouring is almost identical to the color of tooth enamel. Of course, they are less visible on your teeth than metal braces, but are unlikely to give a smile attractive. Ceramic braces are quite fragile, so treat them should be carefully and try not to eat solid foods

Sapphire braces

Especially in demand among members of the fairer sex are sapphire braces, for they add to the attractiveness of their smile. This orthodontic device is made from medical artificial sapphire, which is transparent and is completely invisible on the background of the enamel of the teeth. Sapphire braces have the arc light color, which is free to slide and nothing is blocked. Such dental appliances have on the teeth much less stress and do not cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity.

Sapphire braces not only spoil the aesthetic appearance, but also are considered to be particularly durable. They are the basis of the crystal lattice that allow the material to withstand even the highest loads. In addition, sapphire braces are processed so that they can firmly stay on your teeth throughout the treatment period. It is wrong that over time, these braces darken and lose its attractive appearance. In fact, sapphire braces of the latest generation allow to achieve a perfect aesthetic result and not change its appearance.

Features wearing braces

Many dentists say that wearing self-ligating braces allows to reduce the period of orthodontic treatment. After the patient underwent braces installation, strictly observe all recommendations of the doctor.

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For the duration of wearing such devices is determined by several factors:

  • the initial condition of the teeth;
  • the material of the bracket;
  • the type of occlusion.

In fact, the sooner made the installation of braces, the higher the chance that soon the patient will get the desired result. In that case, if the braces are established in adolescence, then typically the duration of wearing them is 6-12 months. The older the patient is, the more time may be required to carry such dental devices for correcting malocclusion and elimination of anomalies of the teeth.

After the installation of braces specialist tells in detail about how and with what tools needed to take care of it. For this purpose, commonly used special brushes, irrigators and brushes for the interdental spaces. Proper and timely care of braces avoids appearance of dark spots and caries development.

Self-ligating braces are one of the achievements of modern orthodontics, through which the treatment can be simple and comfortable. With their help manage to get rid of the pathologies of the teeth in a short time than when using classical ligature fixtures.