SGS implants (Switzerland): products, price, reviews

SGS implants (Switzerland) has earned its high reputation among various dental companies. Types of this production is quite varied, the price is quite affordable for most people wishing to install, and testimonials from satisfied customers additionally are convinced that it is a reliable and trusted manufacturer.

In cases of tooth loss, one or more, it is very important to return the load of chewing. It is necessary to preserve the bone structures of daily convenience and psychological comfort of man. Fortunately, today the market is quite high-quality products for dental implantology, so you can restore the lost smile.

About the manufacturer

Appearing in 2007 in Switzerland, SGS Dental System (GHS dental) quickly gained leadership in the market due to high quality control of its products. This organization works on certification and various tests in the dental field. One of the most important conditions of production is quality control at every stage of production.

Not surprisingly, Swiss implants have rapidly become popular and in demand in 140 countries in Europe, Asia and even America. The developers constantly test new technologies, conduct experiments, teach dentists modern systems operate at implantation.

The products are manufactured using the best materials and equipment. The laboratories and factories SGS Dental located in Germany and Hungary are different production processes to achieve maximum excellence products.

Technological features

In Budapest create a helical and conical variation of the rods. Moreover, their production using the following biocompatible titanium alloys – Grade 4 and Grade 5. They are well accepted by living tissues and significantly reduce the possibility of rejection or allergic reactions.

But in Germany, the base web is processed in a special way. Here is one of the BONIT coating, increasing reliability and good survival rate of the implant. This titanium design is first cleaned with ultrasound, and then treated with electrochemical method. At the end of the product is carefully dried and Packed in sealed packaging for safety in transit.

A distinctive feature of the Swiss production – quality control of each phase of the products. The thoroughness of the checks does not allow even the minimum errors.

The types of implants SGS

For the convenience and versatility of the designs the company has divided all its products for implantation into four main series, which can be found in the directory:

  • Premium P7 – conical shape of the rod, double sharp thread, samovnusheniya design provides easy installation, which does not occur injuries. You can apply even if the atrophied tissues, although it is recommended for 3 and 4 types of bone. During the operation, you can even adjust the angle of inclination of the introduction of the product under individual characteristics.
  • Premium P1 – screw implants are designed mostly for heavy fabrics, although in some cases they are installed in other types of structures. A special coating BONIT and dual threads provide a secure fit and good survival rate of the product. These two models of premium class is not recommended for use in a one-step method the implant.
  • P9S – integral design with a fairly thin rod. Very often, they choose to be implanted in one session. Also they are well suited in cases when the alveolar ridge is very narrow or space between adjacent teeth is too little. However, installing them is only possible in solid bone tissue.
  • P7S – conical form, which is also used for instantaneous load. But it needs to be dense enough bone, to fix the product. Continuous form of the implant provides structural strength.
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Independently, the patient may be difficult to understand all the proposed options and feel that most of them differ little from each other. To help should a qualified doctor who is trained to work with the system and knows in what cases is it better to use.

Advantages and disadvantages

To sum up, it highlights the following are the advantages of implants SGS:

  • A high survival rate of artificial stem, good fusion with live tissue.
  • Reliable fixation using a double thread and a special surface ensures the durability of the attachment and enables the immediate loading on the structure.
  • The availability of the implant, even in cases when bone tissue is atrophied, softened, and does not meet the standard requirements for carrying out such a procedure.
  • Control of materials and the creation process gives a guarantee of quality. All products of the company meet the highest criteria that is displayed in the certificates accompanying such products.
  • Long service life is guaranteed by the producers, which set the minimum term of operation of 25 years.
  • Rapid healing of tissues, no allergic reactions, to prevent oxidation of the metal rod is due to the special coating BONIT.
  • Sterile sealed packaging provides reliable and safe delivery of each item from the factory to the patient. Bactericidal treatment helps to keep the implants clean, protecting them from bacteria.
  • Availability of different attachments and adapters for angular, narrow and other ways of fastening the artificial tooth. With their help, you can choose the right elements for the most complex cases and unusual jaw structure.
  • A wide range of makes implants SGS universal, suitable for all patient requests.
  • The installation can be performed in a single session, with a minimum load and two classical phases with some breaks for the complete healing of the tissues.
  • These rods are able to evenly distribute the chewing load in the jaw. Thus, they fully restore function of the dentition.
  • Good compatibility of the different elements together, that gives space for the work of the dentist and convenience in the selection of each detail and sophisticated design.
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Surprisingly, with all of the above advantages, even the price remains affordable to the average consumer. We can safely say that the cons of these implants, except that individual contraindications that apply to almost all such interventions and do not depend on a particular manufacturer.


The process of implantation using products SGS no different from other similar procedures:

  1. Initially, the doctor examines the condition of the oral cavity and performs a thorough diagnosis of the jaw bones and tissues. Also, the patient must pass a number of tests to determine whether dental implantation.
  2. Making anesthesia, the dentist makes a light incision in the right place and creates a recess under the implant.
  3. Next, in a special way is implanted rod, trying it in the prepared bed. A double thread helps to fix it. The top is a special plug to prevent infection and covering with tissue. The open wound is sutured.
  4. Three months later, install the abutment, and then the abutment with a selected crown, maximally similar to the natural tooth.


Interestingly, the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on the implants using SGS. This once again confirms their reliability and quality. But it’s worth noting that this point will largely still depend on some factors:

  • the condition of bone and soft tissues of the jaw of the patient, how quickly they atrophy;
  • operational load, the accuracy of their use;
  • the quality of the operation, which was conducted by a doctor, aged whether any of the rules of procedure;
  • compliance with regular oral hygiene and care of teeth and implants in the daily process.
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It is very important to treat the goods carefully, without overloading them. For example, if you decide to chew the nuts, threatens to damage not only your teeth, but also expensive implants. It is also necessary to observe oral hygiene to keep the remaining teeth and not allow the bacteria to damage the synthetic material.

Video: Swiss SGS implants.


The cost of the procedure with implants SGS is in the middle price category. If we talk about the individual purchase of the items themselves, depending on the series they will cost 4500-6000 rubles.

But it is better to avail of the clinics, which guarantee the holding of the whole procedure in 20 to 60 thousand rubles. Thus, you don’t have to pick apart every element of it will be included in the total price along with the work of a doctor. The greatest price difference only applies to material for a tooth crown.



The quality of Swiss products is always a guarantee of reliability. I think implants they are doing no worse than anything else, so I have confidence in the firm. Use these products for two years and no problems.


While collecting money for the implant, managed to soften the bone. The doctor advised to establish SGS as they are designed for just such occasions. And the price they are not higher and sometimes lower than other companies, between which I was choosing products. As a result, even without increasing my all holding steady.


To decide on the implant I had a hard time. But to go without teeth even worse. Chose a Swiss implants and is very happy. The procedure was painless, and then the wound healed quickly. Now don’t even feel the difference between an artificial tooth and its.