Soda with sores: is it possible to treat children

Soda with stomatitis — effective and secure means. The antiseptic properties of sodium bicarbonate have been proven by scientists of the 20th century. And today, the treatment of stomatitis soda solution is the basis for the speedy recovery of the patient. If the use of antiseptic is not harmful to health or there are contraindications to its use?

What is soda

Every woman is not familiar with the miraculous properties of soda. It is widely used for cleaning kitchen utensils, as well as to give the dough lightness. The scientific name of the compound is sodium bicarbonate. In medicine baking soda used for:

  • Gargle in sore throat;
  • Thin mucus in the bronchi;
  • Stabilization of blood pressure;
  • Eliminate heartburn;
  • Relieve itching and redness after insect bites;
  • Elimination of skin diseases.

Sodium bicarbonate is used for rinsing, is taken orally, applied on the skin in the form of applications and tampons.

Rinse soda when stomatitis is a fast and sure way to speed up the regeneration of damaged tissue and stop the inflammation in the mouth. The question whether to treat soda stomatitis, doctors give an affirmative answer Yes, and to use the alkali can be both adults and children.

Dioxide sodium is the alkali. At interaction of alkaline and acidic environment occurs the neutralization of the latter with the release of water and loss of salt in the sediment. In other words, under the influence of acidic environment in the oral cavity the bacteria multiply rapidly and if you use the club soda with stomatitis, acid neutralized, and the bacteria die. This is the main antimicrobial properties of soda.

Soda is absolutely safe, does not cause toxic poisoning if consumed in acceptable doses. Lye does not irritate the mouth and stomach. Treatment of diseases with baking soda — the alternative to expensive drugs with the same properties.

Soda to treat stomatitis in a child — an indispensable tool for the treatment at home. Solution you can handle the mouth of children under one year.

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If some antiseptics cause pain and burning when rinsing, alkaline solution is not irritating to ulcerative lesions of the mucous membrane, but on the contrary, accelerates their regeneration. The acidic environment is favorable for the growth of pathogenic bacteria, and alkaline — destructive for them. In the absence of ulcers of microbes comes a rapid recovery of the patient and healing of erosive lesions. No contraindications to the treatment of stomatitis no soda.

How to use soda

Before how to treat sores with baking soda you must visit the dentist to identify the causative agent. If the mouth has a chronic infection, the development of which contributed to carious teeth, gingivitis or stone the doctor will prescribe a course of treatment aimed at curing disease. After eliminating the main factor that may slow down the treatment of stomatitis, the doctor will prescribe remedies for the local treatment of salves, rinses. Check whether when the time came to rinse your mouth with baking soda. After consulting doctor you can begin treatment.

To prepare the solution for rinsing on the basis of baking soda must be mixed with 200 ml of boiled water with 1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate. The water temperature should be 37 *C. At the height of the disease rinse repeat every 2 — 3 hours.

A small child rinse can not, therefore, it is necessary to moisten a cotton swab or gauze in antiseptic solution and treat the baby’s mouth.

It is important to remember that when it comes to a small child — the concentration of the solution should be reduced in 200 ml of water dissolve ¼ teaspoon of baking soda.

In complex therapy is prescribed rinse herbs. Don’t forget that the treatment of stomatitis should be comprehensive. Recommended along with the soda rinse supplementation antiseptics, painkillers, drugs that increase the immune power of the body, antifungal or antiviral agents. To strengthen the body take vitamins.

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The benefits of using baking soda

Soda solution from the stomatitis has a number of advantages:

  1. Sodium bicarbonate contains highly effective antiseptic that have a devastating effect on bacteria. Soda suppresses the development of infection in the oral cavity;
  2. Alkali neutralizes acid in the oral cavity, accelerating tissue regeneration and the healing process of ulcers;
  3. Sodium bicarbonate is safe for the body, so club soda with stomatitis in children is the ideal and safe tool;
  4. The alkaline solution is not irritating to the mucosa and does not cause pain and burning, but on the contrary, softens and soothes ulcers;
  5. The alkali has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and decongestant properties;
  6. Rinse your mouth with baking soda with stomatitis can be every 2 hours, this will not have any adverse reactions;
  7. After rinsing the mouth creates a protective barrier to the development of germs and bacteria.

Famous recipes with baking soda

Can be used to rinse the baking soda in combination with medicinal plants. With stomatitis have high effectiveness:

  • Chamomile flowers;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • Calendula;
  • Sage;
  • Oak bark.

In a decoction of medicinal herbs need to add ½ teaspoon of baking soda and rinse your mouth.
To stop the inflammatory process, relieve pain and accelerate tissue regeneration will help aloe Vera juice mixed with 200 ml of water and a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate. Instead of aloe you can take a Kalanchoe.
The soda treatment for children and adults, as practice shows, is quite an effective method, but if after 3 days the symptoms do not disappear, contact your doctor, perhaps it is time to take more drastic therapeutic measures.

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When to consult a doctor

In order to avoid the development of the inflammatory process should not be delayed if symptoms of the disease is growing every day. Especially it concerns young children, treatment starts immediately. Consult your doctor if you notice that the child:

  1. Depressed mood;
  2. Apathy to what is happening;
  3. Lack of appetite;
  4. Raised body temperature;
  5. Rashes in the mouth was more;
  6. Nausea and vomiting.

In this case, the doctor will prescribe a course of antibiotic therapy and medications that suppress the symptoms of intoxication. To accelerate the healing of wounds will prescribe creams and gels that are parallel to relieve pain, and provide an opportunity to take food in a shabby.

Treatment of folk recipes, of course, effectively but you should not rely only on rinse. Because baking soda only removes the symptoms of the disease and accelerates the process of tissue regeneration, by disinfection of the wound surface of the mucosa. It is important to identify the cause that led to serious illness. Launched stomatitis goes into a stage of chronic, which is much more difficult to cure.