Sore gums: causes, treatment

Sore gums can occur for a variety of reasons. We can say that every second person worried about this symptom for one reason or another. But in most cases it lasts for long, so it is for this reason rarely seek help. Soreness in the gums is not taken seriously and begin to self-medicate. In some cases helps, and some compounding. Depends on the reason why the gums hurt and that it was applied to the relief of this symptom.

Causes of pain in the gums

In fact, a lot of them. Here are the most common:

  • Periodontitis;
  • Periodontitis;
  • Gingivitis;
  • Incorrectly restored contact point;
  • Poor quality prosthesis;
  • Periostitis;
  • Mechanical and chemical damage;
  • Difficulty eruption of wisdom teeth.

Why hurt the gums while periodontitis? Most often this occurs in chronic forms. When bone begins to form pus, it will look for a way out. Due to this, the gum swells, becomes edematous and erythematous. To her touch impossible. Sore gums over a tooth that is affected. The pain occurs from the pressure of purulent exudate in the fabric. Often, if the patient is not timely drawn, there is a fistulous course in the gums. Periodontitis — this is the only disease in which suffers from the mucosa of the gums. Dental caries, pulpitis it is not affected.

Gingivitis and periodontitis

These are the most common reasons why there is pain in the gums. Both diseases are inflammatory process. In the case of gingivitis affected only the mucous. With regard to periodontitis, then there is more bone resorption. In both diseases affected gums, it starts to hurt, whining, swells and becomes congested. These diseases can be localized or generalized. Accordingly, the amount of destruction may be different. The gums starts to bleed when brushing, can pulsate. If it is severe, it may be purulent discharge from beneath the gingival margin. It is found in periodontitis, when the tooth-gingival connection was destroyed and pathological pockets.

These diseases occur either because of inadequate hygiene, or in connection with hormonal changes in adolescence and during pregnancy.

There are other reasons — the overhanging edge of the seal, bad prosthetics. When a patient is not cleans plaque accumulates and is gradually mineralized, turning into Tartar. These stones, in turn, contribute to the development of inflammation of the gums. And we already know that this process is accompanied by pain, swelling and redness. Unfortunately, most patients with the appearance of pain, even more start personal hygiene, not understanding what this means. It’s the same as eating dirty unwashed hands. Moreover, oral bacteria are very much more than in the body. During inflammatory processes, pathogenic, that is harmful. Therefore, teeth cleaning is even required.

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Incorrectly restored contact point

To begin with, what is the point of contact. This is the point of contact between the contact surfaces of the adjacent crowns. Very often on these surfaces causes cavities. In such cases, the cavity is concealed and the patient immediately notices her. When the process goes to deeper layers, he can already feel the pain and understand that there is a carious process. Unfortunately, not all doctors are able to restore the contact point, as it was first. This occurs most often due to improperly installed dot matrix system. When restoring do not forget that the tooth is the equator, at the neck of the crown is shrinking.

As a result of improper sealing of the seal overhang touches the gingival papilla or food gets stuck. And she accordingly puts pressure on the gums, which later become inflamed. Subsequently sore gums between teeth. If you cannot fully pull out the remains of food, there is also more bacteria will thrive. Sometimes trying to clean this period, flossing, the patient can inadvertently injure the gums. And the thread will get stuck due to incorrectly supplied seal. It seems to be thought the treatment of caries, what may hurt the gums. But, as you can see, a lot of nuances connected with it.

Defective prosthetics

Poorly made dentures can also contribute to inflammation of the gums. And this applies to both removable and non-removable. As for the dentures the pain occurs mostly due to rubbing of the denture to the mucosa. This happens in the first days after prosthetics. While adapting the first meal of the prosthesis can RUB in some places. The main thing is not to bring to the state of erosion.

With fixed dentures do things a little differently. Sore gums around the tooth, covered with artificial crown. This occurs when excessive advancement of the edges of the crown under the gum. She presses on the gums, inflammation. It sometimes comes down to the destruction of the periodontal connection. Sometimes over time the crown settles under the influence of any factors. Also hurt the gums near the tooth due to the fact that the crown is not completely encircles the tooth. Then the prosthesis will be eating, the gums are inflamed. Moreover, the parallel is destroyed and the tooth.

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Difficulty eruption of wisdom teeth

It’s a very extensive topic that requires separate attention. Usually on the upper jaw, the eruption does not pose any difficulties. With the exception of those cases when the tooth reinerova and dystopian. In the lower jaw of teething very often patients are faced with this problem, as perikoronit.

Difficulty eruption of wisdom teeth is inflammation of the gingival hood over penetrate tooth. Under it get the leftovers from the food that it is very difficult to remove.

Accordingly, the developing bacterial flora, and inflammation. The gums are very sore. The patient is not able to eat normally. Moreover, it may be that it’s hard to yawn and even open its mouth. The gums around the tooth are swollen and reddened. Pain can wear a pulsating character.


Is an inflammatory process with formation of pus in odnokomnatnoj region. Often occurs because of untreated periodontitis. Sore gums above the tooth that was the cause of the disease, and on standing side by side. It swells, forming a cushion. Palpation is very painful, as if a ripple occurs. Falling sick, the patient may worsen the overall condition. In this case, no medication will not help, only the help of a specialist. Therefore, an urgent need to go to the clinic. You may need removal of the affected tooth and the gum incision for release of purulent exudate.

Mechanical and chemical damage

Here, in principle, everything is clear now why hurt your gums. Mechanical can be damaged by rough bristles of the toothbrush, toothpick, dental floss, skin of nuts or seeds. In such cases, you need to just be more careful. Chemically it reacts to when the mucous is too acidic food, etc. In this situation, there is damage to the integrity of the top layer of the mucosa and lead to pain.

Treatment for pain in gums

How to get rid of pain in the gums? Of course this is a bit of a misnomer, because the pain is a symptom and it can only be arrest, but not cure. So to eliminate it you need to know the cause of the pain. Treatment depends on this. What to do if it hurts the gums near the tooth? With regard to periodontitis, then you need to go to the dentist-the therapist to reveal the patient’s tooth and to give the opportunity to get out of purulent content. Before going to the doctor to make soda-salt rinse. This will help in some extent to prevent the occurrence of the flux under the tooth.

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With gingivitis and periodontitis is very important hygiene. Diseased gums need care. You first need to remove all dental deposits, or other events not to be kind. As we already know in the RAID a lot of bacteria. After professional cleaning, the doctor will prescribe the necessary rinses and ointments topical application. In some cases, and require General treatment. At first until it calms inflammation you need to use a soft bristle brush. Rinsing should be done at least five times a day. Wrong the seals need to perelechivat, otherwise the gums will become inflamed and sore. In order not to hurt the already injured gingival papilla, it is better not to use threads and toothpicks. If there is an irrigator, then the best way to clean the interdental space.

Pain in the gums with removable dentures will help timely correction. Do not be lazy, better a few times to go on it, and then to walk. As for fixed constructions often have to make them again. When you have a difficult teething treatment can be conservative or surgical. You should first try to arrest the symptoms by using rinsing. If you can not need to go to the surgeon. Sometimes require excision of the hood, and sometimes removal of the tooth itself. It all depends on the complexity of the situation. How to treat can only be decided by the doctor. But in any case it is not necessary to run.

Prevention in the first place, is proper care of oral hygiene and regular visits to the dental office. Better to go check than to endure the pain, which can be too strong and unbearable. If sick gums or teeth should not stand for it. Let it be bearable ache.