Sore gums during pregnancy: causes, how to treat

The problem is when the gums hurt during pregnancy, familiar to a large percentage of women during this wonderful period. There is even the assertion that each child is a woman 1 of the tooth. Is this impossible to do? And maybe for the pain of the gums during pregnancy are responsible women themselves?

During pregnancy suffer gums

During pregnancy women suffer from gum problems. Due to the high level of hormones (estrogen), the gums become loose and swollen, aching and have a greater tendency to bleeding. With any pain and even more bleeding from the gums need time to go to the dentist because bad teeth, gums and other inflammation in the oral cavity can negatively affect the development of the fetus and the pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time when teeth should pay close attention, even in the absence of any problems with them. The expectant mother should be especially careful with a tendency to formation of cavities or other periodontal problems. Pregnancy involves an appeal to the dentist at least 2 times: in the beginning (about 20 weeks) and last trimester.

Causes of swelling gums can be gingivitis (gum inflammation), infection, nutrient deficiency. Among the most common reasons are the following factors:

  • wrong customized dental instruments (e.g., braces);
  • sensitivity to toothpaste or liquid for rinsing the mouth;
  • incorrect use of toothbrush and floss.

Eliminating the causes of long-term irritation, a woman can prevent swelling and bleeding gums during pregnancy.

Pregnancy and gingivitis

Gingivitis or inflammation of gums is one of the most common diseases in the human body. In 30-100 % of cases is a cause of gum disease during pregnancy. The main manifestation of gingivitis is bleeding gums when brushing your teeth, sometimes while eating, and even (rarely) spontaneous bleeding. Inflamed gums become red, swollen, smooth and shiny, slightly painful. Pregnancy complicated by gingivitis mainly women, who already had inflammation of this type previously. The cause of the deterioration of the condition is hormonal induced gingival sensitivity.

By itself, the presence of gingivitis caused by dental plaque, which produces various toxins and enzymes. If these substances get into the blood women, it increases the risk of premature birth. In this regard, experts in the US argue that a correct treatment of the gums can help to avoid premature birth in 1/5 of the cases.

First, you need to visit the dentist to remove the Tartar. Due to the fact that the disease occurs more often in smokers, it is important to quit Smoking, which is quite natural for pregnant women to protect the fetus. If a pregnant has a removable or fixed braces, it should be checked whether they lead to mechanical irritation of the gums. The same applies to dental fillings which can have sharp edges.

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And the most important is the need for careful hygiene of the mouth. When cleaning, we should not forget about the spaces between the teeth as dental plaque, in addition to neck of the tooth, initially accumulates there. If the sore gums during pregnancy, you need to rinse them in Chlorhexidine solution for the so-called chemical tooth cleaning. It can be purchased in a drugstore without a prescription. Rinsing with an antiseptic is also recommended for women because of the increased gag reflex temporarily unable to brush your teeth using a toothbrush.

Gum disease and fruit

Maybe some women think that it is still too early to think about the teeth of the baby. But this is a misconception, that pregnancy is the appropriate time. There are many things a woman can do for strong and healthy teeth baby.

First of all, it is worth noting some influence, can harm the development of baby’s teeth. The most sensitive period in this respect — the first 3 months of pregnancy, when the developing organs of the fetus. Formed the primitive oral cavity, the foundations of the jaw bone and even some teeth.

Harmful substances that can in this period to influence the development of children’s teeth, a huge amount. These include drugs — antibiotics, cytostatics, analgesics, but some seemingly harmless painkillers or sedatives. Thus, what and how to treat any disease, you should always consult with a physician.

It is very important during pregnancy to observe proper nutrition. During the growth of the fetus is necessary to ensure sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals. First of all it is important to focus on the abundance of calcium, fluoride, vitamins A and D, vitamins of group B.

New studies on dental caries in children brought information that seems surprising. It was discovered that the damage to the dentition of children largely depends on the poor state of the oral microflora of the mother. The baby after birth is in close contact with the mother, so a woman having a mouth karasoy microflora (the bacteria that cause tooth decay), can transmit it to your baby. This is very dangerous as in the process of maturation of the milk teeth, and (most importantly) when replaced by permanent. The mother, however, this danger can be effectively prevented by adequate care for the oral cavity: it is important not only to respect basic hygiene of the oral cavity, but also to cure existing dental disease.

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Therapeutic measures

As indicated above, the treatment of dental problems plays an important role. However, pregnancy is a period when the majority of medicines, even local action, are taboo. But if the gums hurt much, you help is needed. In such cases, can help you home recipes.

Hot and cold compresses can provide immediate relief of pain and swelling of the gums due to the effect of temperature changes. Clean cloth need to soak in warm water and squeeze out excess liquid. To attach the fabric to the face in the place where the swollen part of the gum, and wait about 5 minutes. You can never keep the cloth directly on the swollen gums! After 5 minutes it should take from the freezer a bag of frozen vegetables, wrapped in a thin towel and apply to the affected area for 5 minutes. The cycle may be repeated 2 or 3 times.

Compresses of black tea can also help. Black tea contains tannins, which reduce inflammation. In addition, it has antioxidant properties that support the health of the oral cavity. Prepare a hot drink, you have to remove the tea bag from the Cup and allow to cool to a tolerable temperature. Bag apply directly to the affected gums for about 15 minutes. Then, rinse your mouth with warm or salt water.

If the gums ache and home methods do not help, it is recommended to consult a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate medication.

Salt and turmeric


To gums did not hurt, can be applied salt is another effective remedy for swollen gums. Salt inhibits the growth of bacteria in the mouth and stops the infection that can contribute to the formation of edema in it. After cleaning the teeth with a soft toothbrush is recommended to massage the gums with fine salt for a few seconds. Then, rinse your mouth with warm water. Repeat this procedure every day until then, until there is no swelling. After that you should do salt massage 3 times a week as a precautionary measure to prevent the recurrence of inflammation.

Turmeric contains curcumin and, accordingly, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve pain, swelling and inflammation. In addition, it prevents the spread of bacteria which can bring severe discomfort.

Mix some turmeric powder with a small amount of water to form a paste. Then you need to apply it directly on the gums with a clean finger. You must leave the paste to act for 5 minutes, then massage your gums in circular motions for about 1 minute. Then, rinse your mouth with warm water.

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According to the President of the American Association of cosmetic dentists Irving Smigel, most adults don’t have the slightest idea how to properly clean the teeth. Basic rules — a soft tooth brush and light circular motion. If a person avoids dental floss because its use causes pain or bleeding gums, this should not be done. After some time, the gums will get used to and stop reacting so sensitively.

Other important tips and rules

There are a few tips that can help pregnant women to relieve pain when inflammation of the gums:

  1. Sesame oil. When inflammation of the gums or any other problem in the mouth effective way to prevent pain is to gargle with oil. This helps to reduce the growth of bacteria that cause infections. In addition, we are talking about a good way to prevent the formation of dental plaque and strengthening gums. You need to take off a little sesame oil. To roll for 15-20 minutes, then spit out. After this, rinse your mouth with warm water, you can brush your teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  2. Vitamin D. If swelling of the gums happens too often, most likely it is a symptom of more serious health problems. So you need to increase the intake of vitamin D, which has anti-inflammatory properties, helps to reduce swelling and prevent its recurrence. Vitamin D helps the body to fully utilize calcium be taken with food, thereby improving the health of the mouth and bone density.

Mandatory if any disease manifestations of the gums it is recommended to consult a dentist who will establish the exact cause of this phenomenon and will select the proper treatment.