Sore in the mouth how to treat

Quite often, both in adult and in children may appear sore in the mouth — how to treat this condition, we describe in this article. It usually occurs on the background of reduced immunity as a result of severe stress. There are good and available means of relieving the symptoms of ailments, but more serious situation you want to find out the exact nature of the disease, that is, to refer to a specialist.

The most probable causes of

Definitely say that before you — a stomatitis or mucosal lesion as the result of any external influence impossible. First analyze your previous state of circumstances, and then carefully analyze the nature of emerging sores. It is possible to solve the problem yourself is not difficult, but in any case, closely monitor the changes and immediately ask for help if the situation deteriorates.

Injury to mucosa

Ulcers in the mouth sometimes appears due to mechanical or chemical impact due to accidental prokusyvanie tissue damage brush during brushing, the actions of ill-fitting dentures, crowns, and various alkalis, acids, certain medications. Usually enough to restore a maximum of two weeks, enough to eliminate an irritant, or require additional therapy.

Aphthous stomatitis

This is a chronic eruption of small-sized ulcers on the mucosa of the oral cavity. They deliver a strong discomfort, localization — language, hard and soft palate, inner surface of cheeks, lips. Among the common triggering factors: minor trauma to the mucosa, stress, colitis, menstruation. If in ten days the symptoms persist, there may be unpleasant consequences in the form of scars, so bad at healing do not delay with the visit to the specialist.

Herpetic stomatitis

In this case, the sores are small and numerous, with blurred boundaries and a grayish tinge in the middle. Are located primarily on the lower surface of the tongue, floor of the mouth. In this case, the risk of scarring no healing time also should be not more than ten days. Most often, this kind of stomatitis is found in women under thirty years.

Necrotic periadenita

A characteristic feature is the occurrence of seals on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity with subsequent appearance of ulcers with raised edges and an inflammatory infiltrate. To meet such manifestations on the internal surface of the cheeks, lips, lateral parts of the tongue. This is a very painful condition where ulcers may not heal for months, there is still a possibility of recurrence in the future.

Other possible causes

Sometimes to treat mouth ulcers need more detailed diagnostics, and sore on the mucosa may be only a concomitant symptom. Consider several possible variants of such diseases.

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Necrotic gingivostomatit

Is a viral infectious disease, which is manifested in the result of a General decline of immunity, deficiency of some vitamins, fatigue, hypothermia, allergic stomatitis, some other factors.
Localization of ulcers — the soft palate, the gums, the inner surface of the cheeks, the arms, tonsils. To sores characteristic dark green patina that is easily removed and exudes an unpleasant odor, uneven soft edges, loose and bleeding bottom, surrounding tissues swell. This disease requires medical therapy.

Tuberculosis of the oral mucosa

If you have tuberculosis bacteria-pathogens can enter the oral cavity through epithelium. Affected are the tongue, cheek, lower surface. Sores constantly increase and cause severe pain. Such manifestations of shallow, soft, with a loose bottom, and the edges uneven granulation bleeding. Treatment is provided in specialised TB facilities.


This chronic disease is infectious in nature and is accompanied by painful lesions in the mouth. At first it ulcers rounded, the bottom is red, the edges are smooth and convex, infiltration chondroid, pain is absent.

During the initial formation of the ulcer disappear after 1-3 months, it is not excluded the appearance of rubtsevania. If tertiary syphilis is not to avoid lung bleeding, the edges are usually bright red, also there is a strong infiltration. A full treatment can be obtained only in venereologic hospital, and the regeneration process takes several months. Subsequently remain involved scarring of the star shape.

Causes of ulcers in children

Different kinds of sores in the mouth usually occur due to stomatitis. Changing a baby’s mood, he becomes irritable, may cry. But the increase in temperature should alert parents, in this case, you should definitely contact your pediatrician. There are a number specific to childhood disease, when sores appear in the mouth — how to treat this manifestation are determined individually in each case.


Standard symptoms — papules on the oral mucosa, which are gradually burst and turn into red sores. For herpetic stomatitis is characterized by swollen lymph nodes, fever. For a full treatment should be about two weeks.


It is familiar to all parents viral disease which spreads easily through the air.

Among the characteristic signs of chickenpox are headache, fever, rash on the skin and oral mucosa. If you follow the pediatrician’s recommendations, the disease resolves on its own standard terms, adverse effects are not observed.

Scarlet fever

This infectious disease, rash, septic deposits, often requires treatment in a hospital, can take place against the background of angina. Arise bright red rash on the skin and oral mucosa.

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This is another viral infection that is characteristic for children’s age, the therapy is selected symptomatic, as the body needs to fight the disease on their own. The mucous membrane of the mouth is particularly a rash, but rashes on the body appear a bit later, also there is a runny nose, cough, high fever, sensitivity to light.

Bednar Aphthae

These sores can be seen exclusively in children, they are covered with white or yellowish coating. Location of ulcers — in the sky, and the reason for their appearance is usually not enough quality oral hygiene, sometimes it’s wiping mucosa as a result of gross mechanical action.


When injected into the organism of diphtheria bacilli in the nasal mucosa, larynx, pharynx, there is a rapid spread of the pathogen from the blood stream throughout the body. Most often it occurs diphtheria throat, symptoms noticeable by visual inspection — the mucous membrane swells and becomes dark red sores appear, gray or yellowish coating. Further traced the swollen lymph nodes, headache, high temperature therapy only in a hospital.

Therapeutic measures


Depending on the particular disease specialist selected list of what how to treat a mouth ulcer, especially if it is infectious in nature. But self-help is also available in the home, it is effective, for example, when stomatitis or mucosal injury.

Pharmacy tools

The simplest remedy for the treatment of the affected areas — oily solution of vitamin A. it can lubricate the entire mouth, but first in any case, consult with a specialist. Candidiasis well to a weak solution of ordinary baking soda.

Local anesthesia with itch and other unpleasant sensation buy drug lidocaine in the composition, are also suitable gel dexamethasone. If we talk about the tools for internal use, the components should be paracetamol or ibuprofen. If you suspect an allergic reaction should take antihistamines — Tavegil, Suprastin, loratadine, Fenkarol. But if sores have formed on the red border of the lips that indicates the presence of herpes, use Acyclovir ointment.

Popular recipes

Unconventional methods are always a good addition in complex therapy in an easier situation, they help safely and efficiently remove the unpleasant symptoms of the disease. If you notice that you have mouth sores appear, consult with a specialist, but at home you can try the following recipes:

  1. On a small grater, grind the almonds, mix with honey and then it treated the affected area, repeated several times a day;
  2. Tablespoon of calendula flowers pour a glass of boiling water, then heat the liquid on the fire for ten minutes. The strained decoction should be used as rinse, pre-cool;
  3. One egg white will need 100 ml of cool water (30°C) — pour it into the liquid mix, use as a gargle every two hours;
  4. For large and painful mucosal lesions in this recipe — take equal amount of bark and Linden flowers, calendula, chamomile, calamus roots. All this is poured boiling water and infused for five hours, can be used as a gargle and as a drink — 50 ml, several times per day, but no more than four.
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Some of the ways

All of the above drugs and recipes is quite effective, in addition, we offer a few simple ways to help yourself when you see mucosal ulcers:

  • For the treatment of lesions of the use the pulp of aloe leaf, chop it into mush and lubricate necessary areas;
  • Also, instead of an ointment or gel you can use a mixture of sour cream and minced garlic and onions;
  • Try to take a teabag with black tea, brew it, then removed from the liquid and place on 15 minutes in the refrigerator. Chilled it must be applied to the sores to ease symptoms;
  • Prepare the gargle on the basis of five tablets furatsilina, diluted in 500 ml of boiling water and a teaspoon of baking soda and salt;
  • Effective juice of carrot and parsley, and melon will also be a great source of vitamins.

General suggestions

The main condition for the treatment of ulcers is not to irritate, for this at the time of treatment should:

  1. Pay attention to personal oral hygiene, treat tooth decay, visit the dentist regularly;
  2. Eat soft, mashed food, and salty, spicy and acidic foods from the diet to exclude;
  3. To monitor the temperature of drinks — no tea or coffee, concentrated juices, soda;
  4. To abandon such a potentially traumatic products, such as nuts, grapes, black currants, raspberries, all citrus;
  5. Do not take immune-boosting drugs, vitamins;
  6. To avoid stressful situations, more rest, allowing the body to recover.