Sore mouth causes and treatment

If there is discomfort in the mouth, it brings a lot of inconvenience because it interferes with articulation and chewing food (sometimes even hard to swallow saliva). Causes of pain several. In this article, you will learn if you have a mouth, what are the causes and treatment of pathology.

Possible causes of pain of the sky

Causes of discomfort in the region of the sky:

  • mechanical damage to the mucosa when eating spicy food, such as fish bone, a biscuit, a piece of ice. Often the injury you get when the habit of biting objects such as pen or pencil. Mucous can injure when used in extremely hot or cold foods;
  • the presence of pulpitis or periodontitis. Purulent exudate moves to the adjacent region of the mucosa;
  • osteomyelitis of the upper jaw. The disease occurs as a result of suppuration of the bones and provokes a strong swelling of the shell of the sky;
  • stomatitis. Inflammation may cover any portion of the mucosa, including the sky;
  • respiratory diseases such as tonsillitis and pharyngitis cause the spread of pain in the region of the sky;
  • leukoplakia. As a result of permanent injury to the delicate mucosa of hot or cold food, there is keratinization of the tissue and inflammation;
  • neuralgia. The disease affects the nerve endings. Discomfort can be felt in the temples, jaw, head, neck, and sky;
  • complication after pulling out a tooth — alveolitis. In the process, the trauma of the hole, the tooth fragments or crumbs fall into the soft tissue wounds and infect them. Swelling initially applies only to the gums, then spread to the soft tissues of the face. In addition to pain the sky has fever, headache, muscle pain;
  • necrotic sialometaplasia — formation of benign tumors. The tumor causes inflammation of the salivary glands. The sky begins to grow a bundle, which on histology looks like a malignant tumor. Is education the result of trauma or the injection of anesthetic. Within a few weeks of burl is pus. After 4-8 weeks of disease is healing;
  • sialadenitis — inflammation of salivary glands, which is caused by a bacterial infection. Is a complication of the underlying disease.
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If the inflammation spreads, the pain increases, body temperature rises and there is bleeding, it requires medical assistance. Cause for concern may be swelling of the mucous membrane, if the taste of food has ceased to be felt, there is pain when swallowing or there is pus.

There are diseases that without treatment can become chronic or malignant disease. So long postponed visit to the dentist, the more expensive and longer treatment. The doctor will tell you what to do to reduce inflammation or treat the underlying disease.

How to get rid of pain in the area of the sky

As a rule, pain in the region of the sky caused by the inflammation of the mucous tissue. In order to resolve require receiving anti-inflammatory drugs. It can be:

  1. Medicines or traditional medicines (chamomile, oak bark, aloe Vera juice).
  2. To avoid infection of the wound is required to take the means which have antimicrobial properties (Chlorhexidine, Miramistin). They destroy the pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity.
  3. For faster recovery fabric make an application of healing ointments.

Mechanical trauma

If the discomfort arose as a result of mechanical trauma or burns the mucous membrane, the patient requires local treatment with antiseptics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Independently at home you can prepare a decoction of herbs, for example chamomile, oak bark, calendula, sage. These funds will reduce the inflammation. To kill germs you can prepare a solution of salt and baking soda (in a glass of water a teaspoon). If the pain is severe, it is possible to lubricate the injured mucous membrane dental analgesic gel, for example, Metrogyl Denta.


Symptoms stomatitis is inflammation of the mucosa and formation on it of ulcers, covered with bloom. Most raspatronennyh is candidiasis (thrush), which is manifested by the presence of white cheesy plaque on bleeding ulcers. Bacteria Candida exists in the mouth of every person in favorable conditions it begins to proliferate.

Treatment requires the intake of antibiotics and local antiseptic treatment. In severe disease appointed anti-inflammatory drugs. With the fungus Candida effectively fights skin Condit, helps Acyclovir. To disinfect the mucous will help furatsilina, potassium permanganate, a decoction of herbs. With stomatitis, as a rule, appoint Retaken, Taste, Miramistin, Lugol spray Geksoral. To promote healing use Propolis, rosehip oil.

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Dental disease

If in the mouth there are teeth affected by caries or marked inflammation in the gums, the disease process may reach the nerve fibers to spread to surrounding tissue. However, there is a purulent exudate that accumulates in the jaw and provoke throbbing pain. Treatment must be carried out in the dentist’s office. If diagnosed pulpitis, then to clean the channels of necrotic tissue, eliminate the cause of inflammation, caries in the tooth sealed. With periodontitis you want to remove from the teeth of hard and soft dental deposits, rinse the gum pockets and to drink a course of antibacterial drugs.

Alveolitis as a complication after tooth extraction

If sore mouth due to the development of alveolitis, antibiotics, antiseptics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If conservative treatment fails, then surgical intervention is necessary. Is full wipe of the hole from necrotic tissue, pus and food debris.


Characteristics of it are: soreness and swelling of the hard palate, inflammation of the mucous education for the cutters of the knot up to two inches in diameter. With the course of the disease node transformirovalsya an ulcer. Sky need to put some antiseptic and make application of the dental gel.


Causes of disease are numerous. This injury and inflammation, and poisoning with medicines, and poor circulation in the blood vessels that nourish the nerve.

Trigeminal neuralgia is manifested in the form of pain and itching of the skin of the face, nose. Can be triggered by hypothermia or overexertion, cleaning teeth, chewing.

Sometimes the pain occurs after touching face or nose. Neuralgia pterygoid node manifested by severe pain, which is localized in the neck, the eyes, the sky, the temples. An attack may last anywhere from two hours to several weeks. The pain is intense can give in hands. During an attack you need to take painkillers, use of anti-inflammatory ointments. To address to the neurologist.

Flat leukoplakia

Manifested by moderate tenderness of heaven in your mouth, forming his mucosa gray plaque, the patient ceases to feel the taste of food, you may experience a burning sensation. Leucopenia Tappeiner is characterized by a color change of the mucosa, the sky looks wrinkled, red nodules appear. The patient should seek medical help as this disease can turn into malignant form. The disease appears as a result of external factors (mechanical, thermal, chemical nature, when wearing metal prostheses) or chronic inflammatory and neurodystrophic tissue changes with stomatitis or gingivitis.

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The disease requires an integrated approach it is:

  1. in the removal of metal structures;
  2. Smoking cessation;
  3. vitamin a supplementation;
  4. elimination of infectious and inflammatory lesions;
  5. the doctor will prescribe vitamins, immunomodulators;
  6. if the disease is severe, you need surgery.

Cause of pain in the region of the sky can be benign or malignant tumors. The first are removed surgically, to remove the second, you may have to have chemotherapy.

If the mouth on the palate, tongue or any other part of the mucosa has developed a lump, no matter what size, it is better not to postpone visit to the doctor. Do not self medicate.


If you have a mouth, causes and treatment can be determined only specialist. So if you have not noticed mechanical trauma of the mucosa, the inflammation extends and adds new symptoms, then you need to seek the assistance of the dentist. Your doctor will tell you what to do in this situation, if necessary, to conduct sanitation of the oral cavity. What exactly should not do is to delay the visit to the doctor or to start taking medication, especially antibiotics. Sometimes even a small wound can bring a lot of inconvenience into a big problem.