Sore tooth after filling when biting

Sore tooth after filling, and when you bite there is a growing discomfort. This phenomenon in the dental practice is quite common. Pain after of the seal can be observed for three days, after which symptoms should be reduced. Of all these nuances, the doctor notifies the patient still on admission in the dental chair. However, if the painful events are more than 3 days, it is recommended immediately consult a doctor to prevent the development of complications. Let’s look at the causes, pathogenesis, and talk about ways to eliminate discomfort.

The use of filling material

On the basis of testimony EROPS (index destruction occlusal surface of the tooth), the doctor decides to restore the coronal part of the tooth with a filling substance. The seal is installed in the case, if IOPS is in the range of 55% of the lesions.

When the caries and not carious defeats of hard tissues of the tooth, perform restoration of the crown material. However, do not always meet defeat just at this level of the tooth. In the case of treatment of complicated forms of caries (pulpitis, periodontitis) are cleansing the space filling of the root canal material. Modern range of selection of the root fillings is great. Use paste, gutta-percha. The fixing material in the root canal performed by a condensation vertically or laterally. You can also use the heated material and introducing the portions into the channel of the tooth, to perform the condensation.
Thus, seals can be applied to the restoration of the crown, and for closing the cavities of the channels of the tooth in the treatment of complicated forms of caries.

Causes of

That the teeth after the filling is done painful noted patients immediately. In most cases treatment on the recruitment of dentists is sold under drug anesthesia. Therefore, the most uncomfortable phenomena patients, occurs after falling locally made anesthesia.

Preparation and processing of

To hurt a tooth for various reasons. Discomfort can be the result of violations of technology of preparation and control of execution inadequate antisepsis.

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Reasons that could cause the pain under seal, to note when you run the preparation:

  • Overheating: in the stage of treatment of caries it is necessary to apply the air-water cooling. This is done to prevent heat polovoy tissue, because the speed of rotation of boron turbine handpiece high. Begin the dissection with the use of turbines on the enamel;
  • Leaving devitalized dentin: when you perform preparation on dentin should completely remove nekrotizirovanne fabric. The majority of dentists for reliability and quality of the performed manipulations apply «Caries detector». This drug due to special components that are sensitive to non-viable tissue, allows to identify the areas of the tooth requiring further preparation;
  • The considerable efforts exerted on the bottom of carious cavity: on the background of deep caries active preparation a doctor in the field of the roof the pulp chamber, can cause heat or accidental opening of the tooth cavity. In case of accidental exposure, usually requires endodontic intervention;
  • Use for antiseptic treatment, highly concentrated solutions can cause pain when near the pulp chamber. There is a burn of the pulp.

The stages of endodontic treatment of the root canal system the reasons are different:

  1. Lack of pulp removal: performed a partial withdrawal on the grounds (amputation) and full (extirpation). Often perform the complete extraction of the pulp, because the border between the tissue affected by the inflammation and there is very conditional;
  2. Violation in the performance of mechanical cleaning of channels: create holes (new holes in the wall of the tooth), the breaking of apical stops in the apex of the root, with the creation of the conditions for entering instruments in the periodontium;
  3. The development of inflammation in trauma endodontic instrumentation the apical region of the periodontal;
  4. Not treated one of the channels or conducted inadequate medical treatment branches in the root, allowing you to create sterility in the system of additional channels.

Filling voids of root and crown material

After the sealing of defects of the tooth crown and root parts also can cause discomfort. When filling the voids of the root doctor may produce insufficient compaccio material, thus provoking the creation of microposts. The break of the top of the tooth in the process of sealing occurs, the output material for the apex. Each dental material has its specific properties. And sometimes some of them in the apical region can be highly aggressive. It is important when arsenic, resorcinol-formalin paste.

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When the pulp at the present time for leaf tissue becoming necrotic preferred treatment under anesthesia treatment channels at the same visit or the imposition razmyslovich compounds prolonged exposure. However, the budget receiving treatment with arsenic and resorcinol-formalin paste is still the place to be. If you are using these drugs it is important to carry out the correct shutter speed and fill level. Arsenic applied to pulp horn at 24 hours and 48 hours-rooted in multirooted teeth. With increasing time of exposure in a necrotizing effect of the drug in the direction of the periodontium, with the development of ARSENICAL periodontitis.

The resorcinol-formalin material used in baby teeth or in cases when constant it is impossible to fully pass the working length of the endodontic instrument. The material, when included in the formed space of the root, when cooled, forms a glass-like mass. However, if you have a smart exit of the canal is the passage of substance in the apical part of the periodontal. The substance is an irritant and promotes inflammation, which will gradually pain when biting by the patient on the treated tooth.

Implementation of restoration measures of tooth crown can also cause the appearance of discomfort in the future.

This is due to several features:

  • The proximity of the pulp chamber and a long exposure treatment of the gel;
  • Sensitivity to components of the materials used: adhesive and sealing material;
  • Violation of the technology overlay: for example, light-curing composite is entered by the portions with the layer-by-layer blowing out. The thickness of a single Deposit on the tooth surface should be no more than 2 mm.
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All of the causes of the discomfort can be short-term and long-lasting nature. With a duration of more than 3 days must re-apply for an appointment to the dentist.

Tactics of the doctor and the patient

As a rule, after sealing the doctor advises the patient in the form of restriction of intake of staining food, drinks and alcohol, to limit the load of chewing. It is desirable to perform in the course of three days. After this period, any symptoms of treated teeth should be cause for concern in terms of the appearance of complications from intervention.

If after the sealing, the pain is constant and intense, it tells about the development of the inflammatory process, which can be localized both at the level of the crown (secondary caries, while leaving devitalized dentin) and root apical region (pulpitis, periodontitis and other pathologies). In such a situation, development of disease symptoms it is recommended that re-treatment with careful antiseptic treatment. The patient was recommended to be observed on this occasion, and to visit a specialist every six months. In all other cases, even if the pain after the sealing has not appeared, the dentist need to visit 2 times a year and perform sanitation planning if necessary.