Sore under the tongue: why it hurts, treatment

If you have a sore under tongue, not worth the wait, it is better to immediately seek the assistance of a dentist and an otolaryngologist. We can talk about the damage to the muscles, nerves, and surrounding soft tissue and the accompanying inflammatory process. This can be a signal of various diseases of internal organs, the diagnosis of which needs to be treated seriously.


For starters, it is important to understand what constitutes the floor of the mouth is a combination of the following anatomical structures:

  • Extensive salivary gland;
  • Vessels;
  • Nerves;
  • Muscles;
  • Hyoid bone;
  • The connecting folds of the frenulum.

All these components have to function correctly together, and with the troubles one of the areas having difficulty with others.

Possible causes of pain

Pain under tongue can occur for many reasons — from mild malaise to pathological conditions. Particular caution should cause a clear localization to the right or left, in this case, we cannot exclude suppurative processes, inflammation of the lymph nodes, salivary glands. Consider all possible sources of the symptom.

Trauma to the frenulum

Uncommon pathologies associated with a shortened length of this major fold. The result is an increased risk of tissue injury, there is often inflammation stomatitis. If you get an infection in the mouth ulcers and small wounds.

These injuries often stem from foreign objects, bugs, during personal hygiene, and allergic reactions. In particular, it is important to use a safe mouthwash without alcohol and not to injure the mouth for daily cleaning.


Inflammatory process accompanied by accumulation of pus begins due to various diseases of the teeth, damage to the mucous membrane, skin, sore throat, boils and many others. Symptoms often accompanied by sleep problems, decreased appetite, increased body temperature, deterioration of General condition of the body.

Dental disease

The activated situation with the molars in the oral cavity, untreated, the lesions often become a factor of development of inflammatory process. Ordinary tooth decay can lead to the fact that, under the language there unpleasant sensations and will be distributed. An immediate visit to the dentist will solve this question, secured from more serious consequences.


As a result of active growth of harmful microorganisms on mucosal inflammatory response occurs, gradually turning into a region under the tongue. In the acute form of tonsillitis becomes really hard to chew and swallow food, and please stick out your tongue may cause serious difficulties.


Often, due to various psychological shocks there is such a disease. It kind glossalgia associated with dysfunction of the endocrine system, neurogenic ailments. Apart from the fact that language can hurt, the symptoms are the following:

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  1. Numbness in varying degrees;
  2. Burning;
  3. Pain in the lips;
  4. Tingling;
  5. Difficulty in long conversation, fatigue.

The difficulty of diagnosis is that these symptoms can signal a number of different ailments. Therefore, treatment of pain begins with a detailed study, for this refer to the specialist immediately.

Inflammation of the salivary gland

This gland is responsible for the full production of saliva if the ducts in the scope of get infection, there is a painful reaction. It is caused by various factors low immunity, surgery, epidemic parotitis. Due to the poor hygiene problem is developing very actively, the delay threatens the development of purulent forms.

Diseases of the internal organs

Long been known that certain areas on the surface of the tongue reflect the state of certain organs. Accordingly, paying attention to its appearance, you can monitor your health. If the pain appear under the language, pay attention to a specific area. For example:

  • The tip of probation is responsible for the heart muscle;
  • If the pain under the tongue on the left, there is a likelihood of developing problems with the kidneys, liver, lungs;
  • Discomfort closer to the root you should think about the condition of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Even such a disease as anemia, often affects the appearance and the subjective feelings of the person.

The symmetry breaking of the hyoid bone

She is mainly responsible for the articulation, chewing and swallowing, and for various congenital anomalies and injuries may occur pain. The acute form is observed in bone fracture, which is possible in accident, muscle compression or injury. Need to solve the problem immediately by calling an ambulance, otherwise painful shock can have irreparable impact on the health of the victim.

The lack of vitamins

With a shortage of some nutrients and vitamins there is a mild and more severe tingling, pricking, pain. With this question you need to consult a district physician, to get tested and undergo treatment or prevention.


The symptoms do not manifest themselves until a certain time, for example, in the first stage does not feel any discomfort. If they appear, are not localized in a separate area, and are present in all language. After exclusion of possible causes of the disease at the dentist, the first thing recommended is to take a blood test.

Localization of the pain syndrome

Depending on the location of the source of pain can be concluded about the possible causes. To clearly define their needs specialist, but a clear relationship between localization and disease exists. Consider the negative aspect of not only the language but also in other areas.

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Under the tongue

Sources of pain in the hyoid region described above, the sum is allergic, problems in the gastrointestinal tract, abscess, glossalgia, beriberi, abscess. We will determine which of the characteristics exist already, and immediately contact professionals — physician, dentist, otolaryngologist.

On the death

Pay attention to several sources of problems in this location:

  1. A frequent cause of pain in this area — mechanical damage (biting), damage of hot food and drinks;
  2. With stomatitis, for example, appear small ulcers, the sensitivity increases;
  3. In infectious glossitis inflammation develops, increases the risk of infection and further deterioration of the situation require immediate therapy;
  4. If glossalgia the pain has a burning character, and then it spread to other organs, gums, cheeks, lips.

On the sides

Some of the common prerequisites pain in the side areas — neuralgia, habitual Smoking, and injury from poorly adjusted prosthesis.

Universal antiseptic

If we talk about the most frequent cause of pain in the hyoid region, it is damage to the frenulum. It is found often in children, and, therefore, treatment should be as gentle. It is recommended that the use of drugs mainly from natural ingredients such as:

  • Efficient. Inflamed areas just cleaned ready solution several times a day in accordance with the rules of use;

  • Chlorophyllipt. The active ingredient — an extract of eucalyptus alcohol-based. The soaking solution is prepared from preparation and water in a ratio of 1:25, it can be used equally successfully as adults, and children;
  • Stomatofit. 50 ml of water is dissolved 1 tablespoon of medications, the resulting liquid is ready for use;
  • Hexoral. Active substance hexidine great fights with the most complex forms of stomatitis, dilute the drug is not required;
  • Romazulan. Safe infusion of chamomile has no age restrictions, preparing a solution based 25 ml of the medication per litre of water.

“Fast” home help


Before you determine exactly why pain under the tongue, has some advice for first self. Use the most simple and easy to prepare recipe — in water at room temperature, add a little salt and baking soda, stir the ingredients and rinse your mouth 3-4 times a day.

Not less frequently used cabbage juice, divorcing ordinary water in the ratio of 1:1. Or the juice of parsley, beet, carrot — by the same principles.

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If possible, buy in a drugstore special antiseptic solutions. Or take into consideration sea buckthorn oil, made from it a lotion on the inflamed area, there is their significant positive effect.

How to carry out the rinsing

For maximum therapeutic effect rinsing and private security it is necessary to observe some principles:

  1. The solution cannot be swallowed, especially if there is alcohol or other aggressive components;
  2. The optimal schedule of events — morning and evening, unless other conditions;
  3. After every meal is also necessary to clean the oral cavity, carry out disinfection to avoid the growth of harmful microorganisms and further inflammation;
  4. After the procedure and until the next snack should be at least half an hour, the same applies to drinking.

How dangerous inflammation of the salivary gland

In a person’s mouth is three pairs of these glands, they produce a substance that directly affects the subsequent digestive process. Because of delays in therapy there is often a number of negative health effects, is the next complications:

  • Meningitis — inflammation of meninges;
  • Pancreatitis — a disease of the pancreas;
  • Nephritis — kidney disease;
  • Myocarditis — inflammation of myocardium;
  • Encephalitis — a disease of the brain, the nature of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • Neuritis — an inflammatory disease of the peripheral nerves.

The greatest risk to one of the consequences is, those who in the recent past suffered from influenza in a complex form, pneumonia and typhoid.

What will happen if not treated

Inflammation of the salivary glands can be recognized almost immediately — at first there is swelling, then pain. The land gradually turns red, becomes more elastic, develops swelling. Of flow first starts to stand out clouded saliva in difficult situations — pus.

After that, expect a rise in temperature to 39 degrees, then — all of the above processes are complicated. If you do not go to the experts, it is also possible the emergence of phenomena such as salivary fistula.