Sore white spot on the gums of an adult — what to do?

If sore white spot on the gums of an adult – what to do in this situation? Most of these sores quickly go by themselves and are not dangerous.

A different kind of rash on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity occur in quite a large number of people. It can be small white spots that occur due to inadequate oral hygiene or due to injury to the gums by hot or hard piece of food.


Reasons why white spots appear on the gums in adults are many, including:

  • the most common cause of white spots – thrush, is a fungal disease found in both adults and children. These fungi are present in the human body, when their number exceeds the norm, they did not occur, but sometimes the weakening of the immune system leads to their reproduction, as a result of the mouth appears white bloom;
  • stomatitis – an inflammatory disease of the oral cavity caused by the immune system’s response to stimuli. The development of the disease provoked by various factors, in case of detection of white spots on the gums, because of the worsening of stomatitis, the doctor must first identify the specific cause of disease. Based on the results treatment. White spots that occur with stomatitis, accompanied by a feeling of pain, burning, and discomfort;
  • cystic formation on the gum is formed as a result of the development of the inflammatory process in the tissues near the tooth. The causes of cysts a few, these include: treated early dental caries and pulpitis, perforation of tooth, poorly sealed root canals;
  • leukoplakia manifests the appearance on the palate, gums, tongue or cheeks of the plaques are white or gray. The disease develops within a few weeks, during this time, white spots take their final form and are a solid white seal, rising above the mucosa. Most often the disease occurs without pain, but when used too hot or spicy foods may be painful burning sensation;
  • trauma of the oral cavity is the most secure cause stains. Usually, trauma gums some specific treatment is not carried out. It is sufficient to exclude, at the time of healing from the diet is solid, spicy, salty, and hot foods;
  • appeared a white spot on the gums may be a Wen — this pathology of the oral cavity in some cases degenerates into malignancy. Usually the lump does not cause discomfort and pain, proper oral hygiene and regular observation, that’s all you need to do in the case of detection. But if education begins to grow, cause pain and appear near the same spots – should immediately visit the doctor.
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Sore white spot on gums: what to do?

If the white formation in the oral cavity causes discomfort and pain without consulting the doctor can not do. In order to know how to treat a specific case, it is necessary to clarify the cause of the spots and from this to proceed in the choice of drugs.

  1. When thrush is assigned to rinse the oral cavity with a solution of water and baking soda. To speed up recovery should abandon sweet, salty and spicy foods, as it creates a favorable environment for development of mushrooms. Treatment can be supplemented with antifungal drugs that are taken orally.
  2. Currently, there are no remedies that cure herpes completely, however, the treatment is aimed at reducing the period of the disease and relieve symptoms. The patient is assigned an antiviral, antifungal or antiseptic medications. Often prescribed herbal remedies that you can use at home, for example, it is possible to rinse the mouth with sage, St. John’s wort, chamomile. To reduce the number of relapses is recommended to strengthen the immune system.
  3. Cystic formation on the gums can reveal itself, it occurs when pus in the SAC becomes very much and it does not maintain and bursts. On the spot white spot remains a fistula, which continues to secrete pus, but this condition is not recommended to bring, as it is fraught with the development of infection. The treatment is performed by the dentist, who reveals purulent bag. To prevent recurrence of the cyst, the tooth, in which she appeared, recommended to cure.
  4. Leukoplakia refers to a precancerous conditions of the mouth, so the treatment should begin with detection of the disease and to be comprehensive. First we need to eliminate irritants: stop Smoking, salty and spicy food, eliminate annoying mucous dentures. Next, you need to identify the presence of somatic diseases, in particular diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Be sure to consult an oncologist.
  5. If the white spots appeared because of an injury, sufficient to eliminate irritants. In order to prevent the development of inflammation, it is possible to rinse the mouth with antiseptic solutions, e.g. chlorhexidine.
  6. The lump on the gums if it is not growing and is not causing discomfort, does not require specific treatment, it most often resolves independently, so you just need to monitor his condition. In the case of its increase in size is its surgical removal.
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Preventive measures

Painful white spots appear on various reasons, but to best yourself from them to protect recommended:

  • to observe hygiene of an oral cavity;
  • give up bad habits;
  • to try to eat less salty and spicy foods, which irritate;
  • don’t drink too hot drinks;
  • timely visit to the dentist.

Any formation in the mouth are treatable, the most important time to seek medical help.

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