Sore wisdom teeth during pregnancy: what to remove?

Quite often when pregnancy sore wisdom tooth. What to do in such a case, and whether you want to remove it? Whether resection is the only possible solution to the problem.

This information will help expectant mothers make safe and effective decisions in case of problems with the so-called «eights» (the numbering of the teeth).

Doctors recommend that before a planned pregnancy I will definitely contact the dentist for advice. He will examine your mouth and recommend what measures should be taken to avoid dental problems.


Why does pain appear, if you climb the third molars? The core of the problem lie fundamental changes that occur in the mother’s body, this is due to hormonal balance, because of failures in which hard to grow hair, nails and teeth. The growth of wisdom teeth can last for several years, but when a woman gets pregnant, it is markedly accelerated, resulting in pain.

The development of the tooth leads to injury of the gums, with subsequent inflammation due to the ingress of harmful microorganisms on the affected area. Irritation patient gums with pieces of food can also increase pain and cause inflammation.

The symptoms and the process of growth of teeth in all people about the same, but given the state of women during pregnancy is more complicated relief of symptoms of teething and other measures for the treatment of the tooth and the gums.


Each person has the symptoms of the eruption of wisdom teeth can be different, as the degree of pain of this process. It all depends on how to cut a particular tooth, if there’s any pathology. However, there are a number of signs which are common to all people, these include:

  • swelling of gum tissue, inflammation;
  • increased body temperature and a portion of the patient;
  • constant aching pain, worse after irritating the gums;
  • bad breath caused by processes of Gnote in the place of eruption;
  • in case of serious edema complicates the process of swallowing;
  • increased lymph nodes.

In some cases the symptoms manifest themselves slowly and do not cause discomfort, but sometimes the pain does not allow to lead a normal lifestyle. This is especially true of women during pregnancy, when overall health and oral health are especially important for mom and for baby. In such cases, it is recommended immediately consult a dentist.

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Is it possible to remove the tooth during pregnancy?

Tooth extraction during pregnancy – a dangerous process, but often is simply necessary. If the tooth grows very slowly, causes pain and may cause suppuration, its resection is an effective measure to protect the health of the mother and child.

The dentist decides to remove the tooth if:

  • there are injuries or other damage to tooth and periodontal tissues;
  • inflammation of the nerves and gums;
  • the patient is experiencing a sharp constant pain;
  • the tooth is formed with a benign tumor (cyst).

► Depending on the specific case, the dentist decides when to appoint a removal of the tooth before or after birth.

Particular attention is the doctor will give painkillers as a rule, the surgery is performed under local anesthesia. Quality drugs do no harm neither to the health of the woman or the baby, but of great importance, the company, which carried out the deletion.

Recommend surgery in the second trimester. On the first and third there is a threat to the normal development of the fetus and health of the mother, but if the problem does not tolerate any delay, the physician may carry out the procedure at these stages.

Up to 13-14 weeks of pregnancy is the most active formation of the fetus, therefore, do not take any medicines and the deterioration of moral and psychological condition of the mother, which necessarily occurs during a tooth extraction.

In the third trimester to remove the «eight» is not recommended because of the high risk of premature pregnancy, which may be caused by the stress of medical intervention.

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The removal of wisdom teeth in pregnant women

If the danger and discomfort from cutting wisdom teeth do not outweigh the risks of the operation, it is necessary to wait for childbirth and after them to take treatment.

Features resection of the third molars in pregnant women:

  • the correct choice of operation time is the considered a suitable interval from 14 to 34 week (second trimester), at this stage, the mother’s body is already strong enough, and the key processes of the formation of the fetus passed. If the pain begin to bring discomfort in the third trimester, the doctor will likely recommend to be patient and wait for the delivery;
  • safe diagnosis, pregnant women are not recommended to do x-rays, but when the binding simply use the radiovisiograph (it has much less radiation);
  • proper selection of painkillers and the type of anesthesia — local anesthesia is used (General anesthesia is absolutely contraindicated), but with the drugs and their choice, the situation is somewhat more complicated. On the one hand it needs to have a strong analgesic effect, the other — safe for mother and fetus. Recommend the use of tools without epinephrine (for example, ultrakain-D);
  • care of the tooth extraction sockets — can be more dangerous for the mother and the baby than the procedure itself, as may appear complications: swelling, pain, high body temperature, bleeding and even pus (the most dangerous symptom). To avoid complications to properly take care of the problem area and to consult regularly at the dentist, after the surgery he will recommend a number of treatments for the hole based on your position.
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The removal of wisdom teeth during pregnancy is allowed, but only if absolutely necessary, as the procedure of resection is associated with risk for the health of the mother and fetus, and requires a high level of skill of the specialist.

Sore wisdom tooth: how to remove pain without removing it?

Often recommended to deal with dental pain without surgical intervention, but this does not mean that the medication is completely safe for the expectant mother, nevertheless, it will help to reduce discomfort.

First up are the points, how to remove pain in teeth during pregnancy is strictly forbidden:

  1. It is strictly forbidden to take popular painkillers such as Aspirin, Analgin, Ketanov, they do perfectly relieve pain, but their composition will harm the health of both the mother and the baby.
  2. Do not use heating pads, warm compresses and fluids because it can contribute to the spread of infection from the affected area throughout the mouth and body.
  3. Do not put the tablets on the bad tooth or gums, it causes irritation and ulcers of the oral mucosa.
  4. Do not take any independent decisions to determine the diagnosis, the condition of oral cavity, choice of treatment and drugs, it is the task solely of the dentist.

To replace the action of Aspirin or Dipyrone is recommended to use a gentle counterparts.

► You can make a special lotion with Ultracain:

  • take a small piece of cotton wool;
  • moisten it with a solution;
  • apply on the gums at the place where I feel the most pain;
  • be careful not to swallow the drug along with the saliva;
  • keep a lotion not more than 15 minutes, after which recommend to get some sleep.
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Traditional medicine also offers a number of alternative analgesics that do not harm the body of the mother and the baby. Their efficiency will be lower than pharmaceutical drugs, but they are much safer. The following recipes to soothe irritated gums, and to numb it:

  • to reduce swelling of the gums, use ice. Apply it to the gum a few times for 5 minutes;
  • moisten a cotton swab with clove oil and place it on the affected area of the gums. This will help to reduce local temperature and irritation;
  • with the same purpose, put on the gum used tea bag;

Folk remedies aimed at removing irritation, impaired growth of the tooth gums. Before adopting any measures consult to the dentist, remember that when making decisions, you are responsible not only for his life but for the life of the baby!

Acceleration of eruption of wisdom teeth during pregnancy — another way to ease the pain. This is done through massage of the gums on the affected area or chew viscous and elastic foods (meat).

If the gum has «pockets», refer to the dentist who with the help of small incisions will save you from them. After the procedure, closely monitor the state of the mucous membranes of the mouth, try to prevent the emergence of inflammatory processes.

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