Sour breath: the smell of acid, causes

When a person is first confronted with a problem like sour breath, the first thing it starts to defeat the idea that the deficiency will ruin the opinion of others about its aesthetic qualities . Rarely affected by this issue trying to figure out the reasons for its occurrence . And it’s wrong, because it is often an unpleasant smell from the mouth is a symptom of serious health problems.

The causes of disease

A sour smell from the mouth is a fairly common phenomenon, the appearance of which provoked very dangerous for health diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Very often the primary cause of odor are the following diseases:

  • gastritis;
  • disease duodenum and stomach, in particular ulcers;
  • cardiocheck of chalazia;
  • gastroesophageal reflux and others.

What do you do to determine the root cause of the appearance of his sour breath ? Try to understand.

The first thing is to understand all of the most common diseases of the stomach and intestinal tract that can cause this disease. So, the sour stench from the oral cavity is often the symptom one of the following problems with the digestive system.


Many people are exposed to the emergence of bad smell from the mouth due to the acidity of the stomach, which occurs as a result of the lesions of gastritis.
Often this condition may be accompanied by various symptoms, particularly heartburn that is so characteristic of diseases of the digestive system. Himself a peculiar odor in the case of gastritis can appear and be solved forever.
Most often, an unpleasant smell from the mouth appears together with the food belching and continues to be present for an extended period of time until the person will not eat or brush my teeth.

What reasons provoke the emergence of a sour smell for gastritis? Primarily, this phenomenon arises from the fact that due to hyperacidity in humans slows the digestive functions , which leads to the fact that the splitting of proteins occurs slowly, they begin to accumulate, and then rot, causing the corresponding odor.

If a person has a chronic gastritis, which is characterized by a critical slowing down of the digestive process, the unpleasant breath and the smell has a very strong character . To get rid of this disease are advised to take special medicines , which aims to eliminate stomach excess acid .


Gastroesophageal reflux is a condition characterized by reflux into the esophagus of gastric juice in various violations to the proper working of the digestive tract kishechnogo . At this illness the human body produced excessive amounts of hydrochloric acid , which is the reason for the appearance of a specific «darling».

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Especially strong bad breath in people suffering from gastroesophageal reflux in the morning , immediately after waking. The fact is that when a person lies, from the stomach into the esophagus the juice can flow easily without any obstacles.

I should add that this condition is often related with gastritis and has such signs and symptoms as belching, nausea and stomach pain.

Cardiocheck of chalazia

Kardiya stomach is a muscular flap which acts as a connective element of the esophagus with the stomach.

When there is a dysfunction of cardia, which is called chalazia, the gastric juice flows in a completely inappropriate cavity. Most often the cavity is the esophagus. This phenomenon becomes a cause of the state that signs and symptoms similar to gastroesophageal reflux. But cardiocheck of chalazia unlike reflux is an independent disease , that is to gastritis but this problem is irrelevant .

This condition can be diagnosed by the presence of symptoms such as a sour taste in the mouth and discomfort in the chest.

Ulcers of the digestive tract

Often ulcerative diseases of the gastrointestinal tract have certain characteristics, that is, their course is no visible symptoms. In this regard, to identify these diseases in the first stages of development is problematic . But when the malady becomes aggravated, the patient appear not only a characteristic pain but many other symptoms. One of the main symptoms of peptic ulcer disease is a sour smell coming from the mouth .

What affects the emergence of this unpleasant symptom? Most of all existing diseases of the gastrointestinal tract contribute to the development of disorders of intestinal microflora. This leads to the death it contained a favorable microbiological organisms and also to prevent unique odor from the oral cavity , which is felt even when a person inhales.

Diseases of teeth and oral cavity

One of the common causes of acid taste and odor in the mouth are problems associated with the oral cavity . These include the following diseases:

  1. gingivitis;
  2. caries;
  3. periodontitis;
  4. periodontal disease and many others.

What reasons provoke the appearance of such unpleasant phenomena in disorders of the gums and teeth?

As a rule, vospalitelnoe lesions of the soft gum tissues contribute to the appearance in the mouth of many adverse bacteriological microorganisms . These bacteria tend to secrete a variety of substances, which have a very specific smell.

Due to the location of the epicenter of the inflammatory lesions, people with dental problems begins to feel like an unpleasant odor and a characteristic taste in the mouth.

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Diaphragmatic hernia

The diaphragm is a separating element of the abdominal cavity with a chest that has a special hole through which passes the esophagus. When a person is exposed diaphragmatic hernia, this hole becomes more advanced appearance. The result of this change, the esophagus begins to shift above, when in his normal condition, he should be partially located in the abdominal cavity.

How does a diaphragmatic hernia on the patient’s body? Due to the fact that the esophagus is not where it should be located under abnormal bend for him , the gastric juice begins to flow into it several times faster . It also becomes the reason of unpleasant smell from the mouth.

Other causes of odor from the oral cavity

This phenomenon occurs not only due to serious health problems, but also because of the short-term effects on the human organism of those or other adverse factors.
If you eliminate the root cause of a sour smell, and he soon disappears leaving no trace.


So, the most common causes of this unpleasant phenomenon include the following factors:

  • Change of diet (diet). Often a sour odor because of the occurrence of hypoglycemia. When a person sits on a diet, in the blood it decreases the sugar level. In such cases, the protective functions of the body begin to combat the energy shortage by using a sharp development of ketone , a substance that is an intermediate cleavage products. This substance possesses a sour smell that comes out of his mouth.
  • Drugs. There are medicines which have the property to reduce salivation. If a person takes a similar tool for a long time, it often appears an unpleasant smell from the mouth . Such side effects have such drugs as antibacterial and diuretic, sedative and hormonal as well as antihistamines and antidepressants.
  • Disruption of the Central nervous system. Few people know that a variety of physical and emotional stress can cause the most unpredictable consequences . A sour smell from the mouth is one of the side effects .

Bad breath in children

If a sour breath in an adult is most likely to occur due to the development of various diseases, in young children, its occurrence is caused not only these diseases, but for completely different reasons.

One common cause for a sour odor in children is the development in the body pathogenic flora, the majority of microorganisms which have a specific smell.

The development of this condition is provoked by the following reasons:

  1. fatigue;
  2. hypothermia;
  3. violation of diet;
  4. an impaired immune system;
  5. catarrhal disease.

From newborn babies sour smell from the mouth may cause the following causes:

  1. dysbiosis;
  2. hygiene;
  3. problems with nasal breathing;
  4. a shortage of saliva;
  5. food.

To get rid of the smell, parents should rinse your mouth baby , and if he already has teeth, clean them with a special brush for children.

Quite often, during sleep, the child is reduced saliva production, which helps accelerate the development of micro-organisms that cause sour smell.

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Sour smell may appear because nutrition, when the baby eat milk with regurgitation and emit an unpleasant odor. Also a sour smell may occur due to inadequate intake of fluids.

In addition, the acidic smell in young children is common in diseases such as dysbacteriosis, runny nose or sinusitis that contribute to difficulty in breathing.

If, in addition to unique odor from the oral cavity of the child has symptoms such as heartburn, diarrhea, bloating, foul-smelling belching and stomach pain, the parents should consult a pediatrician because these symptoms are characteristic of the following diseases:

  • inflammation of the stomach;
  • gastritis;
  • thrush;
  • esophageal diverticulum;
  • ulcers of the digestive tract.

If the time to see a specialist, it is possible to prevent the development of these serious diseases.

Prevention and treatment

To permanently eliminate bad odor from the mouth it is best to consult a qualified doctor — gastroenterologa. The doctor will conduct the necessary activities to identify the causes of disease and prescribe appropriate treatment.

  1. If sour smell need to get rid of immediately, this can help in the banal cleaning of teeth or fresh breath the gum . If this does not help, then you can use the advice of traditional medicine.
  2. It has long been the odor from the oral cavity removed by various concoctions based on medicinal herbs such as rose hips, mint or lemon balm.
  3. Also the smell can be eliminated with the help of food. Excellent positive effect cheese and various fruits.

In order not to face with such phenomenon it is necessary at least once a year to make an appointment to see the gastroenterologist and eat right.