Splinting of teeth: what it is, the before and after photos, reviews

When you need to resort to splinting, and what’s the procedure? Photos before and after, as well as real reviews about it.

For example, untreated periodontal disease over time only intensifies their symptoms on the strong mobility of the teeth. At this point, to save them and use splinting.

Splinting of teeth — what is it?

It’s pretty well known in the dental procedure, which is intended largely to strengthen posterior teeth that have become shaky and have lost their vitality according to the results of different injuries or diseases. Splinting will help to improve chewing function and restore health.

The procedure has a few stages. First, the doctor makes a special groove (apron) along the teeth that require restoration. Such manipulation is painful, therefore it is better to spend the anesthesia. Later there is inserted a special material: special thread, silk, or fiberglass. Takes place after filling and sanding.

Indications for the procedure

Often the splinting treat people with periodontitis or after different injuries. But often the procedure can be due to other reasons:

  1. Defects in a series of teeth or their shifts (moving teeth).
  2. Incorrect position of teeth.
  3. Periodontitis — pockets of the gums and the periodontal inflamed often, roots exposed.
  4. Tissue in mouth amazed and gums often bleed.
  5. A person has the frequent Tartar and heavy plaque that cannot be removed independently.
  6. The recovery after braces.

In such situations, the doctor may advise the person to undertake splinting. Also, the procedure can be performed after removing the system with braces, as there is a possibility that teeth are restored in the right location, will not return in the wrong. But the tyre will be perfectly record the number of teeth.

The before and after photos


Dependent on the stage of the disease of the periodontium and mobility of some teeth, there are a few different variations of the production tires. You can use a variety of technologies and materials. Here are the main:

  • splinting of special fiberglass — method appeared relatively not so long ago and immediately became popular. Its main advantage is that the load is distributed over the whole series. Due to this fact reduces negative effects on the damaged area. Fiberglass completely unnoticed in the mouth during communication and photo;
  • cable — similar to previous type. The main difference is the use of a special aramid threads to fix teeth. Aramid fiber has special properties which are essential for the successful completion of the procedure. Besides splinting aramid thread professional doctor can make only one visit to him. This method is popular among modern people;
  • clasp is some kind of structure in the form of an arc with the metal frame that keeps the oral cavity with the help of special hooks called clasps. The main advantages of this method include high strength and long service life provided by the metal; the opportunity not only to bond among themselves loose teeth, however, and restore those that are missing. In addition, this method is very aesthetic in appearance and comfortable to wear. The clasp is required to do individually on the basis of a thorough dental cast of the client. All this provides a snug fit the tyres to the gums;
  • prosthetics — the design, which are removed, are incredibly firmly hold the entire set of teeth and fill components, which are lacking. For each individual bus in the form of a prosthesis made according to a certain (personal) version. But in many situations the long-term use of these structures can cause significant discomfort. In addition, the dentures are always visible and visually during communication;
  • crowns — in this method, the fixation of the teeth, which move with periodontitis, by using special designs. And right before the installation process is detailed grinding teeth. Splinting of teeth crowns are rightly called the most high-quality procedure. Crowns are created from metal alloys or ceramics reliable.
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Often the process of splinting used glasspan is a special flexible ligament ceramics for splinting teeth on the sides and front, which can be combined with almost all kinds of materials in dentistry.

Each of the above types of procedure has a different price and involves the use of different materials and tools. Therefore, before the start of the process, the doctor-dentist has to tell his client the pros and cons of the process of splinting of teeth during periodontitis.

How is the procedure?

How to do splinting? Can be seen on stages the procedure for installing the tires, based on an example of using optical fiber:

  1. In many situations, the use of local anesthesia, as the procedure causes pain.
  2. On one side of the tooth bore a thin groove. When the tires on the top row, it will be placed in the front. If a splint is applied to the bottom row, then do a furrow on the inside. There are times when you need to simply strengthen the teeth to chew, then make the groove at the top.
  3. In the furrow neatly applied strip of special optical fiber.
  4. After installation process, close up the furrow special Helio composite.

In the right lines for the grooves should be at least a few healthy pieces of teeth that will take the brunt.

Often with periodontal disease, as well as during other significant illnesses and serious fractures, splinting is used in conjunction with a special dentures that are removable. For each person this creates a unique and special design which can easily fill in the gaps from lost teeth, and fortify other units. Doctors use removable splinting dependent on what number of teeth missing in the patient. Usually, their number is 1-2.

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How much is it?

A specific price may announce only dentist at the first meeting. On the basis of a detailed examination he can determine how many teeth with periodontal disease require treatment and will prescribe proper splinting. Also on the final price of course will influence the price category corresponding to a dental hospital. Average cost:

→ splinting teeth in the front with fiberglass filament will cost about 7000 rubles, if the same procedure will be carried out on the teeth behind, the cost will vary from 3000 to 3500 rubles;

→ splinting with the use of crowns is a more expensive option, because the installation of a lining of metal will cost about 4000 rubles, and all-ceramic crown under the shade of the enamel has a price in the region of 12,000 thousand.

On average, splinting with fiberglass has rates from 1800 rubles per tooth. According to the results obtained:

  • six front teeth – up to 10 thousand rubles;
  • three teeth on each side – from 5 thousand rubles;
  • splinting crowns (which does not include the price for the correct preparation of teeth): metal — would cost 6 thousand rubles for the crown, high-quality ceramic — no metal could reach even up to 20 thousand for a crown;
  • immediate dentures – from 25 thousand rubles.

Video: on the procedure of splinting in dentistry.



Walked with braces for almost 2 years, after the doctor recommended to implement the splinting of teeth that are shattered. I immediately agreed, because for everyone it is important to have a beautiful smile. I believe that this procedure should be carried out each in order to save teeth for many years. Now I do not feel inconvenience, the bite is corrected. I am incredibly happy with.


After wearing braces for many people splinting is a necessary measure in order to preserve the result. Needless to say, that there are alternative options like cap, but I believe that splinting is not so noticeable. Of the minuses — difficulty cleaning between your teeth, but the smile is worth it.


Made splinting with the help of crowns. This is a very good procedure, which pleased me. But I think that Although it is believed that periodontitis should not grind the teeth under crowns (especially a large number of teeth).

Further questions

► Do I need to remove the pulp paradontosis teeth before splinting?

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As a result of the large number of studies, scientists have concluded that the removal of the pulp during the periodontal disease is quite unnecessary. Only in some rare cases, taking into account the age of the patient, may be recommended deponirovanie to perform a reliable prosthesis.

► What is the doctor doing?

Carries out this procedure the periodontist when it comes to pathological motor activity of the teeth. If the procedure is carried out with the broken jaw, it performs only oral surgeon.