Stomatitis fails: the causes, what to do

Many are familiar with this problem — stomatitis is a long time and cause discomfort. A long course of illness leads to fever, loss of appetite, the appearance of putrid smell from the mouth. There is a problem, as in adults, and in young patients. In order to decide what to do, you should contact the experts. Doctors there are several types of the disease:

  • The actual sores;
  • Thrush (the mucosal bacteria Candida);
  • Herpes.

A mild form may pass within 7 days. To determine the type of disease can doctor, on the basis of complete examination of the patient. For effective treatment it is necessary to accurately identify the lesion that led to prolonged precipitation, and resolve it as quickly as possible.


Experts call a few of the circumstances that lead to long-term course of the disease:

  • The weakening of the immune system;
  • Allergic reaction;
  • Infection;
  • Trauma;
  • Long-term use of antibiotics;
  • Stress;
  • Disorders in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Poorly chosen dentures and lack of care;
  • Improper toothpaste.

Only a doctor can determine the exact cause of disease and prescribe treatment. Any home medicine boils down to external influence on the surface, relieves the painful symptoms without addressing the conditions of pathology.

The weakening of the immune system

General malaise, poor health, lack of vitamins in the diet, different diets, susceptibility to disease become a cause for recurrence of the trouble. To eliminate the pathology, it is sufficient to normalize their health, to normalize the process of nutrition, increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruits. With the strengthening of the immune system leaving the conditions that weakened condition, and the conditions in which the stomatitis.

Allergic reaction

Many modern synthetic food additives that are used in the food industry, have a negative impact on the person. Exclusion from the diet of such products will lead to the normalization of the health status of the patient.
Allergies can occur from the use of antibiotics. If any of the circumstances for the manifestation of the disease, should immediately stop the use of substances that provoked such a reaction of the immune system. Therapy from allergies. The measures taken in this sequence lead to a positive result.


Usually, this reason is more common among children. Playing in the sandbox and taking a hand in the mouth and various items that children significantly increase the risk of Contracting herpes.
Moreover, herpes simplex virus (one of the forms of the disease), is present in the blood of almost all people. Without the creation of favorable conditions, the virus does not develop. But once you get the slightest impetus (stress, disease), like herpes begins to manifest itself in the human body. Compliance with basic hygiene standards, childcare will relieve from problems in the oral cavity.

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Trauma to mucosa

A bad bite the inside of your cheek or tongue can trigger the disease. This physical pressure is the only impetus for the identification of an existing problem. If the symptoms do not go long, you should consult a doctor for examination and proper course of healing. If the reason for the disease is not dental, the doctor will direct the patient for further examination.

Mismatched pasta

The composition of the foreign pastes include components that dry the mouth. This leads to an imbalance, dryness of the cavity, gives an impetus for the development of bacteria that causes the disease. Besides, you should choose the right brush and to monitor its cleanliness. The failure from using the wrong paste, correctly chosen toothbrush will prevent the occurrence of trouble of this kind. All of these symptoms apply to adults and children.

Long-term use of antibiotics

Typically, such drugs are prescribed when the patient already has a serious pathology. In the period of medication of this kind, resilience to external shocks is much weaker, which causes the appearance of the disease. To eliminate such cause, the doctor will prescribe medication, which reactivates the body’s microflora.


Neurosis, stay under stress for a long period of time gives an impetus to the development of viruses. The immune system is unable to deal with the problem, and it progresses. The therapy chosen for normalization of the nervous system, calming medications, vitamins will lead to normal health.

Disorders in the gastrointestinal tract

Malfunctions of the pancreas, liver, bad bowel be another provocateur for the emergence of troubles in the mouth. To eliminate the source of discomfort, medications that normalize the digestive tract.

Poorly-chosen prosthesis and lack of care

This reason is typical for older people. Often the material from which made the prosthesis, causes an allergic reaction on the gums, inside the cheeks. Poorly installed prosthesis leads to injury of the gums, tongue, and masticatory ability. Also improper care of denture leads to infection of the oral cavity. The installation of the dental fixture correctly, proper hygiene care to eliminate the pathology.

External signs of the disease

Redness of the tongue, inside the cheeks, gums considered as initial signs of the problem. Further, in place of red spots appear white sores that hurt when eating, touching it. These symptoms relate to the stomatitis and thrush (defeat bacteria Candida). Advanced forms of such frivolous at first glance, the problem leads to fever, headaches, weakening of the immune system. These two forms of the disease are not infectious.


When is herpes a rash appear in the outer region of the nose, lips, chin. At first the lesions are red, then there is a bubble, after — purulent education. Is herpes a form ( this is colloquially called herpes) refers to the infectious type of disease, so prevention, the dishes person who is sick with herpes are separated from the total. Reinforce personal hygiene measures.

Studies have shown that the herpes virus is in almost all people. Under certain circumstances, it begins to proliferate actively, which is manifested by the inflammation of the outer.

Most often, herpes appears in the ARD. Ordinary flu is becoming a pathogen in order for the virus began to develop and manifest itself on the skin’s surface.

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As a rule, is the disease within weeks. If the chronic form, the process is delayed for a longer period.


Wounds cause pain when eating, so sick the doctor prescribes special diet that does not irritate the inflamed mucosa. It is warm, not hot food, exclusion from the diet for a period of treatment of spicy food.

Treatment of chronic stomatitis

Successful therapy requires a correct diagnosis. Only a professional can determine the cause of the long duration of the process. If it is not dental, the doctor will direct the patient to be examined by other specialists. It is necessary to pass tests, to do scraping in the lesion for proper diagnosis.

Rinsing, which is usually made at an early stage, is able to reduce inflammation, disinfect the oral cavity, but they are not able to eliminate the reason for the protracted disease.

For rinsing, it is customary to use solutions of furacilin, decoction of chamomile, calendula. Well in this period to chew propolis. It has a strong antimicrobial effect, strengthens the immune system of the patient. But! Propolis, larger than a match head can result in burns.

In addition, this medication is not suitable for treatment in children. For this category of patients recommend propolis solution. Rinsing will reduce inflammation and pain.

Part of the patients use the ointment for the treatment of the affected areas. But for these purposes it is better to use gels, as they are better absorbed by the surface. This makes them more soft in comparison with the coated structure.

Treatment folk methods

Rinsing with a solution of chamomile, calendula, propolis ease inflammation. Decoction of mint, lemon balm, oak bark, St. John’s wort will enhance the health of the patient, and normalize the digestive system. The use of sea buckthorn oil, preserves from rose petals become a «classic» for the healing of the disease in children. But by themselves, they are not effective.

Traditional methods have the greatest effect in the complex therapy with the means appointed by the doctor.

Drugs that will eliminate the source of occurrence of inflammation, the doctor will prescribe. Therapy requires an individual approach, taking into account characteristics of the person, the age of the patient, the extent of damage. This can be a medicine to improve work of bodies of digestion, a tonic, a course of calming medication.

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Treatment stomatitis in children

The kids are especially painful to tolerate such a problem. And they often susceptible to this disease. Once detected the problem area in your mouth, you should immediately consult a doctor. Early help will be more effective and will not require significant effort. Besides, the baby needs to be treated promptly.

The doctor prescribes medications depending on the condition of the baby, age, tolerability of drugs. In addition, mothers use folk remedies for the treatment of children. For the kids (if the child is not yet able to rinse the mucosa) suitable sea buckthorn jam or jam from petals of roses. Quite a bit to handle the dummy kid this tool and give it. Medicinal spray to be sprayed in the oral cavity, will help your child that is not yet trained to rinse.

Older kids can rinse the mucous decoctions of chamomile, calendula, compositions, prescribed by a pediatrician or specialized doctor.


Measures for prevention of such trouble is a simple and at the same time is required.

  • Observance of rules of personal hygiene;
  • Proper, balanced nutrition;
  • Smoking cessation;
  • The constant control, so that the child did not take in the mouth of the toy;
  • Training from an early age to wash their hands;
  • Frequent change toothbrush;
  • Choosing the right toothpaste;
  • Proper care of dental prosthesis.

Eating foods containing vitamins and not synthetic vitamins contribute to the prevention of this trouble. Besides, do not ignore the disease of the throat, sore throat, inflammation of the tonsils, the glands are instigators of disease.

In the «zone of risk» smokers by Smoking cigarettes is probably the major factor in the appearance of such troubles in the adult population.

To wash vegetables and fruits before eating should be the rule for everyone from an early age. This will not only protect from infection in the gastrointestinal tract, but also will become a barrier to viruses.
Simple but important preventive measures can prevent such trouble, as the mucosal.