Stomatitis on the gingiva: methods of treating inflammation

Herpes on the gums in adults and children, ways of treating disease depending on the etiology and the depth of the lesion. The effective application of the methods of traditional and alternative medicine. The sores on the gums is an inflammatory process that attacks the gums. Affects people with weakened immune systems, precipitating agent may serve as conditionally pathogenic microflora of each person. Especially severe in children.

The factors in the development of the disease

To the occurrence of lesions of the oral mucosa may cause by many factors, including the combination of several simultaneously:

  1. Viral or bacterial infection.
  2. A disturbance in the food.
  3. Mechanical breach of the integrity of the mucosa (this could be a minor injury or burn).
  4. The lack of skills of hygiene (lesion of the mucous membrane due to dirty hands or food).
  5. Not appropriate toothpaste (containing allergen or sodium that weakens the protective properties of the oral cavity).
  6. Bad habits (alcoholism and Smoking).
  7. Chemotherapy or tumor of the nasopharynx.
  8. Diseases of the digestive system.
  9. Intoxication.
  10. HIV infection.
  11. Hormonal disturbance.
  12. Long-term use of hormonal drugs.
  13. Diseases of the blood.

With a good immune response to the organism a large part of the factors gives the onset of the disease, but with low body resistance gingivitis can develop even amid the observance of all the rules and infection from the outside. The source of the inflammation can be untreated tooth decay.


The disease can develop at any age, now he is no longer considered purely childish.
Every form of inflammation has its own characteristics. But the soreness of the gums, redness and swelling will occur in any process.
Catarrhal form is characterized by redness and swelling, often occurs in teething, goes alone or goes in ulcerative stomatitis.

The most common form is ulcerative. According to the degree of process there are 3 forms: mild, moderate and severe.

  • Mild patient complains of difficulty eating due to pain and bleeding of the affected area. Salivation appears, worried about smelly breath. The General condition does not suffer, on examination revealed redness and swelling.
  • When the deterioration of defined areas of necrosis of the gums. The smell is a shade of rot is diagnosed, common symptoms of the infection. Fever, apathy, weakness, lymph nodes are enlarged and painful on palpation.
  • Severe stage of gingivitis is characterized by the formation of ulcers throughout the oral cavity with the transition to the cheeks and tongue, it is possible to lose bone tissue. Temperature acquires a wave-like nature, indicating a decrease in overall immunity. In the long course and frequent relapses are possible atrophic changes, hypertrophic form.

Principal diseases

Stomatitis caused by herpes

Occurs in the backdrop of a weakened General immunity and local (oral cavity) appears as a normal herpes. Pop the bubbles filled with liquid. Then they burst and form a sore. The process may be accompanied by a rise in body temperature, and always painful.

Substance-induced gingivitis in cases of poisoning by salts of heavy metals

In addition to the formation of ulcers of difficult served therapy develops dyspeptic disorder and the symptoms of poisoning, relevant to amazing agent.

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Prosthetic stomatitis allergic nature

Rarely, the cause is substandard materials installed prosthesis. When you replace the irritating denture completely disappears.
In the absence of complete care of the oral cavity for the prostheses settle the bacteria that cause prosthetic stomatitis bacterial nature.


Rare. Should conduct a differential diagnosis with herpes option. Is characterized by a cyclical appearance of small multiple ulcers on the background of normal gums. Lesions do not have clear contours. Heal within a week.


Diagnosed in early childhood and is characterized by white patches on reddened swollen the gums. The child is restless, cries, sleeps badly and refuses to eat. In addition to the processing of soda solution necessary to lubricate painkiller before each feeding of the baby.
In adults thrush is manifested by burning sensation and tightness in the mouth, pain while chewing and eating, is defined white plaque. Food loses its taste and the patient pursues a metallic taste.


While seemingly not the severity of the consequences can be loss of teeth due to periodontal disease, in the transition process in the bone tissue osteomyelitis or acquisition of the gangrenous form, and this is a serious condition presenting a danger to life.


Special diagnostics are required. The diagnosis is based on inspection. The doctor pays attention to the appearance of the affected gums. The prevalence of the process, the depth of penetration, the form and character of submunitions, the characteristics and presence of plaque. To clarify possible causes it turns out as when I started, what preceded it.

If you suspect a more serious disease, tests are performed: blood count and seeding from the mucous membrane of the mouth. Rather than identify an agent process, the faster will be eliminated all symptoms. To obtain diagnostic data treatment starts according to the principle of symptomatic relief.

Plan survey:

  1. Inspection.
  2. History collection.
  3. KLA.
  4. The study of biochemical parameters of blood.
  5. Definition of sugar.
  6. If you suspect a venereal stomatitis of nature checks for the presence of antibodies to infections PPP.
  7. For screening of immunity prescribed immunogram.
  8. Seeding from infected gums to identify the specific pathogen and determine its sensitivity to antibiotics.
  9. Histological and cytological tests of smears taken from the affected area.
  10. Examination of the contents of the bubbles to determine the virus.

In a simple form is usually sufficient the first 3 points. The rest is on request.

When related diseases, the dentist treats the patient in conjunction with colleagues in related fields: dermatologist, physician, pediatrician, immunologist.

Treatment for gingivitis

Varies depending on the nature of the disease and the level of the lesion.
Simple (catarrhal) treated with a rinse of antiseptic and decoction of herbs for reducing inflammation and quick healing of the mucosa. Pending the results of the analysis, the doctor prescribes symptomatic therapy.

If you cannot supply due to severe pain before meals are used local anesthetics action. These drugs are applied directly before a meal.

  • Hexoral tabs. Contains an anaesthetic (Benzocaine) and antiseptic (Chlorhexidine) substance simultaneously;
  • lidocaine;
  • ledogar;
  • Of the drugs of vegetable origin preference chamomile, calendula, sage. Rinsing the mouth should be during the day every 2 hours. If necessary it is possible more often;
  • the children used a solution of soda;
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Special pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of inflammation of the gums.

  1. the eye drops or Lugol;
  2. Went to the doctor;
  3. Holisal in the form of a gel.

Means that accelerate regeneration.

  1. aktovegin in the form of a gel;
  2. Kartolin with vitamin A;
  3. Solcoseryl;

Further treatment will depend on the form of the disease and nature of the lesion. For infections of a fungal nature assigned to the Nystatin.


Herpes process is treated with Zovirax, Acyclovir.
In allergic factor prescribe antihistamines: Suprastin, Tavegil.

Treatment of ulcerative stomatitis

Is antibacterial drugs, preferably specific. For a General treatment using intramuscular antibiotic injection or tablets for mild and moderate severity. The need to cleanse the sores from plaque the imposition on them of an application of antibiotics. Against the backdrop of local treatment, the improvement will be in the first days.

To cure requires bed rest (especially in children and elderly) and a special diet, sparing the affected mucosa.

Treatment stomatitis in children

For children during illness should create conditions conducive to rest and a speedy recovery. Be sure to drink plenty of liquids, frequent treatment of the oral cavity and nutrition, given the disease state. Children should be warm pureed meals for infants remains the best natural nutrition.

When stomatitis in infants, the mother should treat the oral cavity of the baby (as well as a bottle nipple and your breast before feeding) soda solution.

To do this, carefully wash hands. Wound on the finger with a sterile bandage and light pomachiliini movements to treat the mouth. Rubbing is not allowed, sores and scabs not tear! Soda solution is prepared from ordinary baking soda 1 teaspoon one-third Cup water (distilled or cooled boiled).

  • You can wash the mouth cavity with solutions of chamomile or sage, in the absence of allergic reactions.
  • Herpes you can use sea buckthorn oil. Has good healing and softening properties besides rich in vitamins.

In any case, the treatment of children under 3 years old should be under the guidance of a dentist and a pediatrician. No unauthorized prescribing.
Prevention of children lies entirely on the mother. Proper nutrition, a strong immune system, adequate fresh air and perfect cleanliness of the apartment and children’s toys.
When a baby starts to crawl and walk need to watch whatever you take anything in his mouth including his own fingers and to teach the child to hygienic norms.


Healthy diets in this period is necessary for fast recovery in children and adults. You should prefer natural dairy products soft consistency without any additives.
Milk, cheese, sour cream, varenets, kefir, yogurt classic.
Good to eat fresh fruit and vegetables are neutral acidity: carrots, beets, cabbage.
When the pain during chewing, it is possible to drink fresh juice, homemade vegetables. Especially carrot juice is full of vitamins and promotes regeneration of the affected gums.
During the healing period goes well chops, steamed and without spices.

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From the use of the following products should refrain:

  • Pepper, hot spices, fruits with high acidity (citrus and tomatoes), apples can be eaten baked or stewed.
  • You can not eat sweet, salty, bitter and sour dishes.

The temperature of the food should be gentle, whatever to injure the inflamed gums.


Measures 100 percent prevention of mucosal lesions does not exist, but there are simple preventive measures that reduce the risk of its occurrence:

  1. Timely rehabilitation of the oral cavity. With the development of caries, diseases of throat, nasopharynx, the ear should be immediately treated, the process does not translate to the chronic form.
  2. When setting crowns everything has to be customized. The complete absence of sharp and strongly protruding sections.
  3. Nutrition.
  4. The mode of work and rest.
  5. Lack of stress.
  6. Timely and daily oral hygiene.

Additional attention should be paid to proper nutrition. Food should not injure the mucous membrane of the mouth and contain enough vitamins and minerals.

Alternative medicine in the treatment of gingivitis

Traditional medicine aims to relieve suffering and speed up the process of treatment for a given ailment is used in addition to the basic treatment.

  • Often rinse your mouth, you can even plain water at room temperature, it prevents the spread of germs.
  • Hydrogen peroxide mixed with distilled water in the ratio 1:1 allows to purify the sores from the content and alleviate the condition of the mucous membrane.
  • Good soothing and healing action has a fresh juice of carrot, beet and cabbage. In addition to rinse these juices you can drink. Enhance the overall immunity.
  • Good healing effect has applique from grated potatoes, mixed with olive oil.

Chronic aphthous stomatitis widely used physiotherapy treatments aimed at improving General immunity and the clearance of the oral cavity (ultraviolet irradiation). In acute process possible application of laser therapy, darsonvalization and UFO.

When it detects the first signs of illness you should contact the dentist’s place of residence. Before visiting the doctor to start rinsing mouth with a decoction of chamomile or soda solution and to exclude from the diet products, affecting the mucous membrane. After treatment, you should change your toothbrush and necessary toothpaste. Pay more attention to healthy lifestyle of their children and this disease, as the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity will pass you.