Stomatitis on the palate: causes and treatments

Stomatitis appears in the sky due to a weak immune system. Affects the oral cavity. The bacteria that cause the manifestation of it, live in every human body. Special danger the disease carries. Only a discomfort during eating.

Causes of stomatitis

What are the main causes of stomatitis? Without the pathogen, the disease starts to develop.

A person can be infected if:

  • Viruses, bacteria and Mycoplasma began to proliferate;
  • There is improper nutrition, which interferes with the balance of b vitamins This will lead to the sores;
  • The oral cavity is subjected to mechanical, thermal and chemical damage. Bite cheeks, various scratches, damage to solid food, burns from alkali or acid cause the appearance of the disease;
  • Not respected the rules of hygiene;
  • Failed prostheses delivered or poor quality.
  • Too often to brush your teeth with a toothpaste containing the sodium lauryl sulfate. Which reduces the flow of saliva, and dehydrates the mouth. Stimuli do not have the barrier start to be active;
  • Is taking drugs and diuretics;
  • There is a large consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • Come frequent stressful moments;
  • Used a large number of citrus;
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause;
  • Developed bronchial asthma;
  • Appeared dehydrated from vomiting, diarrhea, blood loss or fever;
  • The patient is sick helminthiasis;
  • Held chemotherapy or irradiation in the fight against other diseases;
  • In humans, low levels of iron in the blood;
  • Smoking becomes excessive.

Stomatitis is often an indicator of the presence of human diseases. It can appear in the result of cancer of the pharynx, gastrointestinal diseases, hormonal disorders, HIV infection, diabetes, and others.

Symptoms symptoms of

How to determine the presence of stomatitis? Usually the symptomatology is of the same nature, regardless of the type.

Common manifestations of the disease in adults and children: it all starts with redness of the hearth in the sky, then there is swelling around the sores and the wound with a red frame, Ranke plaque white color; increased salivation; bad breath; the gums become bloody; loss of appetite; restriction of motor functions of the lips; raising the temperature to 39 degrees; swollen lymph nodes; bright red throat; headache.

Disease in heaven has a duration of from 4 to 14 days. The probability of disease increases if the person is already familiar with his experience with the disease. Signs of thrush in the mouth in all age groups of people and other types of stomatitis is manifested by periods of practically converted into a chronic form.

In the presence of the described symptoms do not in any case be self-medicate. You must immediately go to a medical facility. The doctor will evaluation of the disease, its appearance and then prescribe the necessary treatment.

Types of sores in the mouth

Not only the causes and the treatment and classification of stomatitis depends on the excitation sources. Its appearance also depends on the causative agent.

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The generally accepted classification of the disease:

  • Stomatitis is a chemical in the mouth burns caused by acid or alkali;
  • Viral stomatitis causes lesions on the herpes virus;
  • Radiation appears as a result of radiation sickness;
  • Fungal formed after treatment with antibiotics;
  • Bacterial appears in the result of the activity of the Staphylococcus and Streptococcus.

Also share on a more General group:

Herpes. Is the most common among all types. 90% of adults are carriers of the herpes virus. The first meeting takes place in childhood, a field which the parasite enters a latent phase. If the reduced protective functions of the body, the virus manifests itself in the form of the expanding canker. It affects the cheeks, palate and tongue. The bubbles form a group, burst and merged. Erosion is manifested with painful nature.
Aphthous. At the moment the exact source of the pathogen was not found. The doctors attribute it to the manifestations associated with the above stomatitis. If he passed into the chronic form, affects the cheeks and lips. A distinctive feature of herpetic stomatitis is the presence of aft (rounded plaque yellow or white). If the condition persists after two weeks, it speaks of serious violations of the health of the adult.
Candida. Observed in severely weakened people, patients with HIV infections, diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis. These groups of people, the Candida gets favorable environment and begins to actively proliferate. Its distinguishing feature on the palate, cheeks, tongue, cheesy appear of education. If you remove them, will remain a sore spot. It can be formed by erosion. There is pain while eating, burning, cracks in the corners of the lips.
Allergic. About 30 percent of people suffer from allergies caused by pollen, food, dander, medication medication and others. Do highly sensitive people can develop in the mouth allergic stomatitis. Is not a separate disease, it is part of all allergies.

To the treatment of stomatitis effective, it is necessary to determine the type. Rather, it will make the doctor will prescribe appropriate medication.

Than to treat stomatitis in children

For children treatment depends on the type of the sore. Immediately after diagnosis should prompt treatment.

  1. During treatment should drink a lot of water, baby tea or compote. This will help get rid of intoxication. The oral cavity is anesthetized with Lidocaine, or choline salicylate, or remedies for teething: Kalgel, Kamistad. After the ulcers are treated by means of anti pathogen.
  2. Also treat the area around the sores so that the inflammation does not spread further. For the regeneration of the mucosa tissue used Vinilin, Actovegin.
  3. The important role played by hygiene of the oral cavity and two-time teeth cleaning. The child up to a year to implement procedures to adults. Wound on a finger bandage, and cleaned the baby’s mouth.
  4. In allergic stomatitis used antihistamines: Diphenhydramine, Suprastin, Fenistil, Zyrtec.
  5. Viral stomatitis is treated with antiviral drugs: Virolex, Herpevir, Acyclovir. Still using the Oxoline and Viferon ointment. With frequent manifestation of sores immune system: candles Viferon, Interferon and Immunal. The most effective way of fighting is considered a gel Holisal. It contains choline salicylate and chloride Catalonia. Through which relieve inflammation, swelling, fever disappears and pain, kills viruses.
  6. Candida is treated with antifungal ointment: buy Clotrimazole, Kandizol. Plus, the doctor prescribes rinsing with a solution of baking soda. Which restores pH balance and kills fungal flora. Soda solution good fits children up to 12 months.
  7. If the aphthae, they should be treated immediately. Aqueous solution blue. Q-tip dipped in a diluted component, and handled her wounds 5 times per day.
  8. Traumatic stomatitis cause bacterial infections that are destroyed with antiseptics and wound healing. Children under the age of two years is prescribed: Actovegin, Holisal, Solcoseryl and treatment of the oral cavity with a solution of baking soda and Chlorhexidine.
  9. To prevent infection it is necessary to observe the hygiene of the premises. Regular wet cleaning, cleaning toys with bleach, individual towel, toothbrush and utensils, a balanced diet, washing hands — these important points the key to the health of the child.
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Than to treat disease in adults

To get rid of sores in the sky and in your entire mouth, you must follow some rules. They will help for a short time to forget about the disease.

To treat stomatitis in this order:

  • Damaged areas to handle in three hours. Certainly in the early days of the development of the disease. This will allow to avoid serious consequences;
  • If the disease is infectious basis is the rate of application of antiviral ointments (Tebrofenovaya, Oxolinic, etc.);
  • The oral hygiene must always be observed that the number of bacteria decreased;
  • In the treatment medicines need to strengthen the immune system.

Methods of treatment depend on the degree of spread of the disease. As aphthous appearance is the result of a weakened immunity, it is necessary to strengthen it. The disease may lasts for several years, it is therefore necessary to determine the most appropriate methods of struggle. In this form the treatment is carried out in several stages. Aphthae are treated first with a solution of boric acid and decoction of chamomile. Next the mouth is rinsed with an antiseptic, which will prescribe the doctor. Used mainly solutions of manganese or furatsilina. Inside veins injected sodium thiosulfate for desensitization. For the treatment doctors prescribe: Lidocaine Aseptic Lysozyme, Prodigiozan, Pirogenal, multivitamins, sedatives and antihistamines.


Oral thrush occurs in people with diabetes, tuberculosis etc. are Also treatment is complex. Assigned to antifungal agents: Nystatin or fluconazole, ironin, Levorin, Clotrimazole.
Self-treatment can be given, the doctor will recommend the necessary medication. The affected areas are treated or Lavrinovic Nistatinovaya ointment and miconazole. Dentures are washed by soda solution, Lugol spray or just Lugol, Yodinolom. It is particularly important to follow a diet. Eliminated the carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed.

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Stomatitis caused by herpes, is frequent and is manifested in the decrease in the protective function of the system. It characterized by pain on the palate and under the tongue. For a start, are assigned to the pain medication, then anti-inflammatory: Solcoseryl, Holisal, kartolin.

To the disease has become chronic, you need to take antiviral agents; Oksolina, Zovirax, Acyclovir, vitamins and preparations for immunity. For the period of infection need to avoid close contact with healthy people, in order to avoid infection.

In allergic form of stomatitis appointed anti Allergy Tsetrin, Suprastin, tavegil. If you follow the rules of prevention, you can avoid infection. A number of risk reduction activities: prosthetics is carried out exactly the right size, cessation of Smoking, the contents of the mouth clean, reducing the consumed alcohol, take vitamins courses, with the exception of products — allergens.

Treatment at home

To completely get rid of sores in the home is impossible, but to ease the symptoms really.

Simple steps to ease the illness:

  • Rinsing the mouth with water at room temperature. This will stop the reproduction of microorganisms;
  • Use of special solutions. Relieves pain and prevents the risk of pathology;
  • Rinsing the mouth cabbage juice;
  • Treatment the mouth with a mixture of crushed garlic and a teaspoon of milk;
  • Applying grated potatoes with the addition of olive oil to the wound.

For greater effect it is recommended to take means of alternative medicine in combination with medicines.

So, in modern times stomatitis is a common disease of the population. The majority of patients learn of the inflammation only after obtaining advice from a specialist. With timely detection of problems should be the correct treatment. Therefore, if in the mouth there are white spots growing pain and discomfort, should be faster to go to the doctor. The above-described case of thrush and treatments will help the person in the fight against this insidious disease.