Stomatitis treatment adults at home

Stomatitis can occur not only among children but also adults. At least, at least once in his life every man knows this disease. This is a very unpleasant and painful condition in which is impossible to eat anything, not to mention their favorite dishes. If from the first day to draw attention to the change of the mucosa, the treatment of stomatitis at home possible. The main thing is to approach it seriously and responsibly. Do not wait until the pass itself. Because, in that case, if you run, without the help of a specialist can not do. Than to treat? Is it possible to cure at home folk remedies?

What is stomatitis and how it happens

Stomatitis is an inflammatory process of the mucous membrane inside the mouth. In adults it occurs most often due to the presence of poor personal hygiene. But also this may be because of a weakened immune system. From-for bad ecology, foods containing nitrates in adults, the immune system every year becomes worse. In this regard, stomatitis began to meet more often in adults than before.
This disease can manifest itself in different ways. But the main symptoms are similar for all forms. It begins with dryness of the mucosa. Unpleasant, even painful sensation occurs when eating. Such discomfort may even be during a conversation. In a couple days, have small ulcers. In severe forms, the entire process may be accompanied by General malaise and fever. There are several varieties of stomatitis:

  1. Catarrhal;
  2. Erosive;
  3. Ulcerative-necrotic;
  4. Allergic contact;
  5. Aphthous;
  6. Herpes.

Catarrhal form

This is the most mild. Manifested by redness of the mucosa and its swelling. Can be prints from the vestibular surface of the teeth. Marvel at the inner side of the cheeks, tongue, and corners of the mouth. Most often it is found in the holders of any intraoral structures.

The erosive form

Slightly more severe clinical course. In addition to the previous symptoms, there are small bubbles with serous contents, which after burst to form small erosion. It so happens that they can merge, forming a more extensive erosive surface. Often increases the flow of saliva.

Ulcerative-necrotic form

Very heavy flow. It starts badly, with deterioration of General condition and fever. The mucosa presents edematous and erythematous. Observed necrotic areas of a yellowish-gray color.

Allergic contact form

This stomatitis may occur due to an allergic reaction to the filling material or the implants made from dissimilar metals. Clinically may not occur, typically within a week after contact with an allergen, maybe even later. On examination, the symptoms are similar to catarrhal form. Rarely occur small erosion.

Herpes form

This form causes the herpes simplex virus, which is in the body of each person. If it is active, with the slightest cold or cold may occur herpetic stomatitis. This form very much is known. There are small painful vesicles in the mouth, which burst forming small ulcers.

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Aphthous form

It is a chronic process that often recurs. On the reddened mucous membrane there is the small attacki – shallow ulcer, covered with fibrous coating and surrounded by a red rim. They are very painful upon the slightest touch. After 2-3 days necrotic mass arising within the AFL rejected themselves. After all this time, everything goes, leaving only a bright red spot at the site of the former ulcers.

Treatment of stomatitis in adults

How to treat stomatitis in adults? Severe forms are very rare in the adult population. So often, treatment of stomatitis folk remedies at home very effectively. Home treatment can be complex. How to cure thrush at home? There are many folk remedies, suitable for the treatment of stomatitis at home. Traditional treatment of stomatitis is very diverse. So a lot effective. The main thing that a method suitable to the patient and not aggravated the condition. Folk remedies for the treatment of stomatitis can be in the form of the manufacture of ointments and mouthwash or lotions. There are a lot of recipes.

Ointments of folk remedies

Treat thrush at home will help the ointments prepared at home. For this you need to have patience and to be responsible. How to treat stomatitis in household circumstances using the ointments? First and foremost, you must process the affected areas of the mucosa with antiseptic solution. It is advisable to moisturize after rinsing. It is applied in a thin layer. After this, you can neither eat nor drink for at least thirty minutes. A few of the recipes for ointments to treat thrush in adults at home:

  • Mix liquid honey and olive oil in equal proportions. To add egg protein and one ampoule of novocaine 0.5% solution. All mix until a homogeneous mass;
  • Raw potato is very famous for its beneficial properties. It can simply apply on the sores. But you can prepare and ointment, cut it and adding olive oil;
  • Al grind to puree state and again add the oil from the olives;
  • Half a Cup lopuhova roots pour hot crude sunflower oil in the amount of 100g. Insist during the day, then bring to the boil and keep on a slow fire for fifteen minutes.

As can be seen almost everywhere used olive oil. Because it has a soothing and healing properties. A very fruitful influence on the mucosa.

Solutions for rinsing and lotions

How to get rid of sores in the home, if there are not any special preparations? Always come to the aid of rinsing, which can not only alleviate the condition, but to cure completely. Treatment of folk remedies often involves rinsing the oral cavity. Sometimes make gadgets. The most common solution is a mixture of salt and soda dissolved in a warm glass of water. Many have long known about the anti-inflammatory properties of these components. To enhance the effect, add a few drops of iodine.

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Traditional recipes rinse the mouth:

  1. Carrot or cabbage juice belokachannoy diluted with warm boiled water in equal proportions and rinse;
  2. Grind using the grinder the roots of horseradish and add boiled water. You can use the solution throughout the day;
  3. A handful of husks from the bulbs, pour 500 ml of hot water, bring to the boil and leave until morning.

Folk remedy for stomatitis will have more of an effect, if you apply all the methods in the complex. Stomatitis in treatment adults at home will be easier to overcome with the timely procedures. For example, the more rinsing, the faster the pass. Remedy for sores in the mouth should have in the first place, anti-inflammatory action. Do not forget about personal hygiene with stomatitis. If it is not supported, as it should, it may join the bacterial flora. This implies that the inflammatory process may go into festering for. You may experience some severe infections. It is therefore necessary to brush your teeth as before. Only if the lesion is localized on the gums in the cervical area, use the soft brush, even a baby.

To treat stomatitis, both in the home and in the clinic involves an antiseptic treatment in the first place. Very suitable for this solutions of hydrogen peroxide and chlorhexidine. But they should not be applied more than five days because they can cause a burn reaction. Wound on the finger with a sterile cotton wool, wet one of the following solutions and treat the affected areas. You can do this up to 5 times a day.

After treatment with antiseptics, you can begin rinsing. Treatment of stomatitis at home, you could say relies on them. You can rinse the above solutions. But also well suited infusions of St. John’s wort, chamomile, calendula, lime flower. Importantly, they did not have an allergic reaction. One of the most effective means is considered an alcohol solution of propolis. After epolamine them in the mouth, improvement may be seen within a few hours. He is fighting not only inflammation, but also has an analgesic effect. For this purpose, also use alum. Bred them with warm water.

After rinse can make lotions. To do this, take a pure cotton cushion or swab moistened with any anti-inflammatory solution and applied to the affected areas for a few minutes. For the best effect, it would be better if no less than five minutes. And then ointment to apply. Folk remedy for stomatitis can be used if there are no contraindications to them.

Tips and advice


To treat at home should be taken seriously the disease. Because most do not pay attention to the appearance of any sores, despite the fact that it causes discomfort. Wait till in itself. Some forms may disappear, but others, on the contrary, may increase. So from the first days of the appearance of the mouth even minor changes to begin treatment. Will not prevent plenty of warm drinks, as with any disease. In this case it is possible to drink teas cranberries, rose hips.

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During the period of treatment should abandon foods that will further irritate the mucous membranes in the mouth. It’s salty, spicy and sour food. At this time it is better to drink porridge, vegetable purees, soups and broths, but not too hot. Should abandon a variety of seasonings. It will be good for the entire body. Too hard and too coarse food should be deleted. And after each meal to process and rinse.

And of course, not to forget that there is also a traditional method of treatment. Can be combined with folk remedies, so it is more efficient. To consult a specialist is necessary, when in addition to local signs of add and General symptoms like malaise, fever and lymph node enlargement, asserting an inflammation and the body’s fight with him. Traditional methods and self-medication separately can not cope with this condition. Therefore it is better to consult a doctor.

What is usually prescribed by doctors for stomatitis in adults

First, the specialist tries to determine the cause of the occurrence. If not resolved, then treatment may be delayed and not to bring any results. After identifying the etiological factors, the dentist makes a treatment plan. For him in the first place is to relieve symptoms. Patients often complain of pain. To resolve these feelings prescribe drugs with anesthetic or analgesic effect of local actions. Then you need to apply antiseptics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Why is the reason? To know what drug to prescribe. If allergic stomatitis recommend antihistamines, if you have a herpes – antiviral, with the accession of candidiasis – anti-fungal. Need to know what to fight. All these measures together will lead to the desired result. Most importantly, to prevent transition to a more severe form and know what it may be allergic reaction. It happens that it is the basis of development of disease in adulthood. If you follow all these tips and recommendations of this disease can be cured in a short time.