Straumann implants (Straumann): types, price, reviews

Dentures today is rapidly developing and more and more people realize that a large sum is possible to completely regain the smile, and even make it more aesthetically pleasing than when the natural teeth. So, Straumann implants (Straumann) suitable for this purpose perfectly. Their types, price and testimonials of satisfied customers will be provided below.

Features of such systems is that instead of the lost tooth implanted artificial root made of special durable structure and attached to it a crown perfectly matches the shape and shade of natural units.

About the manufacturer

The company Straumann is based in Switzerland. And as you are aware, in itself is a guarantee of quality of any product. This manufacturer is considered one of the trusted and experienced leaders in creating all elements of the implant, and instruments for carrying out such a complex procedure.

Part of their income firm spends on constant research and development, which helps to keep the leading position, high quality products, and full compliance with all criteria and requirements of modern medicine. Constant improvement and introduction of new technologies gives the opportunity to create implants that are maximally suitable to any queries and is compatible with the skeletal system of the human body.

Characterized by the fact that the manufacturer controls the quality of the starting material for future products, but more testing and evaluation is the final product. Any error is unacceptable and every detail can withstand extremely thorough and careful quality control.

For over 60 years Swiss dental implants are considered the premium class products and every time to justify its price through the strength of the structure and other obvious advantages, which we describe below.


High quality is achieved by the following technologies:

  • Creating a rough surface using a sandblast exposure helps to increase the contact area with the soft tissue that facilitates a snug fit.
  • Due to the elaborate carvings, you can even place the implant without incision.
  • Though the price for the products of this company are 10-15% higher analogues, but they fully meet the highest requirements of modern dental implant products.
  • A conical form of a metal rod corresponds to the natural alveolus of the root.
  • Medical titanium, and in some cases and its alloy with zirconium gives you the opportunity to achieve good biocompatible indicators.
  • Hydrophilic implant surface helps the surrounding tissues to recover quickly, and the design to settle down without the risk of rejection.
  • In the product catalogue provided a wide range of different elements with various lengths, diameters and coating, which helps to choose the appropriate implants for almost any individual case.
  • The company also planned and a special technology that allows you to install these products, even people with some health problems, which usually are definitive contraindications for implantation.
  • Quality guarantee is given for life, which in itself indicates complete reliability and durability of the product.
  • Short healing time, which significantly reduces the whole process of restoring the dentition.
  • Accessibility one-step installation with simultaneous fastening of the crown.
  • Due to the SLActive surface the risk of various side effects, and rejection of material is virtually eliminated.
  • — Designed containers to transport products help to maintain their safety and integrity.
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To meet all the quality criteria, the company has a proven concept, which she adheres to during all years of production:

  • simplicity – ease of use and selection of any desired elements;
  • reliability – the use of biocompatible materials that have high strength at normal load;
  • versatility is the availability of individual selection of every detail to closely match the characteristics of the patient.

The types of implants Straumann

The product line provides enough variety of choice to each individual case it was possible to choose the most convenient options of the product. Thus there are the following main series:

  1. Standard – designed for fast implantation, which takes place in a single session. The neck rod is extended to ensure its remoteness from the soft tissues. Also, the procedure of implanting an implant of this series provides for so-called seamless method that does not make the incision.
  2. Standard Plus – here the doctor can choose how to make the installation seamless, or sub-gingival implementation. Due to a more narrow diameter implants are good to use in small gaps between teeth. Reduced size of the cervix of the products helps to achieve the best aesthetic results, especially for implantation at the frontal area of the dentition.
  3. Tappered Effect – all technologies applicable in this series, focused on the rapid implantation of the implant immediately after removal of the damaged unit. Here, special attention is paid to developers of the web form that best matches the natural alveolar processes.

In each of these series there are a number of sizes and shapes of structures, as well as other characteristics that makes the whole system quite versatile and flexible.

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At the clinic where you will offer the installation of these implants will provide a product catalog, where you can choose any suitable for you a set of items. Also this system provides for the installation of implants «turnkey», making the whole process even easier.

Advantages and disadvantages

The above technologies provide Straumann implants following advantages:

  • long life;
  • even in a two-step implantation in a month you can install dental crowns.
  • the availability of the recovery of a number of the loss of a single tooth or full edentulous;
  • it is possible to carry out the procedure immediately after removal of the patient unit;
  • bone deficiency is not a contraindication for implantation;
  • individual approach to each patient;
  • no risk of damage to bones of the jaw and other side effects;
  • good biocompatibility of the material reduces the chance of rejection or allergic reactions;
  • lifetime warranty on product;
  • the strength of the rod even when the minimum diameter;
  • easy to install, which significantly reduces the time of procedure;
  • good compatibility with other elements of the prosthesis;
  • the availability of the implantation of the implants, even people with hepatitis, diabetics and smokers;
  • providing the highest sterility and prevention of infection at any stage of implantation.

If closely to look for weaknesses in the system, it is possible to find only one – the high price of products, which is completely justified by the high quality and reliability of the products.

How to install?

We should also mention about the process of implantation of the implant. The technology the developers have thought through every detail and brought to perfection. Most often, the incision did not even make that considerably reduces pain and shortens the postoperative healing period.

Another feature is that the lining itself is not placed over the implant, and this, in turn, eliminates the need to open when fixing crowns. To use simple analgesia anesthetics, local effects.

In cases where insufficient bone tissue for implantation of the implant, the firm offers a special artificial material, greatly accelerates the process of build-up. This is usually enough to fix a design without any risk of loosening.

The cost

As already mentioned, the price is the weak point of the company. However many patients are willing to pay a round sum for the security of the procedure, its ease, simplicity, and future ease of use.

If you are wondering how much are dental implants Straumann, it is better to focus on the price in Euro, as the Swiss company provides products in that currency. The usual price range is 240-360 euros. But much will depend on the specific set of elements on which you stop your choice.

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Do not forget that the complete price for dental implant procedure will include not only the cost of individual products, but also the work of the doctor, diagnostic procedures and other therapeutic manipulations that may have to be done before that.

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Out of all the dentist I chose Straumann, because I trust the Swiss as the most. Do not save on health, and the risk of rejection of the material in this case is minimized.


Found this implant five years ago and was satisfied. Feeling a foreign object in your mouth almost immediately disappeared, and some swelling and pain after surgery was not observed. All caught perfectly.


I still think a company to give preference, because the prices are very different. Quality, of course, on their height, but is it worth overpaying? Even the German manufacturers can offer the same product at a lower price.

Further questions

► When you can do a load?

The manufacturer offers two options to choose from. In the first case – the installation of the full design with the crown occurs in a single session. The second method involves two-stage method, as in most situations. At the same time in 3-4 weeks you can move to the second part, assuming a full load on the implant.

► Straumann or Astra Tech – which is better?

Each of these companies has a good reputation and high quality products. What implants to choose, you may want to consult your doctor as it is better to know that from the options is right in your case. When the particular difference is not observed, it is possible to give preference to those products which you like more.