Swelling after implants: how to remove a tumor

Resort to prosthetics can many and as a result sometimes there is swelling after dental implantation. We will provide a photo of such problems and describe how to remove the tumor in simple ways and in what cases one should consult a doctor.

Though this procedure is considered effective and safe, yet adaptive and postoperative period can give a lot of trouble. From fever, severe pain in the affected area until significant visible to outsiders swelling of the jaw or even face. Is it possible to fight and to cope with such symptoms.

Swelling after dental implantation is the norm or not?

Usually within a few hours after surgery there is swelling of the gums. Sometimes it grows with such force that the patient feels as swollen face and lips. The intensity depends on how many implants were viewslos and the individual reactions of the human body.

Be considered acceptable if this happens with a slight increase in the first three days. Doctors say that in the absence of complications on the fourth day the patient should become much easier once the swelling subsides and passes most of the painful and unpleasant feelings.

Only in case of complications can occur further growth of the tumor and then be sure to seek medical attention. If you adhere to the advice of the surgeon, swelling after the implantation is complete for 6-7 days. Not much difference in the healing process on the upper jaw or lower is observed.


What to do in the first days of the postoperative period?

It is very important to adhere to the advice given by the doctor. That your actions in the first hours and days after the procedure can affect the speed of soft tissue healing and will quickly remove any discomfort. How to remove swelling? Do the following:

  • In the first hours need to apply ice to the face in the area where the operation took place. Hold it for 20 minutes and then the same time to give to rest. Then re-attach.
  • There are also special dental pastes, which include those substances that can decrease inflammation and accelerate tissue healing. Treating them the damaged surface it is possible to achieve a rapid effect and to remove the tumor after implantation.
  • It is recommended to sleep this period on a high pillow. Therefore, per night the natural flow of blood will help the gradual reduction of edema and improvement.
  • The food for the first week it is advisable to make some changes. The temperature of the products should be warm but not hot and not cold. Also avoid spicy and hard food. Its consistency should be soft, and even better – liquid.
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Only from your efforts and characteristics of the organism will depend on how long the swelling.

When should I contact the doctor?

The swelling and other postoperative symptoms can be observed for some time and even grow the first days. It is very important to observe edema. So, if on the fourth day he began to subside, and then increases, then it is the first reason for seeking medical attention. It will check for any complications of infection or tissue rejection of the implant.

Other serious reasons to visit the surgeon will:

  • the appearance of redness;
  • bruising, formation of hematoma;
  • temperature rise;
  • the pain persists after the first few days;
  • appeared bloody or purulent discharge from the surgery site.

Any of these indicators may indicate that the healing process went something wrong. In addition, it is heavily influenced by chronic disease patients, the level of the immune system, tissue sensitivity, and so Only a doctor can provide, how long does the swelling is normal, considering all of the individual nuances.

Video: complications of dental implants.

Tips and recommendations for care

The healing period can last up to a month. At this time, doctors advise to follow some simple rules:

  1. After each meal should rinse the mouth with antiseptic solutions.
  2. Joints treated with a special adhesive paste.
  3. Also important care for healthy teeth that are near the site of the operation. Their wipe with a cotton swab dipped in a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide 3%.
  4. Do not forget to handle the rest of the dentition in the normal way.
  5. A few days after surgery you can do a rinse on the basis of a decoction of chamomile or calendula.