Swollen lips: causes, how to remove a tumor

Sometimes the person looking in the mirror he notices that his cheek was swollen. Most often this phenomenon is accompanied by pain, but in some cases it may be absent. The reasons because of which increased in size cheek may be different. In many cases these symptoms are caused by diseases of the teeth, gums or other oral cavity organs. But there are other causes of edema or swelling of the cheeks.

What can cause swelling of the cheeks

Let us examine the question of why, under the influence of some factors, swollen cheek. Any swelling of the cheeks connected with the processes of an inflammatory nature. It is hoped that the inflammation will go away — it can be very serious, even in cases when the tooth does not hurt, but my cheek is swollen. If you run the disease and do not seek medical help in time, the possible adverse effects.

All the causes can be divided into three main groups:

  • illness developed in the mouth;
  • diseases of the organs located in other parts of the body;
  • the result of the dental treatment.

The increase in size of the cheeks under the influence of diseases of the oral cavity

These conditions include pulpitis, periodontal disease, periodontitis, and others. Under the action of pathogenic microorganisms tissue can become inflamed and swell. The occurrence of swelling leads to pain and discomfort in the mouth.

The development of the flux

Odontogenic periostitis, which is also called flux, is an inflammation of the periosteum. The disease can occur as a result of carious destruction of the tooth due to mechanical tissue damage or coverage to the inflammatory process of the gingival pocket. Swelling of the cheek is accompanied by formation of pus in the gums. Gradually the number increases, due to compression of nerve receptors in the surrounding tissues marked to intense throbbing pain.

At the exit of purulent masses out on the gums there is a hole — a fistula. The pressure of pus is reduced and the pain becomes weaker. Treatment of a flux of surgical — incision for removal of pus. Is inserted into the hole of the rubber tube — drainage, prevents clogging of the hole prior to the full release of pus. If untreated, the pus can get into the blood, contributing to the intoxication of an organism products of disintegration of cells and bacteria, spread of infection to other organs with the emergence of new foci of inflammation. In severe cases, may develop blood poisoning — sepsis, represents a mortal threat to health.

The appearance of inflammatory infiltrate

Can accompany diseases such as periodontitis, pulpitis. The inflammatory infiltrate is a compacted mound on the cheek. Usually a few days before the formation of the seal pain is felt in the teeth. In the absence of timely treatment, the formation of cellulitis or abscess.

In the area of inflammatory infiltrate accumulates pus, consisting of dead cells of the tissues. This is a dangerous condition as the infection and purulent elements can spread in the tissue located under the jaw, or rise above, affecting the subcutaneous tissues in the eye area.

There is a risk of transition of the inflammatory process in the brain or the development of sepsis, which can lead to death.

Swelling with periodontitis

In old age some people suffer from periodontal disease — a disease that leads to the omission of the gums and loss of teeth. The disease progresses without pain, but may be accompanied by edema. The tumor from the cheek cannot be eliminated by using a mouthwash. The last, fourth, stage of periodontitis is treated surgically.

Complications caused by teething or a growth of wisdom teeth

Often in the development of wisdom teeth may become inflamed located above the dental crown mucosa. Falling inside the skin folds of food particles are not removed when brushing your teeth and contribute to the growth of microbes, whose activity leads to the inflammation of the tissues. As a result, the cheek may nabuhnut and hurt.

Inflammation of the cheeks also occurs when eating wisdom tooth gets on the mucosa and bites her. This also leads to swelling of the tissues. What to do if you have swollen cheek due to improper development of the eighth tooth — do not delay treatment to the dentist. Sometimes the only way to solve the problem and prevent the recurrence of swelling in the future is the removal of wisdom teeth.

Infectious lesions

When put into tissue infection that leads to inflammation, pain, swollen cheek. In this state, you will undergo a course of treatment with antibiotics and means, relieving inflammation.

Swelling of cheeks as a result of dental treatment

In some cases, the cheek may pripuhnut after dental treatment. Suspect the complication enables the following the signs of the tumor increases in size, increases the intensity of pain, increased body temperature, there is a bursting in the mouth in the place of flow off of the tissues.

Possible causes of complications:

  1. Allergic reaction to components included in the composition of dental fillings. Swelling occurs after a short period of time after filling of the tooth. Manifested by unpleasant sensations due to the fact that swollen gums or cheek. To eliminate the manifestations necessary to replace the seal on the other with hypoallergenic components.
  2. Incomplete removal of the nerve in the treatment of pulpitis. If the channels of the tooth root was left amazed by the inflammation of the particles, the infection spreads to healthy tissue. In the result of swelling of the cheek may swell and swell. In order not to lose a tooth, you should immediately seek help at a treatment facility.
  3. Failure to comply with medical recommendations after tooth extraction. After surgery you must refrain from eating hot solid food, and alcohol. To remedy edema it is recommended to periodically apply to the swollen cheek ice for about 10 minutes.
  4. Allergic reaction to anesthetic used during the removal of the tooth. In addition to tissue edema may experience shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. To restore it required urgent medical care.
  5. A consequence of the cut on the gums, providing the outflow of pus. This procedure often leads to an increase of the tumor, but over time the amount of infiltration is reduced and the cheek takes the usual form.

Sebaceous cyst

When the disease is in the mouth initially, there is a small swollen bump, and after a while the cheek may be very swell. Treatment illness operative.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes

The deployment region of the swelling shifted to the side of his neck. Often lymph nodes become inflamed during colds. Visually and to the touch it is noticeable that the cheek was swollen and the bottom hurts when approaching the surface of the lymph node.


When the tooth does not hurt, but the cheek is swollen, can be suspected benign or malignant tumors. It is necessary to consult a specialist for examination and treatment of the disease.

Pathology of internal organs

Swelling of the cheeks may occur in diseases of the heart, the kidney failure. With lack of effective excretion from the body, it can accumulate in certain parts of the body. Remove the swelling allows the appointment of appropriate treatment. With the improvement of the internal organs swollen cheek takes the usual form. Change the shape of the face can occur when neurological diseases. Sometimes this symptom is accompanied by a sore throat and stuffy ears.

Other causes swelling of the tissues of the cheeks

Such mechanical injuries, as blows in the face, falling and wounds of any items, accompanied by swelling and oedema of tissues. In the absence of bleeding, bone fracture or signs of concussion — dizziness, nausea — gradually the swelling will go away without special treatment.


If very swollen cheek, swelling can be a cool compress of raw potatoes (grated or cut into two halves). You can use ointments to treat bruises. With the increase of swelling should consult with a trauma surgeon.

To swelling can result and hypersensitivity to cosmetics, allergies to foods, household chemicals or medicines. Often it causes bee or wasp poison, insects injected in the bite. To determine what caused an allergic reaction, allows the corresponding blood test. To eliminate puffiness given oral medication.

Diagnosis and treatment

What should I do if my swollen cheek — be sure to check the condition, go see physicians. Since most often this symptom is observed in diseases of the teeth, visit the dentist. If you suspect inflammation in the gums and teeth to figure out why the swelling and sore cheek, to determine the condition of the tissues will allow radiographic examination of the oral cavity. If necessary you will need to consult other specialists: therapist, surgeon, neurologist.

  • To remove the inflammatory process is the reception Nimesil or other anti-inflammatory drug.
  • Clean pain help Ibuprofen, Ketorol.
  • To eliminate Allergy symptoms by using Suprastin, Diazolin or Aerius.
  • To prevent the spread of infection to other organs used antibiotics such as Lincomycin, Amoxiclav. Good effect of mouthwash Miramistin or Chlorhexidine.
  • To remove swelling and accelerate tissue healing is capable of healing gels: Metrodent, Caffeine.

Recipes of traditional medicine

If edema appeared later in the evening and to go to the doctor immediately is not possible, useful knowledge about how to remove the swelling of the cheeks means, prepared according to popular recipes. Further their application it is necessary to consult with your doctor. It is especially important to follow this rule for pregnant women, to eliminate the risk of harmful effects on the health of the child.

There are many healthful solutions, you should rinse your mouth if cheek or gums swollen:

  1. Infusion of nettle, sage, oak bark and sweet flag. For brewing the funds used an equal amount of each ingredient, for example 1 teaspoon to 250 ml of boiling water. After adding boiling water you should leave the mixture for 2 hours to draw.
  2. A decoction of chamomile (2 tbsp per Cup of water, boil for 2 minutes) with a few drops of iodine.
  3. Garlic infusion. Three minced cloves of garlic pour 250 ml of boiling water. You can start the procedure immediately after the cooling means.
  4. A solution of baking soda and salt. To a glass of warm water taken 1 tsp. of each ingredient. If you want you can also add a few drops of tea tree oil.

You can also use healing packs. They used the propolis tincture, a mixture of oils of sea buckthorn and tea tree, Kalanchoe juice, herbal tea or club soda.

A cotton swab or disc is wetted in the prepared medium and applied to the gums and the inner surface of the cheek for 20-30 minutes. A good effect will give a compress of pulp of aloe Vera or mashed in the form of pellets of a piece of propolis. All tools used should be at room temperature. Hot compresses help to spread the infection of cold fluids can worsen the condition.

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