Swollen tongue causes and treatment: what to do

Swelling of the tongue is a very rare occurrence that requires immediate action. After all, just because these processes do not occur.

Possible causes of edema

Of all varieties of diseases similar situation can cause:

  • inflammation;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • infectious processes (scarlet fever);
  • allergic reactions of immediate type;
  • diseases of the oral cavity;
  • violations of hormonal and General metabolism;
  • pituitary disorders;
  • down syndrome;
  • an insect bite.

In addition to diseases can be the reason of domestic trauma in the form of chemical or thermal burn, bite or injury, a failed puncture (piercing).

Most health hazards are cancer, which may manifest as swelling. If you fail to identify the cause of an allergic nature are excluded, you must send a patient for consultation and inspection to the oncologist.

Symptoms that accompany the swelling of the language in a variety of diseases

Factors can be varied. Based on history and a full examination of the patient, an experienced doctor can determine the true cause and prescribe appropriate treatment.


Inflammation of the tongue, which is accompanied by increase in the size and smoothing of its papillae. With the defeat of the body is disturbed sense of taste, and loss of sensitivity to temperature.

The factors triggering glossitis:

  1. allergic reaction to toothpaste, medicine or food;
  2. dryness of the membranes of the oral cavity;
  3. infection;
  4. permanent injury from breketov or broken teeth;
  5. lack of b vitamins and iron in the body;
  6. skin diseases;
  7. tobacco and alcohol;
  8. welcome ganglioblokatorov.

Glossitis can be a separate disease or a manifestation of the other. Symptoms of glossitis may wear diverse nature depending on the triggering factor and the stage of development.

The main pravleniya:

  • itching, burning, increased sensitivity;
  • swollen tongue;
  • color change;
  • smoothing of papillary pattern;
  • difficulty swallowing and chewing, may be a violation of speech.

Can be acute and to buy chronic.

Is diagnosed based on oral examination. If you suspect is the underlying disease, appointed the necessary studies to confirm the diagnosis.

Swelling of the tongue regardless of the reasons requires immediate assistance, the treatment involves oral hygiene and specific treatment. You should avoid eating hot and cold, seasoning and salt. When the presence of harmful habits to exclude them to reduce trauma and irritation of the tongue.

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When reasons for to reduce swelling, use treatment appropriate to the amazing factor. It may be an antiviral, antibacterial or antifungal therapy.
With the full treatment the prognosis is favorable. Process stoped, and the tongue returns to its original state, with restoration of all functions in full.
The swelling can cause the following complications: respiratory failure, nutrition and speech.

Trauma and piercing

Why if there is a high burn temperature or chemical swollen tongue. Collapses the upper layer of the epidermis, forming an open wound, considering that the microbial colonization of the oral cavity more tightly than in other parts of the body, it starts with a quick infection, the organism is enabled to protection. To enhance the fight against infection and accelerate the regeneration there is a rush of blood to the affected organ, swollen tongue.

When mechanical injury (bite or puncture) manifestations similar to burn. Assistance in this case is in the handling of language antiseptics and personal hygiene. Food should be gentle and the temperature of the used dishes and composition. To exclude sharp and salty products, and also seasonings.

What to do to promote healing. At home you can use the wisdom of the grandmothers. Rinse the tongue with the decoction of herbs that have healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Decoction of chamomile, eucalyptus, sage, marigold and many other plants that have the desired properties, should produce before rinsing. Store no more than days.

Swelling of the tongue after piercing. Therefore, you should pay attention to the healing time after the piercing. It’s about 5 days to reduce swelling and after 2 weeks, complete healing of the wound. When abscess should immediately contact the doctor.

Important. Of particular danger are inflammatory processes in the head area, possibly fulminant inflammation of the brain and death.

Allergic reaction

If a swollen tongue is often a reason for allergic reaction. With little clinical picture is accompanied by itching, hives, diarrhea of various types. If anaphylactic shock occurs failure of air, edema of the larynx, bruising of nasolabial triangle and fingers, loss of consciousness. We must act quickly, otherwise it may be fatal. Less pronounced symptoms is not an indication of refusal of a medical emergency.

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In violation of humoral background, in particular the decrease of secretion of thyroid hormones, there is a gradual increase in body and smoothing of its relief. Self-treatment is not provided. Prescribed hormonal drugs under the regular control of blood parameters. Within six months, the body begins to normalize, which is reflected in the language, he returns to normal, gaining the mobility and the source size.

Symptoms when hypothyroidism:

  • the decline of vital energy, the patient feels tired even after sleeping;
  • appears and increases depression;
  • the hair begins to thin;
  • in women there is a failure in the sexual sphere (menstrual cycle).

Come across these symptoms of a doctor for correct diagnosis.


A disease caused by a tumor localized in the pituitary gland. Highlighted is the increased amount of growth hormones in adulthood this leads to uvelicheniyu size of the nose, ears, nainet to swell tongue. Need serious therapy when observing specialists. Intractable condition.


In this disease the body as a reflection of the overall process, all the treatment directed to the restoration and maintenance of the whole organism.

An insect bite

Reaction to an insect sting are expressed to different degrees depending on individual circumstances. There may be a strong swelling or develop allergic reactions up to anaphylaxis.

What to do if after an insect bite swollen tongue. You should apply cold to the bite, which will reduce the absorption of toxin into the blood and to take antihistamines available in the home medicine Cabinet. This should be done before the arrival of the ambulance.


Manifested in the form of violation of integrity (small ulcers), redness and minor swelling. You should treat the primary disease, and tumor of the tongue will go away on its own. Can be treated with folk remedies: the use of aseptic drugs and herbs and specific gels and ointments for sores.

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The infectious nature


Regardless of the primary language is infected with or is a manifestation of a General infection (scarlet fever) are necessary antibiotics. The highest activity have drugs that are specific to bacteria. The danger of scarlet fever is the similarity with angina, but it is possible sudden appearance of swelling of the larynx can cause suffocation. Preparations for local treatment are the same that are used in angina.


Is accompanied by the process of swelling not only of language but also of the throat. The treatment process aims at eliminating symptoms. No need to guess what to do. If the reaction occurred quickly, it is most likely allergies. You should waste no time to call the ambulance and before the arrival of the brigade to monitor the patient’s condition. Possibly give the person an antihistamine, provide access to air (open a window, unbutton constraining clothes). Panic condition is not valid, you should reassure the patient and calm yourselves. This will reduce the symptoms of breathlessness.

Self-treatment edema of the tongue valid only in the case of minor injuries or allergies. In other situations need a competent skilled assistance. Once you found an increase or swelling of the tongue, you should contact the clinic or hospital at the place of residence.