Swollen upper lip: causes of inflammation and what to do

If one morning you Wake up and see that you have a swollen and sore upper lip or some of its individual area, is an occasion to reflect. This reaction tells about certain health problems or reaction to the allergen. Find out the reasons you need, but first you need to bring their appearance in order with the help of improvised means.

What is swelling of the lips

An unusual condition of the tissues of the lips occurs as a result of any inflammatory process or excessive accumulation of fluid in this area. Swelling may be uniform, sometimes it only applies to the upper or lower portion. Another option — it occurs only in Central or lateral parts, in the corners of the mouth.

Additional symptoms

Often inflammation of the lips accompanied by other symptoms, among them are the following:

  1. The appearance of ulcers, abscesses, blisters;
  2. The color change at the site of inflammation or around the lips as in halite;
  3. Cracked skin;
  4. The rise in temperature with fever, chills;
  5. The appearance of the nasal discharge in significant quantities;
  6. Itching of the mucous membranes, the skin around the eyes;
  7. The deterioration of General condition, fatigue, apathy, feeling of weakness.

Why do I get the swelling

When the lip suddenly appears swelling, the question arises, what it can be. Clearly understand the reasons for such a state is difficult, as they are quite different according to the localization of the edema. Sometimes it is clear and objective circumstances, but it happens that this phenomenon is only a signal of more serious health problems.

The most probable root cause

To begin with, which, most likely, the lip is capable of swelling in a short time:

  • The lack of adequate oral hygiene;
  • Such diseases as stomatitis or cold sores;
  • Various viral infectious diseases;
  • Reaction to food, animal dander, medications, household chemicals and other allergens;
  • Venereal disease;
  • Harmful habits, such as constant biting of the lip;
  • Inflammation resulting from cracks, sores at the mouth, provoking it can also boil, a pimple on the face;
  • Thrush, is a violation of the intimate microflora in women;
  • Dental problems — periodontitis, dental abscess, periodontitis, and others;
  • The effects of plastic surgery.

Other possible sources of the problem

If nothing from the above list does not answer the question, why swollen upper lip, or her the other part, perhaps, is the following:

  1. Reaction to the drafts, hypothermia;
  2. Frostbite;
  3. Poor-quality decorative cosmetics — lipstick, care of lip balm;
  4. Effects of dental interventions;
  5. Animal bites, insect;
  6. Damage to the soft tissues of the jaw when using dental floss, toothpicks;
  7. Piercings, tattoos, done in the lips;
  8. Burns — thermal, chemical;
  9. Injury to tissues during a meal;
  10. Other injuries to the facial area — as a result of the fall, impact;
  11. Reaction to teething.
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If you have a swollen lip, first consider what you ate, drank lately, began to use the new cosmetics, personal care products. In any case, it is recommended to seek professional help, a specialist will certainly determine the source of the problem and give useful recommendations.

How to quickly help yourself

So, inflamed lip by a huge number of reasons why and ways self-help is necessary to disassemble on an individual basis. If you find out the reasons for this are unable to, it will make a qualified doctor. And while to get an appointment is not possible, try to ease their own condition.

The first advice on what to do if you have swollen lip — make a cold compress, applying it to the area of inflammation for 10-15 minutes.

Another method known in the home for a long time — applying tea bag is placed briefly in boiling water, then cooled and pressed lightly to keep it warm.

No less well to reduce the swelling on the lips due to aloe juice. If you have such a house plant, just have to cut one of the sheets, cut it in half lengthwise and attach the inner part to the inflamed spot, or make from the pulp slurry and apply as a poultice. This will reduce inflammation, soreness and puffiness, and moisturize the skin.

Remove the tumor improvised methods

To the inflamed area of the lips came in the original state, you need to understand why this change happened. To make the analysis of the situation is not so difficult, especially if before this was preceded by a specific event, for example, injury of the face.

What to do in case of injury

Swelling of the lips after a fall or impact on a hard surface — a natural and inevitable consequence. Importantly, the infection got inside and there was no suppuration. Therefore, follow these recommendations:

  • For removing the swelling that occurs in this case very quickly, you will need a compress, hot or cold. At the same time avoid directly to the area with the injured tissue, apply a little bit deviate from them;
  • If the outside or on the mucous membrane of the lips there is a violation of the integrity of the fabric, treat it with hydrogen peroxide or any other healing tool. Good sea buckthorn, olive oil, lanolin from pharmacy drugs — ointment aktovegin, Solkoseril, and Chlorhexidine, Miramistin;
  • In case of significant injury when not only swollen lip, but change the outline, be sure to contact a specialist.
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Allergic reaction

Even if you do not suffer from seasonal allergies, this response may appear quite suddenly under the influence of stimuli. Among them are household chemicals, cosmetics, some food products, flowers, pet hair.

While pripuhnut lip might rather be due to local exposure and not by inhalation. Therefore, a more probable cause — cosmetics and food. And additional symptoms pointing to the Allergy, is flaking and dryness of the lips, swelling of tissues, accompanied by slight numbness and redness.

Often there is such a reaction to the anesthesia, apparently it will be noticeable somewhere in a half hour, so a specialist can properly assess the situation.

If the swelling appeared the next day, however, the lip as if it draws and you constantly feel this state and the place where the shot was given, aches in the body developing an infection. Urgently ask for help, if additionally there are dizziness, nausea, chills, and the swelling was hard and hot.

Swelling due to herpes

Sometimes inflamed lip can with some frequency, suggesting adolecente this disease. Appears swelling, tenderness, tissue, against this background, bubbles with a translucent liquid inside. The main condition is not to affect these mechanical education, and use for the treatment of special funds.

Take advantage of the preparations Traumeel s, Zovirax, Acyclovir, the sooner they are applied the faster will be able to recover. They contain components that act specifically on the virus of herpes, relieve pain and promote rapid healing. Important condition is to undergo treatment from beginning to end, even if the external signs of the disease would not be seen.


If the signs of herpes begin to wane in the first few days, most likely, the cause of edema in something else. Then immediately contact the specialist for help.

If you bit my lip

Seemingly simple situation — accidentally injured his lip during a meal or other business. Most likely, you did not pay much attention to this fact, and after I saw the result in the mirror. This usually applies to the lower lip, and the mechanism is the same — because of the violation of the integrity of the tissues there is a danger of infection and to complications.

In the injured region may accumulate some fluid, pus, other secretions, this shows has a progressive inflammatory process. And in order to avoid such developments, enough time to treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide and then apply there a solution of iodine. And don’t forget to drink lots of water to hydrate and saturation of the mucosa.

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Swelling of the lips, on the inner side

Mucosa may swell due to dental disease — gingivitis, stomatitis, periodontitis. At the same ill feel General deterioration, delay threatens the transition of infection from the oral cavity into the body.

To arise such as can failure to observe basic rules of personal hygiene of the mouth, poorly performed procedures in the dental office, for example, after setting the braces and causing injury. It is not necessary to self-medicate, it is not known how far he had to spread infection, so contact your dentist, physician.

Swollen lip in child

In infancy swelling occurs for many reasons, for example, improper attachment to the breast, which the mouth blister. Often found in babies and thrush, so parents need to carefully monitor the condition of the oral cavity of the child and in time to see a dentist. They are also often receiving essential injury in the fall, when they begin to walk and to comprehend the world. The difficulty lies in the fact that the majority of funds in this case cannot be used against the children, the pediatrician needs to prescribe special medication.

At an early age, the body still does not have a strong immune system, so allergies and infections of various types. The task of parents — to react to the condition of his child and deal with prevention.

Preventive measures

Any swelling in the upper lip or a particular region says some problems in the body. To avoid this, you need to follow along:

  1. Drink plenty of fluids;
  2. Don’t get too distracted by the sun in summer;
  3. To take care of a balanced diet;
  4. To avoid unnecessary stress, which negatively affects the immune force;
  5. Carefully choose a dentist and a beautician;
  6. In the predisposition to allergies to take the necessary preparations to consult with an allergist;
  7. To take care of lips in winter follow the composition used lipsticks, glosses, and balms.