System for teeth whitening Global White: features, reviews

The most popular service in terms of aesthetic dentistry today is whitening of the enamel. We describe one system for teeth whitening Global White. It has its own characteristics for the application, ample customer reviews, and certain advantages over the other options.

This set of different tools designed for home use and many customers like it much more than any office procedure. After all, to achieve the desired effect don’t need to visit a doctor, pay for an expensive service and spend a lot of time.

Description of the system of teeth whitening Global White

Manufacturers thought out a pretty effective set of tools, which gently lightens the enamel. The result is no worse than professional in-office treatments, and you can use them at home in a comfortable setting, or even on the go.

The paste composition and other means of system for teeth whitening Global White (read as global white) helps to achieve a beautiful smile and healthier dentition in General. A sparing amount of peroxide lightens the enamel surface in 4 tones with regular use, and the remaining components contribute to the restoration of the tooth structure, remineralizing, nutrition vitamins and other beneficial effects.

With an integrated approach can be achieved a number of excellent results:

  • keep the teeth clean;
  • to have a lighter shade of the enamel without plaque;
  • to prevent the appearance of dental diseases;
  • to normalize the microflora of the oral cavity;
  • freshen breath;
  • to sate with useful microcells, restoring the tooth structure.

The following steps for proper care of your mouth:

  1. Remineralization as the preparatory part. In this case, the tissues are saturated with nutrients, strengthening them and creating a protective layer by sealing the enamel.
  2. Immediate whitening, which actively removes plaque, Tartar and spots. Depending on the natural shade of teeth, as well as the complexity of the formations the effect could be different. Usually it is 3-5 tones per week for the course of the application of the selected funds.
  3. The preservation of achieved results. The most important is not so much a period of whitening, but how long you get to keep a bleaching effect. And the more regularly you will use the tools available, for example, pastes and mouthwashes, the longer you will be able to enjoy a white smile.

Complex bleaches

To achieve the promised effect, it is necessary to use the whole Toolkit. Manufacturers offer the following devices:

  1. Microsite.
  2. Toothpaste.
  3. Rinse.
  4. The whitening gel.
  5. Foam.
  6. Pencil.


It is designed for maximum ease of use, and the bristles are positioned to obtain the best cleansing the mouth after meals.

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They can reach even hard to reach places, which makes daily hygiene practices are sufficient to maintain the desired result.

Toothpaste Global White

Provided in several versions, which differ slightly depending on their directions. The main components are:

  • lemon extract helps to create a pleasant smell from the mouth and improves the condition of the gums;
  • potassium pyrophosphate is effective against Tartar and plaque;
  • xylitol acts as a reliable protection against caries by stopping the growth of pathogenic bacteria;
  • the abrasives in the composition have a different value that gives you the opportunity to literally Polish the surface to Shine.

In addition to a whitening toothpaste with abrasives, there is still vitamin and herbal. They are supplemented with vitamin complexes or herbal extracts, respectively. And the toothpaste for sensitive teeth helps to maintain a healthy structure of the enamel due to the low concentrations of active substances.


This tool was invented for the oral cavity to permanently maintain it in a healthy and clean condition. If you use it every time after a meal, then leftovers will be removed from the interdental spaces, and the whitening effect will last much longer. Part of this means are:

  • active oxygen which gently affects the plaque and cleans the enamel from the pigment;
  • magnesium sulfate, which restores the mineral composition of the tissue, contributing to its healthy state;
  • sodium fluoride removes plaque.

The tool is sufficient to rinse your mouth for 15 seconds after meals or at least twice a day.

In addition to the mouthwash with whitening effect, manufacturers have created a refreshing (herbal), restorative, tonic and antibacterial variation. Also you can decide whether you need additional fluoride in the composition or not.


This is not a required component of the system, but it is much easier to keep clean teeth, especially on the road or other uncomfortable situations. Enough to squeeze out the product on your fingers, distribute it over the surface of the teeth, and after 30 seconds, spit.

Thus, even without a brush and water you can keep your mouth clean and fresh. Options foam can be different not only in taste, but with different effect – refreshing, firming and with improved mineral composition.

Whitening gel

It is the most basic tool in the kit is sent to the whitening surface of the teeth. It is applied on the enamel, at this time forms a thin film and under it is an active action on the splitting of age spots and eliminate plaque. In the gel includes:

  • potassium nitrate, which aims to decrease the resulting sensitivity of the enamel;
  • minerals to replenish the natural composition of dental tissue;
  • and the hydrogen peroxide in a concentration of 3 or 6%, which gives the smile a light tone.
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The more often you use it, the faster it will achieve the desired result. In addition to whitening, the gel may be affected as the vitamins for power or teeth to be with a high mineral content to strengthen them.


It is an Express tool for quick effect «on the fly». It only needs to be applied to the surface of the tooth and hold it for 5-7 minutes. Next, you need only rinse the oral cavity and white smile is guaranteed. This remedy is for people who can never allocate enough time to complete the whitening procedure. It also helps to lighten the enamel for those who suffer from sensitive teeth due to a more gentle composition.

Provided that you can buy as a whole set of the above agents for a full regular care of teeth and oral cavity, and individual components that you like the best. Remember that an integrated approach will always be most effective and give quick result.

The pros and cons

The systematic use of the Global set White you can discover the main advantages:

  • complete disappearance of Tartar;
  • to reduce the sensitivity of the enamel, if it was before;
  • the absence of unpleasant smell from the mouth;
  • prevention of caries and other dental diseases units;
  • the whitening effect enamel comparable to the results from professional treatments;
  • the normalization of microflora of the oral cavity;
  • remineralization of tooth tissues, which leads to their stronger and more healthy condition;
  • ease of use, the ability to avoid visiting the dentist’s office;
  • comprehensive approach;
  • lower the price of the kit compared to the expensive bleaching services.

But without the disadvantages of not done:

  • The duration of the result is not the same as after laser whitening, for example. But this effect will remain better if to apply this system on a regular basis.
  • In case of careless application of the bleaching gel can damage the mucosa.

Considering all the pros and cons, it turns out that the system of Global White is quite simple, easy to use, affordable and has a certain degree of effectiveness. As for the drawbacks, they are present in each of the options for teeth whitening and in this case very few of them.

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How to carry out the procedure?

To achieve maximum whitening effect, must adhere to the following recommendations for the procedure:

  1. Read the user manual of each tool in the set.
  2. Thoroughly clean the oral cavity using a tooth brush and paste, or foam.
  3. For convenience, it is desirable to set the retractor (included), which will help to keep your mouth open the entire procedure.
  4. Apply the whitening gel to the teeth, gently and evenly distributing it across the enamel, being careful not to hurt the gums. Keep it on the teeth for 5-7 minutes.
  5. After this step, wash off with warm water. It is important not to swallow the gel!

A similar procedure for a gradual whitening effect is enough to be done within one week. In addition to the gel, there is also a pencil, which has a similar effect. But it can not wash off and keep on the teeth only five minutes. A set of foams and a pencil is considered easier to use than a brush, paste and gel. It all depends on your preferences and free time.

For long-consolidate the whitening effect recommend daily use of a toothpaste and brush from the kit, and rinse the mouth.

Video: homemade teeth whitening Global White.



Sometimes resorted to professional whitening but I was not satisfied with tooth sensitivity after the procedure. Having tried the system of Global White, I was able to achieve the same effect by lightening the enamel, but teeth health is maintained.


First, when the system of Global White, did not believe that at home it is possible to achieve the promised result. At first tried only the whitening gel. And I liked the effect. Within a week the smile was visibly brighter and lighter. Now going to purchase the whole set, in order to fully care for your teeth.


Having tried various homemade ways to whiten enamel, brought her condition to a sharp reaction to hot and cold. Buying remineralizing toothpaste and mouthwash from Global White, managed to restore dental health.