Tablets from dental pain: effective pain

If you’ve tried to relieve this discomfort, but nothing helps, it’s time to take the pill for a toothache. This is an emergency measure when there is no opportunity immediately to consult a specialist for treatment. In his choice and accept the dosage should be careful, and best of all have funds for a toothache in your home medicine Cabinet.

When you need a «magic pill»

It is important to remember that a strong pain reliever for toothache is always a significant anesthetic effect. But contraindications are often impressive such drugs, so when choosing tools it is important to consider many factors — the intensity of the sensation, individual tolerance, sensitivity to components and others.

Tablet may be needed in the following problems, and dental diseases:

  • Pulpitis;
  • Periodontitis — acute or acute;
  • Caries of the middle and especially deep;
  • The sensitivity of the enamel;
  • Injury with damage to the periodontal ligament, formation of cracks etc.;
  • Sinusitis.

In all cases, the patient will need rapid assistance and quality treatment, but remedies for toothache are also needed and are often part of the treatment plan.

If the pain returns

To anesthetize the tooth for some time required at least once in life every person, for example, after the removal of the indigenous molar. But when unpleasant feeling comes up again and again, this is something to ponder. So refer to dental disease in more detail, relapses can occur:

Osteomyelitis. This is a dangerous inflammation of the jawbone, a treatment which cannot be postponed.
Caries in the deep form. At this stage of development of the disease the pain occurs from virtually all stimuli — mechanical, chemical, temperature.
Pulpitis. When inflammation of the pulp or nerve do you need a strong pain reliever for a toothache, as it is the most sensitive part of any molar.
Periodontitis. Surrounding the root become inflamed soft tissue, among the side effects often observed suppurative fistulas.
Periostitis. This is a disease in which suffers periosteum — it gets inflamed when periodontitis remains untreated.


Even depending on the intensity of sensations you can already tell, at what stage is the disease. If you are not particularly concerned, it is better to wait until a doctor than to treat a medical emergency methods.

Thinning enamel

This coating although durable, due to some circumstances, for example, due to excessive use of toothpaste abrasive can be considerably thin. Therefore, the teeth become very sensitive, this causes significant discomfort. To remove the state help intensive rinsing.


This is already the inflammatory process is of a pulsating nature, which can lead to even loosening of the teeth. In the initial stages anti-inflammatory rinse is required, then an appointment, otherwise there is a risk of losing some molars.


Located in the pulp nerves, and lymphatic vessels, so when it is inflammation of the patient is prolonged and fairly intense pain. If they started to give in the jaw or temple, it is better to think about how to quickly remove this condition to the doctor.

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This state appears when the long overlooked caries, or pulpitis. To understand that periodontitis is easily growing pains with a clear localization. When pressed, during a meal it can significantly worsen, become intolerable. There are several options of treatment is the use of tablets, gels, injections, as a complement to national funds. Last resort — delete, but a timely appeal to a qualified doctor will relieve you from this unpleasant outcome.

Drugs for adults

Important clarification — pain pills for toothache because of the possible side effects should be taken strictly according to age, i.e., children with strong drugs is strictly prohibited. Refer to most popular tablets for adults.


Well relieves inflammation and pain due to the codeine in the composition, is recommended for periodontitis, periodontitis, pulpitis. The same efficient tablets for a toothache — Ibuprofen, Solpaflex, Prefinal and several others.


This is the best remedy for pulpitis and periodontitis in the acute stage. It will help you quickly and efficiently, in parallel, there is an anti-inflammatory effect.


This is the perfect cure for toothache in the acute stage, particularly with pulpitis, periodontitis. It starts to act within half an hour after taking, a new tablet you can have only six hours after the previous one. In any case, often it cannot be done, no lengthy courses of treatment shouldn’t be.


It is remedy for toothache has a long anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects in the form of tablets or injections. When it is necessary to take it carefully, exactly according to instructions. There are a number of contraindications, such as asthma, ulcers, pregnancy.


This analgesic — effective available remedy for toothache, which is present for Pain, it is also an antipyretic like Spasmalgon or Trigun. Like all powerful drugs, there are clear restrictions on the pill at a time and during the day.


Toothache helps efficiently and this tool is recommended when pulpitis, periodontitis and other oral diseases.

Products based on sodium metamizol

If you need a pill for a toothache, the list goes on for a long time, but there are a group of drugs that is of particular concern. They may help, but safety plays a huge role and to ignore this factor impossible. We are talking about a component such as Metamizole sodium, which is the basis of all known cold sores.

The problem is that this substance is capable of causing agranulocytosis, is a serious disease that changes the blood composition strongly weaken the immune system. In most developed countries Analginum have not produced and not sold, unfortunately, at us it is freely available and sufficient budget. While today there are much more effective painkillers for toothache.

It is impossible to make funds on the basis of metamizol sodium during pregnancy and lactation, people suffering from blood diseases, alcoholism, hepatic, renal failure. Other similar tablets, which should be treated very carefully, it’s Spazmalgon, Tempalgin, Pentalgin-N, Took.

Help in various types of pain

Today against pain produced so many preparations that need to be good at them. For example, if it is too much trouble does not deliver, and ahead of a full day of work, just drink a pill of Aspirin or Paracetamol. It operates for about three hours, and while it is possible to sign up for appointment with a specialist.

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Well, if you soon go on a business trip, and you are ready to climb the wall, have to resort to the Morphine or the Morphine. However, these drugs are made on the basis of the opiate, that is require a prescription from the doctor, but the effect is really strong.

Aching pain shot through reception But-shpy, Papaverine, but together with the cold sores creates the opportunity for the patient to sleep. Although, as already mentioned, the frequent use of Dipyrone is highly undesirable, before applying you need to make sure that you have no contraindications.

With shooting pain coping Nise, Ketanov, Actualid, Ibuklin. The last good drug that has few side effects and is not contraindicated for children. Thus the main condition — not to abuse the dosage, observe it clearly in accordance with the instructions.

Drugs for children

To soothe a toothache in a child is very important as kids are always sharper survive any such feelings and need support. But, on the other hand, all the above-mentioned strong drugs they can not drink, not designed for a yet immature immune system. Therefore, taken into account the tools that really help, but do it delicately.

Follow the quality of the oral health of your child, inflammation and to prevent need regular rinsing. This may be a solution of salt, baking soda, sage tea.

It so happens that saves from the pain of ordinary floss — when the complaint from the child carefully read the mouth, it might be stuck in the teeth foreign objects. Just carefully remove what was the cause of the pain, and they will disappear quickly.

Another likely cause of pain is the eruption of new molars. Tools such as Kalgel, Benzocaine, Vanilla is a great options than to numb the gums for this period. Also note if there are any new carious manifestations for the last time. Urgent can take Nurofen syrup Panadol, Efferalgan.

Drugs during pregnancy

During this period, tablets from toothache and fast and very effective not suitable, virtually any drugs during this period it is necessary to drink very carefully and after consultation with a specialist. The most secure that helps with dental pain, Paracetamol. He does not possess a pronounced analgesic effect that is shown when not too strong feelings, plus significant anti — inflammatory effect.

To treat tooth pain during pregnancy can also of the following medications:

  • Papaverine;
  • Drotaverine;
  • No-Spa;
  • Riabal.

In the first trimester is allowed, but with great care remedy that can quickly relieve a toothache is Grippostad containing paracetamol, caffeine, ascorbic acid.

Nurofen and Ibuprofen can also be taken, but if other methods are not able to relieve the condition of the pregnant woman. And in the second trimester in a hopeless situation can be a one-time drink from a toothache, caution.

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«Freezing» drugs

Sometimes for those who are tormented by toothache, pills is highly undesirable, so a good solution for them will be a special agent with the effect of freezing. Are gels that rapidly relieve pain, and most importantly, they have virtually no contraindications.

For example, the Killers is a versatile drug that will help even for tooth, cutting the child, because it is always a painful process. And Metrogyl Denta useful with periodontitis, stomatitis, periodontitis, pain of teeth, inflammatory processes.

The drug Kamistad also has no age restrictions, it is composed of hydrochloride lidocaine. However, there are contraindications for use by pregnant or nursing, those who suffer from hypertension, kidney, liver failure.

Say dentists

The first thing you need to understand to cure a toothache, it is important to understand its cause. It is best to consult to see a specialist, but if this is not possible, take the medication carefully and follow a few important rules:

  1. The heated portion of the patient is contraindicated. Best option — on the contrary cooling with ice cubes in it, it will reduce the intensity of blood flow to the tooth;
  2. Best mouthwash for teeth, namely, a solution of soda, to pour it with boiling water to reach a good result;
  3. Try during the day to lie down, so blood flow will be less intense in the jaw area and the pain is not as intense.

Popular recipes

If you have not yet decided how to relieve toothache most effective, but safe, look at the folk wisdom. Perhaps these recipes will not help with the discomfort, but it is good for, if they are weak to moderate intensity:

  • A decoction of sage. What pills for toothache to drink, better say expert, but a simple rinse is not contraindicated anyone. For cooking come from the dry leaves of the plant, brewed with boiling water, infuse for about 10 minutes. Must carry out the procedure every 5 minutes until the complete cessation of pain. Prerequisite — the broth should be warm;
  • A decoction of spruce/pine. Need one small branch is based on 1 liter of water. Such toothache medication you need to use as often as you see fit, till the symptoms vanish;
  • Shilajit. If you have in your mouth is a cavity, it is always very frustrating, especially with a deep shape when the best tablets for a toothache struggling to cope. But there are several options to solve — take a bite of the mummy and lay in the cavity, helps with a cotton swab dipped in strong black tea.