Tartar how to clean at home

If you have plaque, how to remove at home from this frequent phenomenon? With regular visits to the dental office you are probably aware of the fact that the plaque should be removed. But if I told the dentist that to solve this question it is possible independently, without resorting to expensive treatments? Remove Tartar at home is not as difficult sufficient to learn a few rules of effective hygiene.

What is calculus

Plaque consists of food debris that have not been deleted, mineral salts, mucus, bacteria and epithelial cells. All this settles on the surface of teeth, over time, becomes thicker and darkens and can lead to tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis, diseases of the oral mucosa. Often the treatment of several dental diseases can not do without a professional cleaning, but not necessarily to bring the situation to the extreme. Start to monitor the condition of the teeth and to make regular preventive maintenance.

There are two types of deposits — supragingival and subgingival, the difference being that the latter is not visible to the naked eye and, therefore, is not removed with dental tools. This complicates the treatment, there is a need to cut the gums, with the rest of the cases can be fought on their own.

Why formation of Tartar

The main prerequisite for the formation of hard plaque — unsystematic and ineffective personal oral hygiene, provoking the abuse of its products, some habits. Removing Tartar is difficult when:

  • Used the wrong toothbrush — it should be of medium hardness, compact enough to access all molars;
  • Hygiene is at least 2 times a day, ideally cleansing should do after each meal;
  • Movement during cleaning irregular, chaotic;
  • Procedure time less than 2 minutes;
  • There is one of bad habits — Smoking, frequent alcohol consumption, coffee, soda, sweet, fatty foods.


How to understand that it is the stone teeth, because the enamel is found of different colors? There are a number of symptoms pointing to it:

  • Bleeding gums after brushing;
  • The color change of the gums from too bright red to bluish;
  • Inflammatory process, manifested in pain, itching in the gums;
  • Bad breath.

If you found one or several of these symptoms, then immediate treatment is necessary. Consult with a specialist, how is running situation, because removing the stone with a teeth at home, it is important to understand how plaque is solid and if still professional help.

When can I remove Tartar at home

It is important to understand that running form plaque, which is fully mineralized, it will not work. If dental deposits have a loose structure, softening it is not so difficult if you know the ways. And here are a few points you need to stipulate to get rid of plaque at home:

  1. Some begin to be zealous in the application of acidic and alkaline effect on the problem than can cause injury to enamel and subsequent decay of molars
  2. Attempts to use special scrapers, operated by professionals, can have a serious damage;
  3. The same considerations do not try to remove Tartar at home due to his split, strong mechanical impact leads to damage;
  4. It is unacceptable to allow cleaning of Tartar under the gum, such manipulations are carried out exclusively by specialists. Otherwise there is a risk of infection and to inflammatory process, affecting not only the gums, but the roots of the connective tissue and even the jawbone.
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Principles of good hygiene

Before talking about how to remove Tartar at home, you need to stress the importance of respecting the rules of hygiene of the oral cavity. Otherwise, the situation will be repeated, as plaque is formed continuously, it is a natural process.

How to choose the right toothpaste

The first thing that draws attention — a special tool must have a dense texture, abrasive particles, good foam. The importance is not only something to brush your teeth from the stone, but how to do it:

  1. Pastes are used at the courses. When two-a-day use you need to treat for two weeks, then break for 14-18 days;
  2. Toothbrush should be soft. To the cleaning effect was sufficient need a fairly stiff bristles;
  3. Important rule — the index of the RDA can not be lower than 120, the index of abrasion affecting the final result;
  4. Use two different pastes to great effect. For example, once a day, use a calcium-containing composition, the other skin whitening effect toothpaste with fluoride and silver. The fluorine and fluoride should not exceed from 0.1% to 0.6% in the composition, otherwise it is toxic to the body;
  5. Don’t forget the tooth powder. Complete the course that will be used once a week this product.

If you have already chosen pasta and know how to clean off hard plaque, include in the list of tools antimicrobial, cleansing rinses, dental floss.

What kind of toothbrush to use

If the patient has a tendency to an increased formation of stone to effectively clean the teeth, it is proposed to use the ultrasonic and electric toothbrush with rotating head.

The first device breaks down plaque due to the impact of ultrasonic waves teeth cleaning from the stone at home with the help of ultrasound is effective, speaking of supragingival deposits, small in size.

Electric toothbrush makes around 7-8 thousand rotary and 20 thousand pulsating movements per minute, the result is to remove Tartar at home (partly mineralized, pigmented plaque). This is perfect for an elderly person who is unable to carry out vigorous movements during daily hygiene.

Now about the materials — it is advisable to choose multiple beam brush from synthetic fibers. The length of the pile is 25 — 30 mm, the head should be rounded, without sharp corners that can injure the gums.

Irrigators and dental floss

For those who have dentures, the oral irrigator is simply irreplaceable in the fight against plaque. In addition to cleaning teeth effectively to massage the gums, improving circulation. And dental floss should be at hand throughout the day to promptly remove food residues between the teeth and not give the opportunity to develop microorganisms.

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Useful popular recipes


For lovers of all natural and those who may be sensitivity to aggressive action some pasta, ideal — methods, inherited from the older generation. It is a variety of herbal teas, tinctures, oil pulling and many more, but to approach this question is also carefully.

Proven tools

Take advantage of time-tested recipes based on natural ingredients, following traditional remedies plaque:

  1. Take a glass of warm water, it will dissolve 15-20 grams of honey. Use the resulting solution as a mouthwash at night for one month;
  2. Use instead of toothpaste table salt, apply it on dampened toothbrush of medium hardness and do massage of gums and cleaning of the molars in the usual way. Within two weeks you need to do it every day for 2 times, next week — to times, fourth two times. Further, according to need — 1 time per week for 1-2 months;
  3. Taken 2-3 tablespoons of dried horsetail, pour 200 ml boiling water, boiled for 15 minutes. This is an example of how to remove Tartar at home using the broth, not for rinsing, and as a drink. To drink one third of a Cup twice a day, helps with mild and medium RAID;
  4. Dissolve in a glass of warm water 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide, gargle regularly with a solution oral cavity.

Controversial methods

Many who are concerned about plaque, how to remove at home from him learn from different sources. But not everywhere you will find warnings about these recipes, as an example, here are a few such tools:

    • Active ingredient — grated radish with lemon juice. This composition is recommended to take before bed and use as a cleaning product.
      The principle of action — splitting the RAID due to the acid contained in the lemon and radishes. In this case, further removal of the stone by brush cannot be effective enough, but instead of good is likely to get unpleasant consequences: leaching of calcium from the enamel and increase its abrasion;

  • Another example is a decoction of walnut bark. To prepare you need 3 tablespoons of the main ingredient is the bark of the branches of the tree. Dry matter is poured into a glass of water and boil 20 minutes. It is further recommended to use the broth, dipping the brush in there and brush your teeth three times a day for 4-5 minutes.
    Here you can talk about the complete uselessness of the recipe, as the resulting broth has no acidity at all and does not affect the plaque.

Extreme recipes

If you are not yet decided, how to remove Tartar at home effectively and safely, please note a few options. But a clear opinion about these recipes is hard to find:

  1. Take the ash or powdered clay, use when brushing instead of toothpaste. A substance previously diluted with a small amount of warm water. You can guess what the result will be, ash — caustic lye, you can simply burn the mucous membranes, and clay is designed for maximum impact due to the effect of friction;
  2. Need fir or tea tree oil. Them moistened cotton swab and a disc lubricated by the teeth or is compress. This is a perfect example of how to remove stones from a large number of molars a few treatments. However, there is a big “but” — you run the risk of significantly undermining the enamel;
  3. Cotton swab moistened with orange juice, honey solution, and decoction of fir, spruce, pine. Then the molars are cleaned with one of the compositions, is a kind of polishing. About the condition of the enamel after these manipulations also can only guess.
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Preventive measures

These recommendations will serve not just as a Supplement to therapy, but the basics for daily care of your mouth:

  • Refrain from alcohol and Smoking, or at least greatly reduce it;
  • Keep a toothbrush, it is advisable to change it every two months;
  • Don’t forget to eat solid fruits and vegetables;
  • Ideally, you will brush your teeth after every meal, at night — always;
  • Also before sleep you need to handle your mouth with an antiseptic, it reduces the formation of plaque;
  • Do not forget every 6 months to come on a routine inspection.


Returning to the question, how to remove Tartar at home, I want to emphasize an important principle — not to take for granted most of the recipes found on the Internet. They may not bring the expected result and can even have harmful effects on enamel and oral mucosa.

This does not mean that folk remedies are meaningless, some of them can improve, for example, the condition of the gums. But until an alternative to the specially developed toothpastes don’t exist. Or another option is to go through the procedure of professional cleaning at the dentist.

If stone is locally, in small areas and do not have time enough to mineralizatsiya, you can apply toothpaste RDA index of 120. It is important to carefully observe hygiene of an oral cavity, otherwise all efforts will be for nothing.

Absolutely no need to be afraid, that these pastes something can hurt you, as are herbal enzyme bromelain, pyrophosphates, polydon. Their efficiency is proven, and no negative impact when observing the duration of treatment should not be afraid.