Teeth whitening Air Flow: description, photo, price, reviews

An increasing number of people are choosing teeth whitening Air Flow. Description, photos, prices and reviews we provide read more below and you could navigate, whether to use that procedure and for what purposes.

Has long been known that the observance of the oral cavity in a clean condition allows to avoid many problems and diseases of teeth and periodontal tissues. In addition, the lightening effect also plays a significant role in creating a perfect smile and aesthetic appearance of a business person.

Description of the procedure

Whitening system Air Flow (you can find the name of air Flow or air Flow) is a modern method of cleansing the mouth of yellow plaque, Tartar and other troubles that cause various diseases.

The doctor uses a special apparatus, which acts on the tooth surface strong air flow, water and soda. Thus, when a focused jet and competent manipulation of the doctor of the oral cavity can be qualitatively clear from most of the formations.

Realizing that it is sufficient to assume that the main function of the procedure is not so much bleaching, I want a full cleaning. Clarification of the enamel occurs only here as a side effect of removing plaque. And if the nature of the teeth was white, bright, after using this system they will return its original luster.

Advantages and disadvantages

The whitening method Air Flow became popular among the population not just. It has significant advantages, which have contributed to this:

  • Getting rid of plaque leads to the additional effect of fresh breath. After all, when in the mouth there is no extra bacteria, it becomes clean by itself.
  • Almost painless procedure that does not cause very severe discomfort. Only people with hypersensitivity may experience discomfort during its implementation, and this is easily removed with a mild analgesic.
  • Natural composition captivates many. Because most other whitening methods are based on chemical effects. Here is used only water, air and baking soda.
  • By the way, the last listed ingredient so crushed and fine-grained that won’t hurt the enamel surface, will not scratch and it will not result in injury to soft tissues.
  • Due to the fairly strong jet is very easy to clean the plaque of any complexity, and even subgingival dental stone, which has beneficial effects on the health of the oral cavity in General.
  • After the procedure not observed sensitivity of the enamel or gums.
  • The intensity of the jet is regulated by the doctor that allows you to fully control the whole process.
  • In addition to the plaque, is removed, and the formed pigment from the coloring products, which leads to a significant lightening of the enamel in several shades.
  • The procedure lasts 30-45 minutes, which is much smaller than any other methods.
  • The cost of such cleaning is quite acceptable for most patients and is low in comparison with other bleaching methods.
  • Uniform whitening and cleansing as natural units, and foreign materials (crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, etc.).
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Of the minuses can highlight a few:

  • As for the most part by the method of purification, this procedure will not give a guaranteed white enamel, if by nature it was not.
  • Too strong and chronic plaque can not resist the flow, and then require more serious, for example, ultrasonic cleaning.
  • There are a few nuances that make it inaccessible to certain groups of people.

The before and after photos

Indications and contraindications

The patient may wish to conduct such cleaning, if it wants to maintain healthy teeth regularly to remove excess plaque and other disease-causing education. Dentists will insist on conducting such procedure in the following cases:

  • If you want a quality cleaning of plaque and Tartar around the row.
  • When it is desirable to remove the solid formations not only on the visible part, but subgingival.
  • With the aim of supplementary feeding fluoride and recovery of the enamel.
  • For purification of braces, prostheses and other systems that complicate simple hygienic cleaning of tooth surfaces.
  • To prevent problems, periodontal disease, etc.
  • For disinfection of the mouth and eliminate bacteria.
  • To ensure high-quality cleansing of the teeth with their natural crowding when regular cleaning cannot effectively remove plaque in hard to reach places.
  • For further preparation of various complex dental procedures.
  • When inflammation of the periodontal pockets, especially chronic forms.

Some categories of people will have to abandon such a system of professional whitening in conjunction with the following contraindications:

  • thinned enamel from nature or as a result of improper care of teeth;
  • increased sensitivity;
  • extensive carious cavity;
  • kidney disease;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • salt-free diet for any reason;
  • problems with the respiratory system, particularly asthma or chronic bronchitis;
  • allergic to citrus, as in the product add a little lemon for a refreshing effect.
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Before you perform such cleaning, be sure to consult with your doctor and decide whether you you to do it, and there’s no more suitable alternative in your case.

Although the Air Flow compared to other bleaching methods has the fewest contraindications. Therefore, she often gives just the option when it is impossible to apply other methods.

The preparatory phase

Special training for carrying out professional cleaning method Air Flow is not necessary. All that will make the doctor – this will protect the body parts of the patient from the possible penetration of small particles.

Thus, it will be enough just to wear a hat, sunglasses, install the retractor and saliva ejector, and lubricate lips with vaseline so they don’t dry out. To do anything further at home before the procedure is not necessary.

How to carry out teeth whitening system Air Flow?

After completing a short and simple preparatory stage, the doctor sets the device and by adjusting the flow of air directs it at an angle 30-60 degrees to the dentition of the patient. Conveniently, directly physical contact with the surface of the enamel occurs. The tip is kept at some distance from it.

The flow rate and the duration of the procedure depends on the complexity of tooth formations, the sensitivity of the patient and the volume of contaminated surfaces. At the end of the applied protective lacquer that will help to avoid the imminent formation of fresh plaque and additionally nourish the tooth enamel.

Doctors recommend the following three hours after the procedure to refrain from eating and coloring drinks, and from Smoking. Because of this it may be the imminent appearance of pigment spots on the enamel, which will reduce the effect of manipulation to a minimum. It is also advisable to change your toothbrush clean and new.

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To conduct a professional whitening method Air Flow enough once a year, although with abundant formation of plaque and Tartar can make it every six months, but not often. A long-term effect can not be expected, since, depending on the life habits of the person the plaque appears again sooner or later.

Video: VLOG — teeth whitening AirFlow.


To find out how much similar whitening, you need to contact the clinic where you are going to order this service. The average prices for Moscow on Air Flow fluctuate around 2500-3500 rubles per jaw.

Although sometimes installed cost for one tooth and then calculated the total amount for the procedure. Kiev is characterized by the following prices of 350-700 USD.



Dream about professional whitening and «Hollywood smile», but my procedure was not. For reasons of certain diseases had to use the brushing technique Air Flow and found that the additional bleaching I don’t even need.


I chose a long time, some of the methods of lightening to try. Opted for the Air Flow, so as wanted to and high-quality cleaning of the entire dentition. But the procedure was more painful and unpleasant than I was promised. And then another appeared, and enamel sensitivity.


Periodically whiten your teeth using home recipes. But a friend advised Air Flow from your dentist. I agreed to try it and was completely satisfied. It is much better and teeth remain not only bright, but healthy.