Teeth whitening banana peel: effect, reviews

The most simple and accessible to everyone – teeth whitening banana peel. Describe the expected effect and different reviews of people who have tried this method. And even if it does not rely on the result after professional whitening. However, the safety and convenience of funds be a significant advantage.

Is it true that this simple product is able to give a Hollywood smile? For the sake of experiment you can try to do the procedure for two weeks or longer. It is not harmful and may even have a positive impact on the health of dental units.

Is it safe this method?

In the banana peel contains a huge amount of good for our health minerals, even more than in the fruit. For teeth whitening particularly important manganese, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and some other that in direct contact may affect the plaque and pigment, removing them from the surface.

Thus by using this tool, you can be sure that the enamel will only get stronger and become more healthy. If you try to whiten teeth banana peel, it is noticeable that while there is no abrasive and will not damage the enamel that way.

If we compare this procedure with a chemical, oxygen and photobleaching in the dentist’s office, you can also discover many benefits:

  • teeth do not overheat from exposure lamp or a laser;
  • there are no aggressive chemical composition, which is capable eastonite enamel;
  • and banana will not cause burn of mucous membrane.

Even in the presence of any disease or damage to the tooth surface peel will not harm with daily use. Is this not the most important argument in defense of this method of lightening the enamel?

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Teeth whitening banana peel at home

The process is quite simple and does not take much time. To make the procedure even every day. Enough once a day to achieve the effect. Your actions will be as follows:

  1. Take a banana and peel it from the bottom up. So, the threadlike part of the fetus will remain in place. You can take only a small piece of sandpaper, leave the rest for later.
  2. Wiping the tooth surface of the inner part of the peel, apply the pulp as evenly as possible, creating a kind of paste on enamel. Try to open your mouth so that the lips are not erased means too early. Keep it on your teeth only 10 minutes.
  3. Take a brush and brush the banana paste on the surface, trying to get into all the hard to reach places. Enough such effect within three minutes. Next, be sure to wash off the remnants of the banana and brush your teeth using regular toothpaste.
  4. To notice such a gradual and soft effect better to take a picture of your smile before the first use and then at the end of the experiment. So it will be easier to see whether there has been a change. Of course, bright and instant results to expect from such a procedure is not necessary, but it is much better and safer than any aggressive action.
  5. You can try other home remedies for bleaching the enamel.
    — making a paste of mashed strawberry and baking soda enough to massage the surface of the teeth for a few minutes;
    — lemon juice with the same soda or citric acid much faster will affect the tint of the dentition;
    — apples have a dual effect – due to the solid structure in a good clean the interdental space and removes surface plaque and with the help of malic acid in the composition is capable of dissolving more complex education.
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It is important to understand that the banana and its peel contains a lot of sugar. Therefore, after the procedure you need to carefully wash away its remnants from the tooth surface so as not to provoke the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria.

It is also not recommended special care to RUB the surface, using force. Such actions easily cause irritation.

The effect of

Can you really whiten your teeth with banana? Of course, Yes. Let the result would not be immediate and will not appear immediately from the first days of use, but after regular use, the enamel will become lighter due to the gentle and easy cleansing of plaque.

There are many supporters and opponents of this method and the discussions have not faded away. The first claim that after a few weeks of use the rind of the teeth become lighter two shades. Others say that result is not observed at all.

It should be understood that the whitening effect appeared and was fixed a long time need to adhere to other rules, change some habits etc. and this applies not only to the whitening at home. Even after professional treatments doctors recommend to give up coffee and cigarettes, different staining products, not to forget about regular care for the oral cavity, etc.

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I systematically during the morning brushing your teeth, wipe their banana skins. Doing this for a long time. The procedure is not complicated, but the teeth there is never a superfluous RAID and they are much lighter, which can not but rejoice.

Valentine’s day:

Being a skeptic by nature, did not believe in the effectiveness of this method. But I tried, because the banana really can’t harm the enamel. The teeth are a little lighter, but this is not enough, if you want a strong effect.


Of all the home remedies the banana is the most safe. But it seems it useless. I don’t know if the teeth are saturated and some need trace elements at this time, but as a whitening procedure, it is not justified.