Teeth whitening cold light: benefits, price, reviews

The latest achievements of aesthetic dentistry offer teeth whitening cold light. The varieties, benefits, price and reviews write this article. Because this method is quite popular due to its safety and painlessness.

Every year more and more people are thinking about how to lighten up the dentition and achieve a beautiful smile. And dentists develop new systems for home and office whitening, trying to make it neat, simple and accessible to most people.

What is cool teeth whitening?

This enamel brightening system is based on the application of the gel with a special chemical composition and lamps, which is able to intensify and accelerate its action. And if different types of whitening applied radiation, which heats the tooth and can thereby to do him harm, lamp cold light protects the structure of the enamel.

Passing through many filters out ultraviolet and infrared spectra of the directed beam, thus obtained, teeth whitening, cold light. The patient will not feel the impact of the bulb, overheating, pain, etc. Due to this, such methods quickly became his client.

Dentists and their patients who have already experimented with this technique on yourself, there are the following advantages of cold-bleaching:

  • safety for the tooth enamel;
  • quick effect;
  • the duration of the whole session no longer than an hour;
  • lightening can reach 6-10 tones;
  • the absolute painlessness of the procedure;
  • easy to conduct;
  • no side effects;
  • the result will last up to a year.

Among the disadvantages it should be noted that such a system can not change the natural shade of gray enamel, and also affect some other cases the darkening of teeth. The cost of such procedure not everyone will afford. And not everyone can spend, however, like many other dental services.

Indications and contraindications

This bleach it is desirable to apply in any cases of darkening of the enamel. Especially effective it will be when the teeth white, but turned yellow from Smoking, plaque, poor oral hygiene and frequent consumption of products colored with the dye pigment.

With all the security of this method of bleaching the doctors indicate contraindications:

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  • pregnancy;
  • the period of breast-feeding;
  • the child is under 16 years of age;
  • allergic reactions to any components of the drug;
  • pathologic dental abrasion;
  • various serious diseases of internal organs, for example diabetes, cancer, asthma, etc.;
  • damage units, the caries;
  • a large number of fillings, crowns, implants mouth;
  • thinned enamel as a result of hypersensitivity.

In any case, before doing such a procedure, you need consult a qualified specialist who will determine the adequacy of its implementation. Note that when taking certain antibiotics (tetracycline), natural gray shade of the enamel and damage teeth, no whitening system will not significantly lighten the teeth.

The effect of chemical substances can affect the natural pigment of natural fabrics, so the color of artificial materials will not change. Keep this in mind when you have many orthodontic appliances and treatment fillings. After bleaching they will have to be replaced by more light, not to disturb the aesthetics of the smile.

The before and after photos


The greater part of varieties of contemporary whitening has come to us from the United States. Some have not yet been tested in the country full, and others had already won the Russian client. Describe those that are based on the impact of cold light and ensure the safety of the procedure:

  1. Beyond Polus is created on special technology LightBridge. In this case, use a halogen lamp, which completely eliminates ultraviolet rays.
  2. Luma Cool – less known to us, but earned the trust of Americans. Here we use led lighting, although the action and the result is similar to the previous one.
  3. The Amazing White – another novelty that came from afar. Activation of chemical composition is due to the inclusion of LED lamps. Moreover, in addition to in-office whitening option there are also home kits of this brand that makes it possible to maintain the desired shade the teeth on a regular basis and do not apply for this dentist.

The cost of all of the procedures described is a little different and find each of them in your city may be difficult. After all that still only came to the market not everywhere immediately. So sometimes is not so much the desired method much more accessible for the patient.

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And if your city is not a chosen option, try to use the same effect means.

The nuances of preparation

Before to start immediate whitening need to go through some preparatory stages. And even though they increase the price of the whole procedure, and the time spent in the dentist chair, without them it is impossible:

  • Examination of the oral cavity and the removal of all disease, inflammation and other troubles with your teeth or periodontal tissues. If there is any defect whitening is contraindicated.
  • It is also important to remove plaque and especially Tartar below the gel directly on the affected enamel. This achieves the best result lighten.
  • For future comparisons, the dentist will appreciate the original shade of the teeth on a scale of Vita. Whitening cold light promises to change the color of your smile up to 10 shades. And though each case will be its effect, yet his performance is interesting to know and the doctor and the patient.
  • Directly before the procedure, the person must wear protective equipment and install the retractor. Thus, in the eyes or on mucous membranes do not get you anything extra, and the whole process will be the most safe for health.

How to carry out the procedure?

Regardless of the used lamp and concrete way, all systems on the principle of cold light will undergo similar stages:

  1. Applied to the tooth surface chemical composition in gel form, which is the main bleaching agent.
  2. To start the reaction is necessary exposure lamp. It and is directed to the smile. Withstand a certain amount of time, usually 10-15 minutes.
  3. Depending on the desired result in one visit of a physician can be three bleaching sessions. Each time you assess your achievements and decide whether to continue or not.
  4. At the end of the gel wash and give advice on hygiene and diet to maintain white smile for a longer period.
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If the patient after three applications means disgruntled lightening effect and wants to increase its intensity, then repeat the procedure after a week.

Video: I got my teeth whitened! Cold bleaching.


Each of the types of whitening using cold light has its price. To figure out how much your chosen option, you need to contact the clinic where it will conduct. The average cost of this procedure in Moscow: Beyond Polus 10 to 19 thousand rubles, Luma Cool – 6000-23000 and Amazing White – 10 thousand, if you choose in-office method of whitening.

For Kiev, the prices differ not so much. Beyond Polus will cost 2200-3000 hryvnia, Luma Cool – 2500, and Amazing White and is worth about 2500 UAH.

Although it is worth remembering that preparation, professional cleaning, necessary treatment, replacement of seals or other materials, the final cost of the procedure could increase significantly in each case.



Always afraid of any bleaching treatments because of their side effects. When the city has the opportunity to lighten the enamel of the cold way, I, without hesitation, agreed and really happy with the result.


I think that these options are whitening may be less effective than some other, more aggressive. But you should always remember about dental health and not only about external and temporary beauty. So prefer only this method of lightening smiles.


Tried to whiten enamel with Beyond Polus. There are, of course, its advantages in this method. But I had to go through the whole procedure twice to get the desired and noticeable results.