Teeth whitening Magic White: benefits, photos, reviews

Modern society requires the business person to have an outstanding look. And most of this image is provided by a beaming smile. Describe the system of teeth whitening Magic White: what are the benefits, will provide photos and reviews of patients.

Thanks to this method it is possible to achieve a good result and all negotiations, meetings and holidays to Shine «Hollywood smile». It comes to you people and helps them to establish useful connections, and even becomes one of the criteria for successful promotion.


This whitening system is a cosmetic procedure. This is one of the latest innovations in dentistry, but already well-tested to provide the experience of millions of satisfied patients. The use of safe amounts of hydrogen peroxide and «cold light» you can be sure that the effect on tooth enamel will be careful and gentle.

After the procedure not observed any side effects such as sensitivity or other complications. It has virtually no drawbacks and disadvantages. Activating the gel with an led lamp, get a good lightening results due to its deep impact. Elimination of pigmentation occurs at the boundary between enamel and dentin.

You can highlight the main advantages of the system:

  • the procedure lasts no longer than 30 minutes;
  • painless method;
  • accessibility for almost everyone;
  • reasonable price;
  • the effect after the first procedure 2-9 on tones;
  • can be repeated periodically as needed;
  • not sensitivity occurs;
  • the tooth structure is not damaged;
  • impact on the deeper layers of enamel.

Painlessness, simplicity and effectiveness of the procedure has already won 15 million patients across Europe and America. Doctors recommend to keep the result to make cosmetic teeth whitening Magic White once a month.

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After the first session you will see visible results and will be from 2 to 9 shades in the Vita scale. Although much depends on the original color of the enamel, given to you from nature, from the complexity of the plaque, its neglect and the presence of pigmentation in the deeper layers of dentin.

If its intermittent that Express whitening, then each time the effect will become more noticeable and better. Those patients who do it once a month, can boast of a change of shade of a smile up to 14 shades!

Given that this procedure is completely painless, simple and takes no longer than 30 minutes including preparation, it is not surprising its popularity and demand. Unlike other similar dental services for cosmetic lightening it more safe and accessible.


How dangerous is this method? Nothing. Doctors, scientists and patients all over the world proved the absolute safety of whitening by Magic White. It is suitable for almost anyone and there is only a short list of contraindications, when such service has to be postponed. This:

  • Patient age under 18 years, because children still forming enamel and it is not recommended to influence in any way.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding because of hormonal changes the body, when the response to any impact is unpredictable.
  • The time of treatment and chemotherapy. For now, the strength of the patient is weakened, and do not need to perform any additional procedures.

You should also consider one more thing. If the oral cavity is periodontal disease, tooth decay or Tartar deposits, it is desirable to initially treat these problems in the dentist’s office. And only after that to come to the whitening procedure. Is it harmful to hold it? No. It is a safe way to lighten enamel.

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The stages of the procedure

Service on whitening with the help of the Magic White system is quite simple and fast. We can distinguish the following manipulations which are performed:

  1. For comparison of future results, the doctor will measure your initial shade, on a scale of Vita.
  2. Then a special pearl cloth and clean the surface for 30 seconds.
  3. Apply the gel on the teeth and on the inside of the mouthguard, so that even in the most inaccessible parts.
  4. The patient puts on it, pressing down well to teeth has evenly and comfortably in the mouth.
  5. The impact included led lamp occurs exactly 21 minutes. This time is sufficient to achieve the desired result.
  6. Then throw the mouthguard, as it is always used individually and only once. Any residue can simply be rid of it, even without washing it with water.
  7. Measuring the resulting effect on the same scale will provide you with evidence of the changes.

It is important to understand that the first two or three hours after the procedure are crucial to secure the result. At this time you can only drink plain water and eat something you should not.

How long do the results last?

Due to the small amount of peroxide and tidy sparing impact effect lasts only from one to three months. But here much will depend on your lifestyle. If you frequently consume coffee, tea, Smoking, drinking wine, the enamel very quickly turns again, regardless of the procedures used.

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In order to maintain the effect for a longer time, it is desirable to change the usual products for those who do not have a color pigment. Also doctors recommend to take advantage of additional home remedies for whitening – toothpaste Toothpaste Magic, Magic Foam. And yet the producers have planned a special mousse which penetrates into the deeper layers of enamel and is a home remedy for her clarification.

Video: official video Magic White.



I’ve been looking to go for professional whitening. But it is expensive and I was afraid of side effects. When the city had a service Magic White, the dream became a reality. It was simple, safe and affordable.


Before the wedding, preparing yourself to look great. So one of the important elements of the image were dazzling smile. Home remedies the special effects are not allowed, and whitening Magic White helped in one session.


All my colleagues have been advising me to lighten up teeth, as they are constantly yellow. I agreed to this procedure and was left partially satisfied. Appeared to achieve the desired result in my case, it takes a few sessions.