Teeth whitening pencil Bliq — reviews, instruction

Teeth whitening pencil Bliq has positive reviews from people who have gained a smile of a dream because of him. Instruction is quite simple, so they can safely enjoy yourself.

Snow-white Hollywood smile from nature can be proud of only one. And even if the teeth are white, the lifestyle and food habit change is not in the best way. Cigarette, Cup of coffee in the morning, a glass of wine at the weekend – all this is firmly stain the enamel of the teeth.

Professional whitening at the dentist is an expensive process, which is not accessible to everyone. With the purpose of home use was invented pencils for whitening Bliq.


Pencil for teeth whitening «Blik» is a tube with a brush on one end and a rotating cap on the other, he made the company «From Vanessa». This Italian-Korean manufacturer is popular in European countries, he specializiruetsya in the production of cosmetics for the body. The last few years the popularity From Vanessa in Russia increases.

Thanks to innovative technologies, released a unique tool for the home whitening pencil Bliq.

It includes three complementary components, which ensure effectiveness:

  1. Carbamide peroxide — this substance is whitening of the enamel.
  2. Peppermint — it gives a pleasant light fragrance.
  3. Karbomer — protective agent that prevents negative effects on the tooth tissues.

The composition does not include damaging tooth enamel substances, so Bliq can be considered safe gel to brighten smiles. Dentists in their recommendations after held office whitening mention that using whitening pencil can be long to maintain the effectiveness of the procedure.

Use of pencil should be daily, several times a day after meals during the entire course. The first time might be a little sensitivity, don’t be afraid, as this is a natural phenomenon that will pass in a few days.

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Advantages and disadvantages

In addition to all the advantages of the drug, it is not necessary to forget and about contraindications:

  • can not be used in children because of immature enamel;
  • it is not recommended to whiten teeth during pregnancy and lactation;
  • can not be applied strictly suffering from allergic reactions to compound substance people;
  • lip piercing — because of possible reactions with the metal.

A small drawback may be considered that bleaching should only be healthy teeth having carious lesions.

So if you have any desire to make your smile more attractive, you just need to visit a dental clinic where the doctor will determine if there is tooth decay and if allowed to do whitening with a pencil.

Instructions for use whitening pencil Bliq

To get the visible results of the teeth whitening pen, you have to precisely match that specified in the instructions. Its violation can cause the expected effect of the procedure is obtained.

Before you start to use the tool, it is better to consult a dentist.

  • thoroughly brush your teeth brush and paste, and the spacing of the teeth treat floss to remove the plaque and food residues;
  • rinse mouth with water, then a clean paper handkerchief and wet the front surface of teeth to remove excess moisture;
  • turn the pencil cap with the words TWIST and wait for the brush to appear a drop of gel;
  • open your mouth wide smile and try to do it so that the lips do not touch the surface of the teeth;
  • on each tooth to apply a bleaching substance is in small amount, avoiding contact with mucous membranes;
  • wait 30-45 seconds without closing the lips;
  • excess gel to remove paper handkerchief, rinse mouth with clean water;
  • within the hour not eat.
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To apply a teeth whitening pencil Bliq track 14 — 20 days. After a month break, you can resume use.

The principle of operation

The mechanism of whitening pencil Bliq based on the reaction between carbamide peroxide included in the composition, and structural components of tooth enamel. Under the action of oxygen atoms on the surface of the enamel of the oxidation reaction occurs. During this chemical process lightens the painted areas of the teeth.

Carbamide peroxide is also composed of professional gels used by dentists for office whitening, the only difference in concentrations of this active substance. Doctors use 35% carbamide peroxide in the bleaching of office tools for home use it is much lower, about 15 %.

This reduces the risk of burns on the gums in case of contact, but the effect of the application occurs only after repeated use.

While using a pencil Blik is better to refuse:

  • strong black tea and coffee;
  • coloring products: pomegranate, beet, blueberry, etc.;
  • red wine;
  • bright lipstick, which can be stamped on the teeth.

In addition to the active component in the composition of the pencil there are other supplements which improve the condition of the enamel and reduce the risk of hypersensitivity.

The consequences

If you’re not careful possible side effects:

  • in contact with the gel to cracks and abrasions of the mucous membrane of the lips, you may experience slight pain and tingling;
  • if you apply the gel on teeth with caries, then perhaps the development of pulpitis and periodontitis;
  • uncontrolled use and application of number, exceeded, may cause increased tooth sensitivity.
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Olga, 23 years

I grew up watching the beauty of my smile, constantly visit the doctor and you saw an advertisement for whitening pencil Bliq, kind smile with a Billboard, apparently, I was captivated. I bought the tool, I was wondering, is it effective, as indicated in the advertisement. Two weeks did all the instructions and do my smile was whiter!

Natalia, 31 years

Long ago, I visited the thought of whitening, the price of this procedure in dental clinics is very high, so I began to look for an alternative. After reading the reviews online about the different methods of bleaching in the home, I stopped at the pencil Bliq, how to apply it is very simple. For little money I got a Hollywood smile.

Further questions

► How much?

The price is different in different regions. On average, the cost of a package starts from 1600 RUB.

► Can I use a pencil Bliq for sensitive enamel?

It includes no harsh ingredients, but still an accurate answer to this question can be obtained after examination of the oral cavity by the dentist. It will determine in what condition is the enamel and what to do to reduce hypersensitivity.