Teeth whitening system Zoom: what is it, reviews, price

Teeth whitening Zoom is the most popular and effective way to change the color of the enamel. But not everyone still knows what it is. The user feedback is positive, but the price for this procedure is considerable.

Is it worth the money and risk the health of the oral cavity for the acquisition of a beautiful smile? We will consider these issues.


Elimination of discoloration when using the system zoom is a modern clinical methods of teeth whitening. The basis of the method is based on the photoactivation reaction gel consisting of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide.

Changes hue of teeth at the Zoom:

  • the initiation of peroxidation occurs with the help of special ultraviolet lamps;
  • a light ray leads to a temperature rise of active substances, which occurs due to their breakdown into atomic particles. The hydrogen ions penetrate deep into the enamel and destroy the molecules of the pigments, which led to the discolourness of;
  • after the procedure the teeth become naturally white.

The system of Zoom teeth whitening appeared due to the development of American scientists. Today there are several generations, the differing composition of the gel activator and the frequency wave spectrum of UV rays. By using this technique of office bleaching can lighten the hard tissues of teeth by 8-10 shades.

The advantages and disadvantages of bleaching Zoom

Effects on the enamel Zoom has certain advantages in comparison with other methods for elimination of discolourness of:

  • speed – after one session there is a noticeable brightening of the teeth, making it impossible to achieve using home equipment;
  • guaranteed results – the whitening occurs regardless of the causes which led to darkening;
  • painless to complete the procedure doesn’t need anesthesia, because in the process of whitening the patient does not experience discomfort;
  • long-term results – the effect lasts for about five years;
  • security system Zoom has no destructive action on the enamel, as with the classical method, and does not irritate mucous membranes;
  • short period of recovery – a period when to secure the effect you should stop Smoking and stick to «white» diet.

Despite an impressive list of positives, the procedure has negative aspects.

  1. Hypersensitivity for several days after the whitening.
  2. May result in irritation in case of accidental contact of the active agent on the gums.
  3. At the time of the procedure there is an increase in the temperature of the hard tissues of the teeth that can cause discomfort.
  4. During high-intensity bleaching might be a strong clarification from which the enamel becomes malovydne-white that looks unnatural.


As each of the ways to eliminate discolourness of whitening using the Zoom photosystem has a list of limitations when using the technique unacceptable.

  • the age of 18 because of the lack of maturity of the enamel structure;
  • Allergy history of one of the components present in the active gel;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • cavities or areas of demineralized enamel. Prior to the lightening of teeth to be sealed;
  • structural damage such as cracked or chipped;
  • heightened gag reflex, which greatly impedes the performance of the bleaching, as it takes a long time to be with an open mouth;
  • the presence of cancer;
  • the period of rehabilitation after the photochemical irradiation;
  • psycho-neurological diseases;
  • epilepsy;
  • diseases which are accompanied by enhanced photosensitivity;
  • medications that increase the response to ultraviolet rays.
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The before and after photos

How is the Zoom whitening procedure?

Before to perform in-office tooth discoloration, it is necessary to visit the dentist, so he conducted a full examination of the oral cavity for the presence of caries and pathological elements in the mucosa. Be sure to condition the enamel, if it is fragile, insufficiently mineralized, a procedure will have to be postponed or even discarded in order not to harm the teeth.

All cavities need to repair seals as the active substance gel is able to penetrate into affected areas of the tooth and cause abnormalities. Before the whitening, follow a professional hygiene, this will increase its effectiveness.

Teeth whitening system Zoom is performed in several stages:

  • identifying the source of the shade of the enamel on the scale of Vita and definition to the tone that the patient wants to receive;
  • treatment of the soft tissues of the oral cavity with a protective cream against ultraviolet exposure;
  • fixation lip retractors and eye protection special orange glasses;
  • on the free edge of the gums to apply the liquid dental dam, which is the solidification forms a dense impenetrable barrier for the active substance and protects against chemical burns;
  • drawing on the vestibular surface of the teeth within the smile line, special whitening composition;
  • installing lamp Zoom as close as possible to the enamel so that its rays were focused in areas requiring shade change;
  • after 20 minutes, the dentist removes the current solution from the surface of the teeth and causes a fresh portion of the substance;
  • the whole procedure is repeated three times;
  • at the end of bleaching is the removal of deposits from the gels and the protective layer from your gums, and apply fluoride drug to restore the enamel.

How to whiten teeth system at home?

Changing the shade of the enamel in the dental office gives good visual results, but costs money. Philips has developed a version of Zoom that you can use at home, the need to visit the clinic disappears.

Complexes Day White and Night White is specially formulated to whiten teeth at home. Before you start using one of the systems required to still visit the dentist to treat existing caries lesion and make sure that you change the hue of the enamel you are not contraindicated. In addition, the dentist will make an individual tray and recommend, day or night complex is better to use in a particular case.

The price system more affordable in comparison with the photobleaching, and to achieve results it is necessary to conduct a series of procedures. And yet, Day White and Night White have significant drawbacks:

  • less pronounced result compared to the office bleaching teeth whiter not more than 3-4 points on a scale Vita;
  • the frequency of manipulations for the reason that missing as well of the gel required a longer period of time to obtain a visible lightening;
  • it is necessary to use a mouth guard – a substance-activator is placed into an individual form that serves as protection to the gums from irritation and chemical burns;
  • short-term effect of the procedure is more suitable as maintenance after a professional whitening if home bleaching is performed without medical assistance, the result is stored no more than 10-12 months.
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How long does the effect?

How will you care for your teeth after the procedure of bleaching enamel depends on the duration of the maintenance.

  1. Daily care of the oral cavity with the use of brushes, paste and floss.
  2. Avoiding harmful habits (Smoking).
  3. Reduce or eliminate foods containing bright colors, such as soft drinks, beets, blueberries, red wine, black coffee, tea and other.

Also for the duration of the output is affected by the method execution. In the Desk photobleaching teeth remain white for 4-5 years if cared for properly and perform maintenance treatments. When a clarification of the enamel was carried out of the house with a Day White or Night White, the effect is no more than a year.

The nuances of care after whitening

In order to reduce the time required to restore the structural components of bleached enamel should be guided by these tips:

  • adhere to the «white» diet – to exclude all products with pigments and can change the tone of the teeth;
  • avoid irritants – avoid exposing the enamel negative effects of chemicals and do not create changes in temperature of food consumed.

Solid fabric after bleaching vulnerable, because their crystal structures are open and not protected against the penetration of dyes, so colored products should not eat, so as not to result in the opposite of the expected: instead of a beautiful white smile to see in the mirror of the yellow or gray teeth.

Regular visits to the dentist for preventive examinations and implementation of the Cabinet remove soft and hard plaque, the daily hygienic care of teeth and gums will allow as long as possible to save the result.

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How much is the whitening system Zoom?

The cost of the procedure differs in different regions of Russia.

  1. Price per set for a full course is equal to the average 3000-5000 rubles. This difference in amount is due to the way whitening (day or night), and the number of necessary manipulations to obtain the result.
  2. Office for change of shade of the teeth will have to pay about 4000 per session.
  3. Separately paid professional cleaning and a course of conservative therapy.

Video: learn more about Zoom technology for teeth whitening.

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Irina is 28 years old

Always dreamed of a snow-white smile, like a TV screen, but I worried about the enamel, and it is not cheap. After I was offered a good position, I decided to whiten your teeth. I chose the Zoom system 4, as it is the most safe and effective. I had to spend in the chair with my mouth open for over an hour, but it’s worth it. The result is beautiful! Teeth purchased the natural white. Of the minuses – there was increased enamel sensitivity 4 or 5 days, but this can happen with any method of clarification.

Ignat, 33

I smoke a lot, so my once white on the nature of yellowed teeth. Thought about returning with a natural shade, so I read a lot of information about how whitening. We stopped at the Zoom Night White. Went to the dentist, where my professional hygiene and manufactured by Kappa. Daily for 14 days wore them for two hours before bedtime. As a result, the teeth to lighten 4 shades – I’m happy.

Oksana, 25 years

Did the Zoom 3 whitening. Yes, the initial result was me – change to 8 colors. But then the horror began – there was a strong sensitivity of the enamel, I could not properly eat and drink, even talk in the wind. Had to take a course of reparatii. Maybe I blame myself – not told the doctor about that before your teeth react painfully to hot and cold, but I wanted a beautiful smile. A year later, the enamel is slightly darkened, but before the initial view of the color has not returned.

Further questions

► Whitening Zoom 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: what’s the difference?

The evolution of Zoom is fast enough. Each subsequent development of the company brings less harm to tooth enamel and lightens it more efficiently. Generation Zoom 1 and Zoom 2 contain a part of the aggressive acids, which could negatively affect the condition of the teeth-jaw system. Zoom 3 contains 25% hydrogen peroxide, lamp has a short period of operation, so it is not repairable and requires replacement with a new one that reduces negative impact. In the Zoom system 4 halogen light source is replaced by LED lamp and has three power modes.

► Beyond or Zoom whitening: which is better?

A definite answer to the question does not exist, because each of the techniques has its advantages and disadvantages. In the system Beyond no UV rays, whitening occurs by a beam of blue light, which is safer. However, the procedure gives a less pronounced result is the change of tone enamel 4-5 tones.