Teeth whitening: the types and prices, pros and cons

One of the most popular dental procedures in addition to immediate treatment is teeth whitening. All types and prices, the pros and cons of each option we describe in more detail.

Today in dentistry invented many different ways to lighten tooth enamel. To select the most suitable for your needs, you need to see what types of teeth whitening exist.

Whitening dental procedures

The most effective are the manipulations that makes the doctor in his office using a variety of chemical compositions and special equipment. They are able to change the color of the enamel to ten shades in a single treatment. This is the fastest and highest quality way. And lasts its effect over the years, that is unable to no one home procedure. However, to pay for this pleasure will have quite a lot, but all in good time.

Highlight popular modern ways enamel brightening in a dental office, the pros and cons of each:

  1. Chemical whitening.
  2. Method Air Flow.
  3. Ultrasound was the next step in achieving the whitening and it is used not only for the sake of lightness of color, but also for professional cleaning of the stone, plaque, etc.
  4. Photobleaching.
  5. Indoitalian.
  6. Laser teeth whitening.

Describe each procedure in more detail.

Chemical bleaching

The effect is due to the special gel that is applied to the patient’s teeth. This method has much in common with domestic ways, and more expensive professional treatments, where in addition to the active chemical composition need to use any device.


  • The strong concentration of the gel is able to change the tint of the dentition in 5 – 10 shades in one session.
  • The procedure lasts from 45 to 60 minutes.
  • Profound effect on the dentine, which helps not only remove the outer plaque, but also affect the natural shade of the enamel.
  • Without the influence of any appliance, the tooth surface does not overheat.

The cons, in turn, will:

  • After this procedure, may increase tooth sensitivity.
  • From the professionalism of a doctor depends largely on the quality and effectiveness of the session.
  • There are contraindications to carrying out.
  • For some people the cost will be too high and inaccessible.

Air Flow

Whitening system Air Flow anticipates a mechanical impact on the outer surface of the tooth. A strong jet of air, water, and soda is able to clean hard to reach places to remove plaque any complexity. The procedure itself takes up to half an hour and is painless.


  • Easy way and quick result.
  • The opportunity to lighten the enamel for 5 – 10 tones.
  • No pain during and after the procedure.
  • Removing the plaque.
  • There is an additional cleaning and protecting the oral cavity from diseases.
  • Low cost.


  • As with other methods of whitening, not everyone can use this method, because there are certain contraindications.
  • Impact only on the surface of the plaque without the ability to change the color of dentin, which is the main.

Ultrasonic whitening

This method is also based on physical impact. But it is often used not only for bleaching. Ultrasound is a good healing stone, plaque and helps to keep the mouth perfectly clean. Doctors recommend to carry out this procedure once a year.

Advantages of ultrasonic influence in bleaching are:

  • Lightening for one session amounts to 1 – 2 colours.
  • Parallel purification of Tartar of any complexity and cleaning the entire mouth, are processed even periodontal pockets.
  • Painless procedure that does not cause harm.
  • Affordable cost for most.

Of the minuses can be identified:

  • It is necessary to repeat treatments approximately once a year.
  • In some cases, the whitening result may not be sufficient.
  • Does not affect the natural color of the dentin.
  • The procedure itself lasts about an hour.


This method recently has become quite popular, as it provides painless and easy whitening of the enamel in many colors. Smile whitening is really «Hollywood» and the effect lasts 2-3 years. Variations of the procedure there are several.

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These include different Zoom level (1, 2, 3), Beyond Polus, Luma-Arch. Each of the options assumes the use of light rays. So, technology is Zoom the UV light in the Beyond – cold light, cleansed, and if Luma-Arch is used halogen light. The meaning and the procedure remain the same.

The doctor applies a special chemical composition to tooth enamel and activates its effect by using reflective lamps. As a result, the gel penetrates deep into the dentin and is able to significantly change its natural colour.

Advantages are:

  • The painless procedure.
  • Occurs in one session and change the color of the enamel by an average of 10 tones.
  • The result of bleaching can last for years.

But these methods has its drawbacks:

  • The lamp is not able to whiten hard to reach areas.
  • Whitens enamel in just the front teeth, so called «smile zone».
  • The procedure lasts about an hour.
  • Its value can be not available to everyone.
  • When exposed to ultraviolet light in some cases appears, the tan around the mouth.
  • Sometimes there are burns of mucous or overheating of the tooth.


This method is used in rare situations. Usually a indication to indoitalian is the darkening of a single tooth by removing the nerve. A special gel lay in cleansed cavity and allow the patient to walk with him for a few days. Then the composition is removed and a sealed cavity.

There are the following advantages:

  • The ability to bleach one tooth at a sudden change in its color.
  • The impact is from the inside, which is more efficient.
  • Long-lasting results.
  • It does not damaged the enamel.

There are also disadvantages:

  • If you want to whiten the entire tooth row, such a procedure would be inappropriate.
  • The price depends on the number of units processed and includes additional dental procedures.
  • In this way only lighten the patients teeth with an open cavity.

Laser whitening

As in the case of whitening, it uses a special gel with a complex chemical composition. Only activate it with a laser. This method is most effective among all possible today. The result may last up to ten years, and the change of shade occurs for only one procedure.

Highlight the advantages of the laser:

  • During the session, you can change the shade of the enamel to ten or more tones.
  • Painless procedure that does not cause any discomfort.
  • Session duration about 20 minutes.
  • The gel has an additional bactericidal effect, a positive effect on the microflora of the oral cavity.
  • It is also able to strengthen the enamel.
  • Doctors give a guarantee of five years.
  • Gel and laser affect the condition of the dentin, changing the natural shade.
  • Safety procedures for teeth, gums and overall health.

Still there are downsides:

  • The price of such effective method is the highest compared to the other.
  • There are a number of contraindications.
  • Some time after the session enamel sensitivity is slightly increased.

Ways of whitening teeth at home

A visit to the doctor for expensive whitening treatments are not always appropriate. So, if the surface turned yellow due to the formation of plaque, but the dentin has a light tone, it is possible to ensure a good result and using simple home methods. They are divided into:

  1. Professional – available kits sold in specialized pharmacies.
  2. Folk remedies, when used normal food or low-cost pharmaceutical products.

Of course, the stunning effect of a change in a few tones for a short time, such funds will be impossible to achieve. And carry out the procedure should be the almost constant basis. But their cost is so low that it is available to anyone. And to make the manipulation can be when it is convenient, without visiting a doctor.

General pros and cons of such bleaching we have described, so just list the you methods and tools.

Professional ways

These include:

  • Trays and gels that can be purchased in a prepared kit or make individual molds, and gel buy separately. How much you need to keep the tool on teeth (all night or for several hours) should be clarified in the instructions to a particular drug, as they may differ in their concentration. The individual Kappa is better, as it fit snugly to the jaw and do not allow the liquid to flow to the mucous. The chemical composition can change the shade of teeth to a maximum of 1 – 2 tones.
  • Whitening pencil or stick also affects the color of the enamel, a little osvetli her. This applicator is easy to use, applying it only on the desired surface of the tooth. The convenience is that it does not need to wash, afraid of burns. In addition, it is able to freshen the breath. However, this tool cannot be considered to be very effective, prolonged or primary. This is an additional maintenance procedure.
  • Strips for teeth are small stickers that are marked with a special composition. They are intended for minor correction of the hue of the enamel in the smile zone. Their action occurs only on the front part of the teeth to which the adjacent strips. Any hard to reach places will remain untouched.
  • In pharmacies you can find a set called White Light. It also comprises a mouth guard for teeth chemical gel and a special lamp. The cost of this procedure will be much less office whitening, but the result is quite revealing. The process resembles the photobleaching, only the patient themselves can use the small device and gel at home.
  • Special toothpastes, rinses and chewing gum with a whitening effect can help in a very small degree. But for removing plaque from coffee or cigarettes are quite suitable.
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People’s ways

Description popular recipes for whitening the tooth enamel can become a separate topic. After all, recipes are invented many. They are all based on the fact that conventional products or certain pharmaceutical tools are able to remove plaque by mechanical action of abrasive particles or due to specific chemical composition.

  • Hydrogen peroxide can be used both independently and in combination with the other listed components. Its action is aggressive, but effective. To obtain the desired result, but exceptions are possible unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to use a 3% solution of peroxide. Keep it on the teeth not longer than five minutes, and repeat the procedure should be no more than once a week or even ten days. After that, be sure to rinse the teeth with clean water.
  • Lemon also acts through its members. You can simply periodically rinsing the teeth with lemon juice. But keep long time acid without Stripping the surface is not necessary, as this can damage the structure of the enamel.
  • Baking soda is the most popular and common means. It operates the small particles as the brush, cleaning the tooth surface from plaque by mechanical means. But to overdo it or push hard brush using baking soda is undesirable, as it will Ierapetra enamel.
  • Similarly, acts and activated carbon. Before you put it on the brush, you should pound the pill into powder.
  • Strawberries and apples are well established in the process of cleaning plaque. They contain malic acid, which whitens enamel. But keep in your mouth or rubbed on the surface of the tooth strawberries is not necessary, because you can get the opposite effect. Enough every day to eat a berry or a Apple and my teeth will be cleansed from occurring daily Deposit.
  • Similar to baking soda is salt. It should also be used carefully. It is better to rinse your mouth with saline.
  • Resin a good effect on the tooth surface as the mechanical friction of small particles, and by chemical composition.
  • Apple cider vinegar can be used by itself for whitening. They need to rinse the teeth. Definitely after this procedure you should rinse them with warm clean water.
  • An effective remedy is tea tree oil. Prerequisite – it should be 100% natural. It is enough to add while brushing your teeth 2-3 drops of oil, and then rinse it. If you feel numbness of the tongue or gums at the time, it’s okay to not be afraid.
  • Some doctors recommended for the whitening effect to rinse teeth with coconut oil. It helps cleanse the plaque, and will serve throughout the day with a protective layer from food particles.
  • There is the assertion that a simple banana peel due to its rich mineral composition is also able to slightly lighten the enamel. To do this, the inner part of a banana peel applied on teeth, it carefully smear all over the surface and keep for about ten minutes. Then brush your teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste, rinse your mouth. After two weeks of these procedures, the enamel becomes lighter.
  • Another powerful purifier of the teeth of plaque has proven itself an orange, or rather, his skin. To enhance the effect, it is always combined with crushed Bay leaf. For a start, rubbed his teeth cleaned orange peel, and then the second ingredient. Allow the composition to act for another five minutes, and thoroughly washed with water.
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It should be remembered that even with the use of conventional food products do not abuse the duration and frequency of whitening treatments, otherwise you can damage the enamel. Folk remedies have their supporters and opponents. Help them or not? Better to try yourself and decide what is suitable in each case. Moreover, the cost of such products is low and most of them always have on hand.

Video: how to whiten teeth at home?

Comparison of methods and their prices

In order to determine which of the above options suits you, here is a table for comparison, where we describe all the types of teeth whitening and the average prices.

Kinds of bleaching The procedure The duration of the result The degree of whitening Price
Chemical 45-60 minutes 2-5 years 5-10 tones 5000-12000 rubles
Air Flow 30 minutes 3-6 months 1-2 pitch 1500-3000
Ultrasound 1 hour 1 year 1-2 pitch 1500-2500
Photobleaching 60-75 minutes 2-3 years 8-12 tones 10 000-20 000
Indoitalian 2 weeks 1 year 1-2 pitch 1000 rubles for one unit
Laser 15-20 minutes 8-10 years 10 colors 10 000-20 000
The tray and gel kits 2-3 weeks for 8 hours 1-2 pitch 5000-6000
Pencil 2 weeks for 1-10 minutes 1-2 pitch 1500-2000
Strips 14 days 30 minutes 2-4 tones 3000-5000 per pack
Set White Light 5-8 days for 30 minutes 1-1,5 years 8-10 tones 1000-1500
Paste and rinses 0,5-1 tone 100-500
Folk remedies:
Hydrogen peroxide 3-4 minutes 0,5-1 tone 7 roubles for a jar
Lemon 3-4 minutes 0,5-1 tone 60 rubles apiece
Soda brushing your teeth 0,5-1 tone 15 rubles per pack
Activated carbon brushing your teeth 0,5-1 tone 4 rubles for 10 tablets
Strawberries and apples 0,5-1 tone
Salt brushing your teeth 0,5-1 tone 25 rubles for a pack
Resin brushing your teeth 0,5-1 tone
Vinegar 1-2 minutes 0,5-1 tone 30 rubles per liter
Tea tree oil brushing your teeth 0,5-1 tone 150 rubles for 30 ml
Coconut oil 1-2 minutes 0,5-1 tone 200-400
Banana peel 10 minutes 0,5-1 tone 20 rubles per banana
Orange peel and Bay leaf 5 minutes 0,5-1 tone 20 rubles for orange