Teeth whitening White Smile: description, advantages, reviews

Will tell you about one of the new technologies in the field of cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening White Smile. Detailed description and advantages of the method, the feedback among the customers and many other information will be provided below.

Joint development of French and Italian dentists led to the creation of safe, fast and simple way of lightening enamel. Since the gel has no hydrogen peroxide and other hazardous substances, then the procedure does not even require the involvement of a physician.


The innovative technology has gained popularity due to the safety of the enamel. Teeth whitening White Smile (read as white Smile) is a high – impact pigment with a special gel and activates its lamp.

The composition includes sodium perborate in a concentration of 16%, which is much more delicately refers to the tooth surface than the commonly used hydrogen peroxide. The influence of the lamp based on the so called «cold light», which should also ensure the safety of the procedure.

Thus, there is release of active oxygen which penetrates the enamel and dentin and gradually leads to the dissolution of the pigment spots, remove the yellow plaque and whiten the tooth surface to six shades in one session.

Indications and contraindications

To expect the promised result can only be the case if the darkening of the enamel is associated with the usual patina from food and Smoking. And when this happened due to taking certain medications (e.g. tetracycline), fluorosis, poor sealing, damage to the structure of the tooth, the whitening effect may not occur.

As in any other whitening method with this cosmetic teeth whitening has its contraindications:

  • Children up to age 16 years, while the enamel is in the process of formation and strengthening.
  • The presence of braces in your mouth that will prevent any such interference.
  • Pregnancy and lactation as a period of unpredictable reactions to even the most innocuous procedures.
  • The presence of diseases of the teeth and gums that you first need to treat the effect of bleaching gel with no damage to tooth structure even stronger.
  • Any dentures, removable and non-removable seals made of artificial material will not that obstacle to whitening but gel on them will not take effect. So after the procedure can be a significant difference in shades of brightened teeth and foreign objects.
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If, after conducting this service visible some discomfort, so not all contraindications were taken into account. Safety procedures proven experience of many people who have tried this method of Express teeth whitening.

The principle of operation

More harmless form of hydrogen peroxide – sodium perborate. It is used for the procedure of the clarification technology White Smile. It is a kind of powder or powder that is composed of a gel under influence of an LED bulb is split and emits a safe amount of hydrogen.

In turn, he gets not only enamel, but also deeper in the tissue of the dentin, releases active oxygen and acts on pigment stains, dissolving them and removing from the surface of the tooth. For other tissues it has no damaging effects and is entirely safe for the microflora of the oral cavity.

Obvious advantages of this method are:

  • quick procedure, which lasts no longer than an hour with all the preparations and consultations;
  • instant results provides clarification of the enamel in the «smile zone» of six shades in one visit;
  • security method maintains the health of your teeth;
  • the service is painless and causes no discomfort;
  • affordability and minimum number of contraindications.

How is whitening White Smile?

The whole procedure does not take much time and is very easy to conduct. Enough to make a few elementary manipulations:

  1. With a brush and remove superficial plaque to open better access to the dental tissue.
  2. Conduct initial diagnostics of shade for future comparison effect.
  3. In the smile zone to evenly distribute the medium over the surface of the tooth.
  4. In special individual tray also lay the gel, fixing it on both jaws.
  5. Directing LED light to the desired area, turn on and leave for work in 20 minutes.
  6. Then you take everything off and rinse the oral cavity from the remnants of the gel. Compares the resulting shade of the tooth enamel with the original, and provides recommendations for the consolidation of results.
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► How often can you do?

The methodology and is considered to be quite harmless, but as with any whitening, it should not get involved. And though manufacturers claim that even monthly the procedure will be safe and reliable, yet doctors do not recommend her more often than once every six months.

How long is the effect?

The duration of the result depends largely on the lifestyle, habits, food, etc. in compliance With hygiene and a varied diet effect of whitening can last six months or even a year.

If you wish to maintain your whitening results last much longer then it is advisable to make use of these recommendations:

  • Follow the known rules of oral hygiene.
  • Eat only light foods, not having a coloring pigment.
  • Try to avoid coffee, tea, carbonated beverages.
  • Get rid of bad habits – Smoking and red wine.
  • Use in addition the home system of whitening strips, pencils, kits, special toothpastes, etc.

The more attention you pay to this question, the longer you will enjoy a white smile, and the less need to seek such treatments to the professionals.

Video: teeth whitening White Smile.



See us in the centre of this new service and decided to use it. For the price it is more affordable than any whitening at the dentist office. Not to say that the effect is already so bright and noticeable, but a certain amount of clarification there. But it is completely safe and fast.


Friends advised me to use bleaching procedure. Decided to try White Smile because it is a novelty and inexpensive service. In the first few days the teeth terribly when cold, sour, hot, was rather unpleasant. But then this effect has passed and left only the desired result.


I bribed the safety of the procedure, as it does not use hydrogen peroxide. I understand that the lightening effect would be smaller, but healthy teeth are considered more important criterion. Now as required use only a service White Smile.