Teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide

Teeth whitening hydrogen peroxide is one of the most popular ways to return the tooth surface remains white, about this tool, there are many conversations and opinions about it differ fundamentally.

Some argue that the method is very effective, others that are extremely dangerous for the mouth. In this article we will try to tell more details about one and the other, to analyze all the nuances of its use.

Effect on teeth

Hydrogen peroxide – an excellent oxidizer, it can be purchased in any pharmacy at a low price. Usually it is used for washing wounds, but some recommend to whiten your teeth this means. Falling on the surface of the teeth, it causes a chemical reaction capable of penetrating the upper layers of the enamel and break down the compounds that make the color dark.

But there is also the opposite side — the use of peroxide can destroy the enamel. Further, teeth that have undergone such action may be more receptive to different diseases.

However, all of the most popular medical facility specializing in the bleaching, or consist of hydrogen peroxide, or operate on the same principle. Therefore, if you decide effectively and quickly whiten your teeth, certain risks will have to go anyway.

Important! Before teeth whitening any medications or drugs, particularly those that can harm the oral cavity in the event of incorrect use, you should consult with your doctor.


Despite the high prevalence and popularity of this tool, it has a number of contraindications. Should not be used in the following cases:

  • there are acute diseases of the mucous membrane of the mouth;
  • if you have an open tooth cavity, this is especially true with untreated caries. Getting hydrogen peroxide on the tooth can cause burns to the pulp;
  • have a site orthodontic system (e.g., braces);
  • the low strength of the enamel;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding are also contraindications.
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If you do not have any of these contraindications, all exactly it is necessary to contact your dentist for advice. He will tell you and give you any advice as each patient needs individual treatment.

Is it possible to whiten teeth with peroxide?

Many question whether such harmful procedures to the teeth and what might be the consequences of such treatment. As mentioned, the peroxide bleaching will not work for them completely, in good and bad sense, because on the one hand, the tool gives visible results, on the other – it destroys tooth enamel.

To safely use this method of teeth whitening, you must consult a dentist who will be able to determine the suitability of the peroxide in your specific case.

Is it dangerous to use it without confidence in the absence of contraindications? Yes, it is dangerous, because it is a fairly strong oxidizer, which can cause your mouth much more harm than good.

Teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide — recommendations

To make the process of cleaning the teeth was not only useful, but also safe, you must observe the following rules or guidelines:

  • make sure you are not allergic to the drug to start the procedure only after this, otherwise there are serious problems and complications;
  • if in the mouth there is a wound, it is necessary to postpone the beginning of the bleaching event until complete healing, it concerns and flaws in the teeth. Because the peroxide has the ability to penetrate all cracks, it can damage the pulp;
  • if in the process of whitening in the mouth this drug are very unpleasant feelings, reminiscent of burning, it is necessary to refuse from the further use of funds;
  • the hydrogen peroxide solution should be not more than three percent. Otherwise, you risk to cause irreparable damage to the oral cavity;
  • consult with a dentist.
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Because the tool can be dangerous to the oral cavity it is necessary to observe all precautions, do not chase quick results.


Teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide at home has passed through many modifications, which gave rise to a large number of recipes. How to cook and use some of them, as we will explain below:

  1. No extra ingredients rinse should be started after a thorough teeth cleaning, a three-percent peroxide solution must be mixed with perekipjachennoj water in the ratio 1 to 3. After rinsing the teeth thoroughly clean it from residues with rinse with plain water.
  2. With the addition of baking soda to prepare the mixture you need to mix the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda in approximately equal proportions. The mixture should not be too liquid and apply it on the teeth not brush, and using cotton swabs. For 2-3 minutes the mask should be on the tooth surface can then be washed away with ordinary tap water. In any case can not swallow this solution either during or after cleaning.
  3. Pasta with the addition of a peroxide — you need to add to the usual toothpaste optional items: hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice, a few drops of which should be thoroughly mixed with the paste and brush teeth as usual.

After using any of the above recipes, you must carefully rinse the teeth and mouth with water, then cleaned with ordinary toothpaste. If this is not done, the harm from such procedures can significantly exceed the benefits.


Rinsing teeth with hydrogen peroxide is one of the most popular ways of bleaching. On the Internet there are many reviews both positive and negative.

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In General, the real reviews are pretty ambiguous. Some argue that it is a great tool, and it can be used to quickly and cheaply whiten your teeth, others insist that the peroxide has harmed them and did not give the required results.

In such cases, people complain of increased tooth sensitivity after using hydrogen peroxide or burns of the oral cavity. Such effects can be avoided if you start using only in case of full confidence in the absence of cracks or wounds, as the teeth and oral cavity.

Video: whitening teeth with baking soda and peroxide in the program «Live healthy» Elena malyshevoy.

Some of the negative perception about the tool, thinking that it is too weak bleaches. This often happens due to unreasonably high expectations of users who believe that the peroxide should bleach at least 2-3 shades. In fact, if the teeth become lighter on one tone, and that’s a pretty good result.