Teethers: which is better

Very popular among parents today are teethers that can relieve the suffering of the baby. Often it’s important event occurs when the child barely turns 4 months. But no matter when it will begin to cut teeth, it causes a lot of not very nice symptoms. In order to facilitate the eruption of the teeth, you can purchase progressively.

Problems during the eruption

The thing is that in the process of moving the teeth have to break through the gums. Injury to soft tissue can cause quite severe inflammation, which threatens pain, fever and many other troubles. So children at a time when they are teething, get Moody, have trouble sleeping and may even refuse to eat. To help the child through this difficult period, parents go to various tricks. Some use special anaesthetic gels, but it is not too convenient and can cause long-term use side effects. Other moms on the advice of older relatives doing the gum massage. However, experts do not recommend this method.

The best thing parents can do for baby is teething is give him a teether. This device looks like a toy, which can be made of different materials. But the function always performs a teether one. It helps the teeth to go faster through the soft tissue. Moreover, some models are filled with gel which has an analgesic effect by cooling.

The use of teethers for baby is very convenient. Kids are constantly all taste, and at a time when they have teeth climb, chew on everything in sight. Therefore, cooling toy convenient form will appeal to every child.

Properties of dental teether

These devices began to appear on the market about 10 years ago. They quickly gained popularity, as their efficiency is high, and side effects absolutely no. A huge plus is that these devices are made in the form of toys. They are bright, beautiful and very good with children. Even when a child is teething, the teether is popular as an interesting toy.

The main task of this element is easy and the correct massage. If the gums will be massaged by the mother, it can lead to undesirable consequences. When a child makes a massage on its own, it can control the process and stop when it becomes painful.

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To purchase teethers in specialized baby stores or pharmacies. The range of these devices is simply amazing. What are the only options not come up with the manufacturers to highlight their products among peers! There are different materials, shapes and colors. But you should not rely only on these parameters. One of the important properties of children’s teether is the quality and environmental friendliness. Typically, the best results show of famous foreign brands.

Some parents do not hurry to buy these devices, trying to operate the old fashioned way. For example, some give the kids an Apple or other fruits in mashed form and Packed in a special protective mesh. However, constant use food that is not only uncomfortable, but also harmful. When the baby is teething badly, he needs to massage the gums continuously. Here best help teether.

Options teethers for baby teeth can be very numerous. Different models are designed for a specific age and number of teeth. This should be considered when selecting fixtures.

What can be a toy for teeth

Despite the fact that cutters often looks like a piece of rubber, which is trying to sell parents very expensive, many people buy these toys because they help very well when we are talking about the first teeth. Because they:

  • perform the role of a massager;
  • eliminate the pain;
  • relieve swelling and inflammation;
  • calm the baby.

Recently began to appear and vibrating toys. They improve blood circulation in problem areas, allowing you to get rid of inflammation and swelling. In turn, this leads to the disappearance of the painful syndrome.

Teethers are not only different in type, and additional functions, but also production material. The most inexpensive option is ordinary silicone teether. Often these toys are made in the shape of animals, vehicles or fruit, vegetables, etc. In every device there is a hole that allows the baby to easily grab the teether by hand. Silicone inside options often contain water or gel. If you put a toy at some time in the refrigerator to chill the liquid, then the child will be able to get rid of pain in your mouth.

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Mechanical cutters also mostly made of silicone. Such options are very popular with the kids, as they begin to vibrate at the first bite or strong shaking of the subject.

Teether can be combined with a rattle or hanging toy that you hang over the bed. Some manufacturers offer fixtures to eliminate unpleasant symptoms in the child’s mouth in the form of a dummy. These options are usually equipped with a chain with which the teether is attached to the child’s clothing. So it will always be at hand, and the baby won’t have to cry and act up to find this little thing desired.

Separately to say about the teethers that is worn on the finger. They are for adult hands, as are auxiliary devices for gum massage. If the parents decided to carry out this procedure, you must do everything carefully to avoid damage to soft tissue.

The rules of selection of teether

Nowadays manufacturers offer such a wide range of such products that many parents get lost in the question of how to choose a teether for teeth. There may be a huge variety of shapes, colors and prices. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the type of teethers and what teeth he has.

For example, if a baby began to appear symptoms of approaching first tooth, most likely, will appear in the Central incisors. For them, the best option is to teether made from soft silicone. We can take a model with water or gel. The main thing that the toy was a convenient hole, in which the child is held by the hand.

Choose for side cutters oval cutters. They are also made of silicone, but more solid. The farther apart are the teeth, the more solid the toy can be purchased.

Regardless of what material is made teether, it is necessary to check the certificate of quality. Here must be specified and the degree of environmental friendliness of products.

The distinction between a gel or a water filler no, but the gel can longer keep the chill out, so the device will take longer to deliver the baby from the pain.

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In the market you can find toys with sea water. Some parents believe that when a child will gnaw through the silicone, the useful water soothe inflamed gums. But really, the quality teether should not be used in this way. There needs to be a reliable silicone layer.

In appearance the toy can be any. However, in the pursuit of brilliance and originality manufacturers often forget the basics, namely the convenience for the baby. Teether should lay down comfortably in the hand and have no sharp corners that can damage soft tissue.


When asked about what the teether is better, you have to first pay attention to safety. In any case can not buy for a baby too small the product. It can get stuck in the respiratory tract and lead to tragedy. In addition, you should carefully monitor the condition of toys. If the silicone began to crumble, the device must be discarded. This baby teether can be given.

The best producers

  1. Showed good soft and high-quality teethers Nubi. They serve as educational toys and are able to develop fine motor skills and expand horizons.
  2. If you need a teether for middle teeth, the experienced parents recommend Tommy Tippy. They are made of rubberized plastic with a variety of surface to suit every taste.
  3. Very original and beautiful toy offers is a French brand valley.
  4. Best teethers for young manufactured by bright star. In the line of this manufacturer’s products that allow you to quiet your baby develop fine motor skills and relieve inflammation when teething. These toys can be used from birth. They are fully compliant with environmental norms and are absolutely safe.