Than rinse your mouth with stomatitis: rinse in adults and child

Than rinse your mouth with stomatitis and is it dangerous this disease to others? Such a question will sooner or later ask patients who are faced with this unpleasant disease. With sores inflamed mucosa of the oral cavity that gives the patient severe discomfort. The main reason for the development of this disease in adults are considered different viruses, fungi and bacteria, and disruption of the immune system. Stomatitis is the disease, which can be infected by all family members. It is for this reason when you experience the first symptoms of stomatitis, you should visit a specialist who carefully examines the patient and tell than it is possible to rinse the mouth in such a situation.

How useful gargle

Usually, in identifying the patient’s disease specialists prescribe effective treatment, which involves rinsing in various solutions. Why do experts recommend when the time came to rinse your mouth and you can do without this procedure? Rinsing is an effective method of dealing with various diseases of the oral cavity and because he manages to get rid of pathogenic microorganisms and accelerate the healing of wounds and sores.

Rinse with stomatitis eliminates discomfort and pain, which greatly facilitates the patient’s condition. In that case, if you start to carry out the procedure at the beginning of the emergence of disease until the formation of aft, it is possible to prevent the development of inflammatory process in the oral cavity. Disinfection of the affected areas of the mucosa can reduce the number of pathogenic microorganisms and their metabolic products in the inflammation.

Frequently rinse the oral cavity in adults is carried out with application of antiseptic agents, which is considered a good preparation for the superimposition of various drugs. Regular mouth rinse with antiseptic solutions helps to eliminate unpleasant smell which is often caused by stomatitis.

Solutions for the treatment of the oral cavity

With stomatitis mouthwash in adults helps to eliminate unpleasant symptoms and reduce inflammation of tissues. For this procedure can be used as pharmaceutical products and homemade solutions.

What are the finished solutions, it is recommended to use when dealing with stomatitis? Effective antiseptic drug is Chlorhexidine and it is often prescribed for the treatment of oral mucosa in stomatitis. With his help, manages to destroy pathogenic microorganisms and to accelerate the healing of the resulting wounds. Treatment you need after meals, and the entire course of such therapy is 1-1.5 weeks. After a few days of mouth rinsing with Chlorhexidine, a decrease in pain, and after 7 days they disappear almost completely.

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If you are diagnosed with the patient Candida, aphthous and herpetic stomatitis for the treatment of the oral cavity may be hydrogen peroxide. This drug has an antibacterial effect and helps to eliminate such unpleasant symptoms as pain, itching and swelling of tissues. To prepare the solution needed in 100 ml of water dilute 10 ml of hydrogen peroxide. The resulting tool can disinfect the oral cavity several times a day, and the whole course of treatment usually lasts 10-14 days.

An effective antiseptic medication in the fight against disease is considered Furatsilin, which helps to eliminate inflammation in mouth. To prepare the solution needed in 200 ml of warm water dissolve 2-3 tablets Furatsilina and rinse your mouth with a solution several times a day. It is important to remember that the treatments you can apply warm solution, so if necessary, it should be warmed.

Milavic is considered a medicine which has a decongestant, an antipruritic and analgesic action. This drug can be used to combat different pathologies of the skin and mucous membranes. To prepare the solution you need in 200 ml of water add 10 drops of Milavita, and perform the procedure several times a day.

If you are diagnosed in adults, thrush is often assigned Miramistin, which is considered the most effective tool in the treatment of this form of the disease. This drug has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which allows to get rid of microorganisms in your mouth. In addition, due to Miramistina fails to restore the protective function of the mucous membrane. Treating the oral cavity with this drug several times a day until until unpleasant symptoms.

Antiseptic drugs with the disease

Treatment of stomatitis in adults is usually performed using antiseptics, ointments and other effective drugs. Through their use cannot stop the process of multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms in the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. In addition, using these drugs fails to remove inflammation and to accelerate healing of wounds and resulting ulcers.

For disinfection of the oral cavity and treatment of stomatitis may include the following means:

  • Efficient, considered safe antiseptic that can be used to treat diseases of the oral cavity in adults and children. This drug can be used to rinse the mouth with stomatitis and spread it over the inflamed mucosa or apply the application. The course of treatment with this antiseptic is usually last for 7 days, after which usually disappears unpleasant symptoms. With stomatitis, the child is preferable to lubricate the damaged mucosa with a cotton swab dipped in antiseptic solution.
  • Effective drug in combating diseases of the oral cavity is the Lugol’s iodine, which possesses antimicrobial action. To treat sores on a q-tip to moisten in the solution and treating it to the damaged mucosal lining of the oral cavity. To carry out this procedure necessary as long as the patient does not feel relief.
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  • For the treatment of stomatitis widely used such drug, as Stomatofit. Components of the drug is chamomile, sage, oak bark, mint and other herbs. This drug can be used to treat various types of stomatitis, dissolved 10 ml in 50 ml of water.
  • Fukortsin is anti-microbial and anti-fungal drug that is frequently prescribed for the treatment of stomatitis. With it is possible to accelerate the process of wound healing, and to stop the growth of bacteria and germs. This drug is used only for the treatment of inflamed areas of the mucous, avoiding contact with healthy skin.
  • Good effect in the fight against diseases of the oral cavity gives this drug as Hexetidine. It is antimicrobial antiseptic preparations, with which it is possible to quickly get rid of candidal and herpetic stomatitis. Produced antiseptic such as liquid for rinsing and spray, and in the treatment of stomatitis to treat the inflamed surface of the mucous it is necessary two times a day.

Folk remedies for stomatitis

Rinsing the mouth with stomatitis can be carried out not only by means of pharmaceutical means, but also traditional medicine. Good and quick effect in fighting this disease gives the broth is made from calendula and chamomile. In fact, such plants are natural antiseptics that can be used to prepare a decoction or an alcohol infusion.
The choice of means for rinsing is determined by the shape and type of pathology that can be determined only specialist. At home you can prepare decoctions and infusions for rinsing of the mouth with stomatitis.


In a bowl pour 10 grams of calendula flowers and pour a Cup of boiling water. The resulting mass should be left for a few hours for infusion in a dark place. Rinsing your mouth with this solution should be no less than 6 times a day. In the same way you can prepare infusions of herbs such as sage, St. John’s wort, chamomile, oak bark and rhizome cinquefoil.

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Good effect in the treatment of stomatitis give infusions of medicinal herbs prepared based on alcohol. To do this, 20 g of plant pour 500 ml of vodka and leave the mixture to infuse for 1-2 weeks. The prepared product can be used for disinfection of the oral cavity, pre-diluted with 50 ml of medication in 500 ml of water
With the help of such medicinal decoctions and infusions to rinse your mouth as an adult and a child. Another effective remedy against disease is the aloe juice, which is prepared by the following recipe:

  • you need to rip the plants a few leaves and wash out thoroughly;
  • put plants in a bowl and pour in boiling water.
  • leave the aloe leaf has been found to infusion for a few hours.

You can then apply the prepared means for rinsing the oral cavity at stomatitis, which helps to eliminate the discomfort and pain.

Simple and effective folk remedy considered rinse the mouth with juice of cabbage, which was pre-diluted with water in ratio of 1:1. This product has a disinfectant effect on the affected areas of the mucosa that allows to speed up the healing process of ulcers and to get rid of plaque.

In the inflammatory process in the oral cavity, you can use the juice of parsley, which helps to destroy pathogens and bacteria in the mouth.

In the treatment of stomatitis, you must be especially careful and follow the recommendations of a specialist. The fact that children under 4 years old often swallow drugs, so the treatment of stomatitis in them is best done with the help of drugs local action. Should not be used to combat disease many different drugs. Simply choose 1-2 of the most effective drugs and to rinse the mouth to eliminate ailment.