Than to treat stomatitis in infants: thrush in the newborn

The birth of a new family member is always happiness. But good moments can cloud disease crumbs. Along with colds, very often the child has stomatitis. Disease unpleasant fact that the baby is very difficult to eat because of mouth sores cause unbearable pain. The people, candidiasis is called thrush. Than to treat stomatitis in infants and what are the main causes of its appearance, consider today.

Types of stomatitis

At the sight of the causative agent of stomatitis are divided into several types:

  1. Herpes;
  2. Candida;
  3. Aphthous;
  4. Contact;
  5. Allergic.

From toddlers to year, usually occurring form of Candida disease or thrush. The causative agent of thrush — a fungus of the genus Candida. To protect your child from yeast infection, as the fungi inhabit healthy human. They are on the skin, in the oral cavity, in the gastrointestinal tract.

Allergic contact stomatitis form affects children who have had allergic reactions to food products or synthetic detergents.
Herpes stomatitis, also occurs due to disease progression. But this kind of disease is typical for children older than one year.
Aphthous stomatitis is a more severe form of the disease. Usually occurs due to stress, vitamin deficiency, chronic fatigue, heredity and frequent allergic reactions.

How to recognize thrush in a newborn

Thrush in a young child is not difficult to recognize. If they occur in the oral cavity of minor wounds and sores, the baby will refuse to eat. Any stimulus that falls on the mucosa causes severe pain and burning.

First thing you should pay attention mom, is the presence of plaque or spots on the tongue, palate and cheeks of the child. Before treating stomatitis in the newborn child need to see a specialists. Very often, young mothers panic and begin to treat the child from disease, without apparent reason. Noticed a white tongue and ran to the pharmacy, having decided on their own that your baby is sick. Not there are white patches after feeding? Diagnose: take a gauze pad, soak it in a weak soda solution and clean the tongue of the baby. With stomatitis, the plaque will not turn away, and the remnants of breast milk or adapted formula will remain on the cloth.

Another important symptom is restless sleep of the child or the lack of it. The child, exhausted, falls asleep for a few minutes in the arms of my mother, then wakes up with a loud cry.

Often inspect the mouth crumbs for ulcers and plaque. The sooner it is diagnosed disease, the easier will pass treatment.

Causes of infection

Infection with yeast infection occurs as a result of:

  • Poor hygiene nipple and kid’s toys;
  • Transmission of the virus from saliva of the adult.
  • The weakening of the immune system of the child;
  • Allergic reactions;
  • Long-term use of antibacterial drugs.

One of the most common causes of Contracting the disease are kissing moms and dads, as well as poor cleanliness of personal items and baby items-feeding. Every person is a carrier of the yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida. Mother kissing baby’s saliva transmits the virus to the baby. The child’s immune system too weak to cope with such a serious disease.

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Often, the mother notices that after suffering a respiratory illness with severe with severe cough, runny nose and redness of the throat, the child develops a canker sore. This is due to the inability of the immune system to fully fight the disease and, as a consequence, suffers oral mucosa. The virus that was dormant in the body aktiviziruyutsya crumbs and starts to progress, there is thrush.

Candidiasis may develop on the background of allergic reactions. In this case, you must consult an allergist to identify the allergen and prescribing the right treatment.
Young children for treatment of respiratory diseases in Pediatrics, antibiotics are prescribed. Antibacterial drugs used for a long time alter the condition of the mucous microflora in the mouth, thereby contributing to the development of thrush.

The elucidation of the causes of stomatitis in infants – doctors. Should not suffer in guesses, which led to the disease. Now in your power to ensure that the recovery occurred as soon as possible.

Call the pediatrician

Once you found a suspicious rash on the oral mucosa of a child – call the local doctor. The final diagnosis puts it, not you. Of course, with the exception of mothers with medical education. After careful examination and identification of the causative agent, the doctor will prescribe effective treatment of stomatitis babies.

To identify the pathogen that caused the stomatitis in the newborn, the child passes through a series of surveys:

  1. A swab taken from oral mucosa;
  2. General analysis of blood.

In complex and protracted course of the disease will need to consult:

  • The allergist;
  • Immunologist;
  • Gastroenterologist;
  • Dentist.

In any case, you should not rely on chance, leave treatment to qualified professionals. Self-treatment assign is not necessary. Unreliable in the diagnosis of stomatitis will become chronic.

It’s more complicated if stomatitis is recurrent disease, and not the main. For example, a child is ill with acute respiratory infections or tonsillitis and they are joined by a thrush. In this case, young children prescribed antibiotics. Antibiotics provoke the development of thrush. It is a vicious circle, but without antibiotics not to manage. In this case, recovery may be delayed until 10 to 14 days.

How to relieve a state of crumbs. Important rules

In addition to drug therapy, which is strictly prescribed by a doctor, the mother must abide by the rules, accelerating the recovery. In no case should not rely on the experience of friends or girlfriend with three children. Every child is different and treatment is tailored accordingly.

To drug therapies to be effective, you need to:

  1. To provide the child with fluids;
  2. At least two times a day to carry out wet cleaning of the premises;
  3. Food should be warm but not hot so as not to cause the baby pain;
  4. If a child receives a feeding up, it should be rubbed through a sieve, cooked with no added salt or sugar;
  5. After each meal the mouth should be treated with an antiseptic solution. For young children is a weak soda solution;
  6. If the child is breastfed, mother should take care of the hygiene of the breast. After and before each feeding, the Breasts should be washed with soap and water;
  7. Regularly it is necessary to conduct heat treatment of nipples and baby bottles.
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To beat anxiety you need if a baby has:

  • The temperature rose above 38*;
  • Child is naughty or contrast, shows to the whole apathy;
  • The baby does not eating anything;
  • If after three days of treatment with medicines there is no improvement, it is an occasion to re-call the pediatrician at the house.

It is important that in your mouth after a meal was left with food residue. Bacteria with force lightning spread in the mouth, causing erosion of the tissue.

Methods to treat stomatitis in infants

Funds from stomatitis for children under one year are selected strictly individually. Depending on the type of pathogen and the disease the doctor prescribes:

  1. Medicines that accelerates the regeneration of tissues;
  2. Antiviral agents;
  3. Antifungal drugs;
  4. Pain relievers;
  5. Drugs that increase the body’s defenses.


A comprehensive approach to treatment – the key to a speedy recovery crumbs. The mother must remember that just relieve pain, not to heal the child. Many people find it hard to buy everything that is prescribed by a doctor and the mother chooses, in her view, the most important. In this case, ask your doctor to prescribe the cheaper ones that are age appropriate baby. Drugs from disease for children under one year, actually, not so much. Often the drugs are allowed to receive only 3 years of age due to the content of alcohol or other substances that are not absorbed by the body newborn. So, what to treat thrush in the infant of the allowed medications?

As antiviral agents administered:

  • Oxolinic ointment, 1 per 8 hours;
  • Ointment Acyclovir, no more than 3 times a day;
  • Tebrofenovaya ointment, the multiplicity of reception – 4 times a day.

In identifying fungal diseases prescribe drugs to suppress fungi in the body. Of antifungal means children are allowed:

  1. A Solution Of Candide;
  2. Nystatin Drops;
  3. Nystatin in suspension;
  4. Levorin in suspension.

In complex therapy to facilitate eating and improving General well-being prescribe an analgesic:

  • Kamistad gel form. The multiplicity of reception – 1 time per 8 hours. Permitted from the age of three. Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug;
  • Spray based on propolis. Used for irrigation of the oral cavity not more than 5 times a day.

Drugs that accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues:

  1. Vinilin balm or Shestakovskoe. Viscous colorless liquid, which accelerates the healing of erosions and ulcers. Use local application on the affected areas of the mucosa 5 times a day;
  2. Ointment Solcoseryl. Pat dry swab the oral cavity of the baby, apply ointment and moisten with water.

Than to treat stomatitis in a child under one year can not:

  • Holisal-gel and fluconazole. Approved for use from 1 year of age;
  • Metrogyl Denta applicable to children older than 6 years of age;
  • Gel Ledogar. Contains the active substances, prohibited for children.

What can folk remedies

How to treat stomatitis for children under the age of folk methods. As antiseptic and healing tools is recommended to use the following herbs and plants:

  1. A decoction of chamomile flowers. Acts as anti-inflammatory and disinfectant agent. Prevents the development of bacteria in the oral cavity of the child. Prepared as a tea or decoction and give the child to drink;
  2. Blueberries. Accelerates regeneration of tissues in the mouth of the baby. Contribute to a speedy recovery, enhance the immune power of the body. Give a fresh or in the form of tea. Please note! Berries are a strong allergen. Start with small amounts and only in the absence of a response in the form of a rash or itch, you can use blueberries for therapeutic purposes;
  3. Tincture of calendula. The strongest natural antiseptic. It is recommended that a point to put on mouth ulcers.
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Than to treat stomatitis in an infant? You can prepare a weak solution of soda. To do this, take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and dissolve in a glass of water. Ready with a solution, wipe the child’s mouth after each meal. Soda has antiseptic and healing properties.

It is believed that from yeast rescues the honey. Prepare honey water. Dissolve a teaspoon of honey in warm water and clean the mouth of the child. Please note the reaction. In case of Allergy, the honey should be excluded from therapeutic procedures.

Accelerates the process of recovery and prolong ulcers rosehip oil and sea buckthorn. You can buy them at any drugstore for an affordable price. Lubricate the affected areas of the mucosa oil to mitigate the erosive surface and accelerate regeneration.

It is considered that with a yeast infection should avoid drinking milk, as the bacteria encourage the growth of fungi. But what about the child who is breastfed or on formula? Milk is the main diet of crumbs and eliminate it, means to deprive it of nutrition at all. When it comes to infants, it is not necessary to wean your baby from the breast and start feeding soups. The correct action by the mothers after each feeding carry out hygienic procedures of the oral cavity of the baby.

Don’t forget about toys. The child pulls in a mouth, so you should care about the purity of rattles and favorite pieces of crumbs. Something that can be subjected to heat treatment – boil, rest, wash with water and soap and rinse with hot water. Put it on the child a jacket with closed fingers. The baby will be sure to explore your mouth as ulcers cause discomfort. Hands he can bring the infection and cure the disease is at times difficult. Remember that thrush is a disease of dirty hands, so make sure to have your child surrounded by pure things and objects.