Than to treat tooth decay remedy, pills, cure tooth decay

Enamel darkening are familiar to all, but than to treat tooth decay — not many people know. How to stop the disease on their own and you can do it without the intervention of a specialist, take a closer look.

The concept of caries and how it appears

From a medical point of view, tooth decay is a disease which occurs due to the destructive action of cariogenic micro-organisms present in the oral cavity of each. Food for pathogenic bacteria are the remains of the food. In the process of life in the oral cavity are formed organic acids that have a damaging effect on the enamel, and in consequence of the tooth tissue.
In simple terms, caries has 4 stages of development:

  1. Disease appearing on the tooth in spot. Whitish spot has a small size, which does not progress and does not destroy the tooth with proper care;
  2. Disease with lesions of the tooth surface. At this stage, most affected enamel, thus increasing sensitivity to hot and cold;
  3. Pathology of moderate severity that is characterized by destruction of enamel and dentin. The response of teeth to hot and cold food more pronounced than in 2 stages. Pain syndrome occurs abruptly and soon passes;
  4. A deep degree of damage of the tooth. This stage is characterized by a deep lesion of the internal structures of the tooth, located near nerve endings. Pain syndrome is pronounced. The patient makes in unbearable pain, which is difficult to stop the pain as well as high sensitivity to stimuli.

The main causes of tooth decay

Caries develops for different reasons. Dentists identify the main associated with:

  • Lack of proper care of the oral cavity;
  • Not a regular dental cleaning;
  • The presence and consequence of rickets, scurvy, osteoarthritis, diabetes mellitus, exudative diathesis;
  • The weakening of protective forces of organism;
  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Use is not good quality water with low content of mineral components, in particular fluorine.

The reasons can be many, and the consequences are the same. In the absence of proper care and timely rehabilitation of the oral cavity, a tooth is destroyed completely, breaks off and save it makes no sense.

Is it possible to stop the caries alone

To completely cure the disease, you should visit your dentist who will assess the magnitude of the lesions and prescribe treatment. The doctor finds a highly effective anti-caries tools and give some recommendations, compliance with which ensures a speedy recovery. Not worth the wait, if you start to clean their teeth with a high fluoride content, the destroyed tooth will be restored. The correct approach to treatment can only stop the progression of the disease. In case of advanced caries, treatment with drugs will not produce the desired result.

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Tools that are recommended by alternative medicine only help to strengthen enamel and whiten a few shades of yellowed teeth. If therapy is chosen incorrectly, the situation may be complicated by the rapid destruction and loss of the tooth.

If the disease is not delayed, it is possible to use folk remedies from cavities. Again, at home, the disease can be stopped, but not cured.

Traditional recipes from decay

Dentists claim that the herbs and decoctions of plants can serve as an effective cure for caries, the main condition — they should be used regularly and preferably all of the same therapy at the dentist.

Tincture on alcohol is used to rinse the mouth, as a prophylactic and therapeutic means against caries. Consider the most effective methods that act as a cure for tooth decay:

  1. A decoction of sage. Prepare broth as follows: dry grass 1 tbsp. pour 200 ml of water. Prepare a broth by bringing to a boil. Further, to insist 40 minutes, strain and rinse your mouth at least 3 times a day;
  2. The broth of a peel of onions. To prepare this decoction, you need to grind the husks, take 2 tablespoons and pour 100 ml of boiling water. Allow to stand for half an hour. The filtered and cooled decoction mouth rinse in the prevention and treatment of disease;
  3. Teeth cleaning soap. Hygiene care natural soap is necessary to carry out 1 time per day. This procedure kills the bacteria and creates a protective film that protects the teeth from defeat germs;
  4. Hygienic cleansing or rinsing with a baking soda tincture of propolis and fir oil, honey and alcohol camphor has a strong antiseptic and regenerative action;
  5. No less effective folk remedy for tooth decay — plant air. The broth is prepared in the following way: 1 tbsp. spoon dry grass pour 1 Cup boiling water. Use the broth to rinse after basic hygiene care;
  6. The use of milk. Helps to replenish calcium in the body and protect teeth from carious lesions.

How traditional medicine effective

Home remedies are useful as a preventive measure, but the treatment is a moot point. How conventional rinsing can heal, restore and strengthen enamel? After all, tooth decay is the damage of deep layers of enamel. To penetrate the affected area to the healing solution is very difficult.

The assumption that grass can stop the decay in the initial stages of development right, but destroyed the enamel does not get the treatment. In any case have to go to the dentist to treat the affected teeth.

The difference in dental treatment and home therapy is that the doctor removes portions of a tooth affected by disease, but not cure. After a thorough scrubbing of the tooth cavity are processing the clean surface of fluorine-containing drugs, then the doctor closes the tooth filling. The enamel can be restored using fluoride toothpaste, improving the mineralization of teeth. Herbs do not have such effectiveness.

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With regard to preventive measures with the use of medicinal plants, there is not necessary to argue. Herbs have antibacterial action that helps protect the oral cavity from pathogenic microbes. In addition, it is an inexpensive and effective method to keep teeth healthy.

Toothpastes with high fluoride content

Before to treat dental caries, it is necessary to consult a dentist. Only a doctor prescribes therapy that is safe and tailored to the individual characteristics of the patient. Very often, people are buying fluoride-containing toothpastes, unaware that are allergic to the incoming components.

When lack of calcium, the doctor will prescribe medications or pastes that contain a sufficient amount of that chemical element.

High efficiency and high content of fluorine is different pastas:

  • PRESIDENT Unique. Contains a large amount of calcium that is easily absorbed in the body. The high content of papain and xylitol prevent the formation of plaque and Tartar. Toothpaste has strong antibacterial effect;
  • Splat Biocalcium. Protivokariesnoe pasta, providing comprehensive care for the oral cavity. Contains abrasives that dissolve the stone and gently clear the plaque without damaging the enamel;
  • El-ce med TOTAL CARE. Pasta with a high content of fluoride and vitamins to help speed up tissue regeneration, strengthening teeth and gums;

Toothpastes very much, and to choose the one that suits you is very difficult. Make the right choice will help a dentist.

Cheap drug against tooth decay, calcium gluconate

I’m sure many have heard that there are pills against tooth decay. Calcium gluconate is used not only to strengthen the teeth, but with frequent broken limbs, because it gives the density of the bones.

Calcium tablets will help stop the development of caries, and whiten teeth. Taking pills is necessary with milk, pre-chopped them into powder. The use of this healing drink will eliminate carious lesions at an early stage of development. Milk with calcium drink immediately after a meal to enhance absorption of the chemical element in the body.


Calcium gluconate is available in any pharmacy. In addition, he is a cheap and effective means of calcium:

  1. Whitens the enamel, reinforcing the effect for a long time;
  2. Helps to eliminate tooth decay at any stage of the symptoms;
  3. Strengthens the enamel;
  4. Makes up for deficiency of calcium and fluorine in the body;
  5. Comprehensive care for the oral cavity.

To meet calcium gluconate at the pharmacy you can not only pills. Now the drug is available in gel form for topical application.

The gel is rubbed with a swab that provides reliable protection for a long period of time. You should not be afraid that there will be itching or a rash — the drug is hypoallergenic and safe.

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Calcium has a positive effect on the body, particularly on the teeth. Adequate intake of the trace element:

  • Ensure the teeth white and polished enamel;
  • Eliminate the cracks in the enamel;
  • Clean the teeth from plaque and Tartar;
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity;
  • Protects against irritants.

Preventive measures

People neglect the simple rules of hygiene that we have been taught since childhood, and then surprised as the dentist with round eyes counts the teeth requiring treatment. To not feel uncomfortable during the inspection at the dentist, you need only to exercise proper care of the oral cavity. Because the disease is easier to prevent than to long and hard to heal, all agreed. Why torture ourselves with endless rinsing, if you can just take a few minutes of precious time on prevention activities, which afford even a child.

Interventions to prevent illness include:

  1. Regular cleansing of the mouth from plaque, food and bacteria;
  2. Use a quality toothbrush, with bristles of medium hardness;
  3. The use of dental floss to cleanse the interdental spaces;
  4. Cleansing the oral cavity with chewing gum. The main rule — the gum should not contain sugar;
  5. Discard toffee, candy and everything that sticks to the teeth and has a sweet taste.

To avoid the breeding of bacteria should not be used:

  • Raisins;
  • Confectionery;
  • Bananas;
  • Sugar;
  • Chocolate;
  • Chips;
  • Donuts;
  • Nuts;
  • Yogurt.

That visit to the dentist should at least once in 6 months, but to comply with this rule people don’t want, citing his unwillingness unreasonable fear. It is important to understand that if you visit the dentist for preventive care, treatment is possible and necessary, but it will be minimal and painless. If you come to the doctor only when the pain does not recede, because of the complete destruction of the tooth by decay, then treat you will long and hard.