Than to whiten teeth: whitening products for teeth

Today, many people are interested in the answer to the legitimate question: how to safely whiten teeth? As you know, based on modern standards one of the main features of charm and beauty is a dazzling smile with white teeth. But every nation and at all times beauty was something completely different. For example, during the existence of the Russia women exposed their teeth to demonize, because they were confident that the white tooth enamel can draw supernatural strength and makes them look like monkeys.
Today, after many hundreds of years, on the contrary, whitening the tooth surface is the key to cleanliness of the mouth and a sure sign of a beautiful smile. Some for these purposes, turn to qualified dental doctors and used all sorts of whitening products for teeth, which are now a huge number. Others carry out bleaching in the home, using a variety of means prepared independently. As a rule, most often nature rewards the person not the white color of the enamel of the teeth, and bluish, grayish or yellowish hue. The reason is that each person has individual characteristics of the organism, i.e. its structure is determined genetically, and therefore there are differences in the color of teeth, hair, eyes. Modern dentists are of the opinion that people who have a darker natural tooth color is much less likely to suffer from dental diseases, because in such cases, their teeth are much healthier and stronger.

Who should whiten your teeth

The color shade of the teeth can vary for different reasons. But there are a number of more common factors that adversely affect tooth enamel, causing the development of plaque. And this in turn contributes to changing not only the color of the enamel, but also the quality of the teeth.

So, dentists say that the shade of the tooth enamel is subject to variation in the following cases:

  • excessive consumption of sweets;
  • Smoking;
  • excessive consumption of tea or caffeine;
  • a large amount of tetracycline in the body;
  • large intake of fluoride in the body;
  • the underdevelopment of dental tissues.

All of the above factors are the most common. Let us examine each of them separately.


As a rule, the oral cavity is home to many different organisms. With a sharp increase in the intake of carbohydrates, these organisms begin to intensively allocate a variety of waste products that tend annoyingly to affect tooth enamel, causing its thinning. It becomes so thin that through it you can see the bases of the teeth, or as it is called — Destin, which by its nature has a yellowish color.


Everyone knows that tobacco smoke is composed of unfavorable components that settling and penetrating into the enamel of the teeth begin to deploy there is a flurry of activity, after which the teeth of the smoker acquire a yellowish color. In such cases, a toothpaste with whitening effect it might not help, because she’s just not able to cope with appearing on the surface of the teeth film of plaque. To get rid of this problem, you can use any of the modern bleaching preparation, or use dental services, but the plaque will still appear again. For the complete elimination first of all recommended to get rid of the causes that brought about the development of the disease, that is, to give up Smoking.

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Strong tea and caffeine

Drinks such as coffee and tea are composed of a large number of natural food dyes that can change the color of the enamel. So fans of similar drinks have to understand that their abuse is fraught with loss of tooth whiteness.

Also, the teeth can quickly darken due to red wine by purchasing from its frequent use persistent brown.

Excess of tetracycline

Because of excessive intake of tetracycline in humans can also occur a change of shade of the teeth. In such cases, they become yellow. Typically, this occurs only in childhood, when the teeth only start to form when a woman is pregnant or after taking tetracycline she formed jagged beginnings of the fruit.

An excess of fluoride compounds

When the human body begins to be continuously fluoride, the tooth enamel changes, it appears in the ruffle(mottled teeth). An excess of fluoride is observed in people who live in areas where heavily polluted atmosphere as well as in the use of low-quality food and water. Such disturbance called fluorosis. If it have human teeth have a pronounced yellowness.

Underdevelopment of a tissue of the teeth

This disease called hypoplasia. In humans, the enamel is formed yellow or white spots, which are clearly the same shape. In those cases when they can be seen when smiling or during the conversation, you need to use the procedure of bleaching. But dentists suggest first of all to seal them.

Who should not whiten teeth

There are situations, when without teeth is simply not enough, and those in which it is not recommended to conduct this procedure.

So dentists suggest not to lighten the tooth surface in the following cases:

  1. enamel has a high sensitivity;
  2. on the front teeth are fillings, after bleaching that will be hard to stand out, as they do not apply the bleach;
  3. there are a large number of seals on both dental rows;
  4. the person is allergic to hydrogen peroxide;
  5. during pregnancy;
  6. in the presence of decay or other damage;
  7. breastfeeding;
  8. until the age of majority;
  9. if you regularly take certain medications.

What people should know, before you begin to whiten your teeth

Most often the bleaching process is very similar to bleach hair and likewise has some adverse effect on human health. In this regard, the main recommendation on the clarification of the enamel is extremely careful. People need to understand that using one or another bleach, it can not only make teeth whiter but also to harm them.

Of course, if you are dentists, they can quickly whiten your teeth without dental health is a tangible harm, but what if there is no possibility to use the service of a professional? Then people decide to carry out this procedure at home. But before you start a home bleaching, you must be quite sure that the enamel has sufficient thickness and strength, so in any case, it is recommended to consult with a dentist. A positive result can be achieved only when the yellow is on the surface of teeth. In other cases, the effect will be minimal, that is, people not getting what they expected.

Exactly deciding to lighten the tooth surface, you must also know that the teeth are in good condition and have no disease. This especially concerns the whitening, which is carried out independently. It is not recommended to perform the procedure of clarification, if a person has any pathology of the periodontal tissues.
Before bleaching, you should hold the so-called revision of the existing seals. This is done due to the fact that, after sealing, between the tooth and the filling appear microstory that can get the bleaching agent that can cause a damaging effect on inner tissue of the tooth.

Very useful will be more likely to carry out the cleaning of your entire mouth with a soft brush because hard have the ability to adversely affect the surface of the teeth. To maintain whiteness, it is recommended to find a good dental medication. For example, today popular are toothpastes with whitening effect.

When the enamel re-acquire a white appearance, in any case it is not necessary to smoke or in large numbers to eat the food, which can change its color shade.

Strips for whitening

Today there are many ways to whiten teeth. One of these ways are special strips — a tool that has a good reputation among all existing medications for lightening tooth enamel. If you don’t know what to whiten teeth, these strips will be for you perfect solution so as to obtain a white smile can be had through a month after the first treatment. To understand how to use this tool is to read the user manual about it. In General, nothing complicated. The strips should be applied to the teeth every day and keep for 25-30 minutes. After a month it is possible to lighten a few shades. On average, the white color will begin to fade after a few months, so after that, the procedure is repeated. But it is better to whiten teeth more expensive strips that lighten from six colours and white smile lasts up to twenty months.

Brightening pencil


When you whiten your teeth you can use special pencil. Using this drug can eliminate the stains left by nicotine, as well as coffee and tea plaque. This method is more safe, therefore today the best, the best also tools such as various oils and creams, capable of only a few weeks to bleach the tooth surface. For example, let us consider tea tree oil.

Whitening gels

The most radical means for lightening teeth are special gels that are applied on the toothbrush with the subsequent processing of the teeth. When the gel solidifies, its dissolution takes place gradually through purifying functions of saliva.

There are also plastic elements — the capacitor, which wears on the teeth, and the free space is filled with gel. The main objective of these cap is to protect the mucosa from contact with a bleaching agent and ensuring the tight contact of the gel with the teeth.

If the extra money for the purchase of gel there, and the urgent need to lighten the teeth more optimal solution would be a gel made at home. To prepare means you need to use carbamide peroxide. It is worth noting that you can also use hydrogen peroxide, but making the gel on its basis you need to understand that this ingredient can cause burning of the gums or destroy the enamel.

Tea tree oil

To whiten enamel at home you need to take one hundred percent tea tree oil. Before whitening it is necessary to clean the oral cavity using a regular toothpaste and brush. Then should be applied to the brush a few drops of oil and process them all teeth. After the procedure you need to rinse your mouth with warm water. It should be noted that the application of this tool may be numbness of the cheeks and tongue. This oil can deal with dental stones.

Baking soda

This method of whitening is that using baking soda on the tooth surface is removed the formed plaque.

  • For the procedure first of all, you need to apply soda on the gauze strip, folded several times. Then she has to clean the teeth. When using soda, there is a risk of thinning of enamel and a violation of the gum tissue.
  • Also soda can be added to the paste for the teeth, which subsequently you should clean the mouth is not more than 3-4 times a month.

In addition to all these tools for lightening of tooth surfaces, there are many others. To them applies to activated charcoal, lemon juice, fine salt and many others.

So, now it is clear how you should whiten teeth, whiten teeth, whiten teeth special dental equipment, but it is the most expensive method, so only suitable for fairly wealthy people. Generally, each person chooses the option that suits him the most. Most importantly what not to lighten up, and get the results that you expect.