The Amazing White teeth whitening: the pros and cons, price, reviews

To return a beautiful smile you need to use special systems. One of them is teeth whitening Amazing White. It has its pros and cons, available price and enough various customer reviews.

With this simple procedure in just a single session to achieve a dazzling smile. And even though we have this system is just beginning to gain popularity in the United States for the past 12 years, it is used by millions of satisfied customers.

What is it?

As in many other such technique involves oxygen teeth whitening by hydrogen peroxide and its activation. With deep penetration of the oxygen atoms are able to eliminate pigment and appeared to create a bleaching effect.

However, if the nature of your enamel has a grayish or yellow shade, the performance of such funds can be justified. Due to the gentle impact that is safe for the tooth enamel, bleaching is quite neat and the effect can be 4 to 9 colours.

The device and principle of operation

The kit whitening system Amazing White comes with a very gel-like means, and LED lamp emitting blue, so-called «cold» light. At low power of 30 W and a wavelength of 430-490 nm, the effect obtained is soft enough. This lamp is not able to harm the teeth, so it does not overheat. It contains no ultraviolet rays, which makes the whitening procedure as safe as possible.

The gel-based moderate concentrations of hydrogen peroxide can penetrate into the deeper layers of enamel and completely remove age spots. Due to the activation of the lamp, the substance is split into oxygen atoms and leads to natural lightening of tooth surfaces.

Moreover, this technique is used perhydrol, which when exposed to light splits directly to the peroxide, water and oxygen. Only then the active substance enters into the tissues of dentin and there directly fixes the pigment, which led to the darkening of the dentition.

Due to the fact that atoms are only stains, not affecting the other elements, no adverse unexpected outcomes occurs. The integrity of enamel and mineral composition of dentin is stored as before the procedure. The concentration of perhydrol is only 16%, which is considered the most gentle for healthy teeth.

The before and after photos

The advantages and disadvantages of technology

This method of whitening has several advantages and is valued by patients worldwide:

  • The absence of any unpleasant sensations during or after the procedure.
  • Safety of the method implies complete retention of the mineral composition of the enamel.
  • A gentle effect does not lead to the destruction of the hard tissues.
  • The gel and lamp does not irritate.
  • Quick result at the expense of what such a procedure called Express whitening.
  • It is possible to apply this system at home, acquiring all the necessary kit.
  • Cleansing fairly uniform and is able to whiten your enamel, even in the most remote places.
  • Do not overheat the pulp through the safe «cold» light bulbs.
  • Efficiency up to ten colours on a special scale.
  • The procedure aims to achieve a natural light shade of enamel that will look harmonious.
  • Affordable price compared to other similar systems.
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It is not surprising that many patients recognized the effectiveness of this technique and recommend it to all my friends. Those who have already experienced the result and ease of service, it is carried out regularly and systematically, thereby maintaining a constant radiant smile.

Even despite the fact that in our country the whitening procedure Amazing White only gaining popularity, it is already quite popular and loved by many. And did the availability of service to most comers.

In the United States and Europe, this technique is offered to patients of dentists is much longer and has won many satisfied clients. Doctors also often recommend to use this option, the lightening of the enamel due to its safety and simplicity. In just one visit you can get a shining smile, the effect of which will be comparable with other more expensive ways.

Some people noticed a little cons:

  • If you are hypersensitive components, or hypersensitivity may experience discomfort during and after the procedure.
  • The first day occurs the reaction of the teeth to cold and hot.
  • Hydrogen peroxide in the composition is a fairly aggressive substance, which do need to carefully, otherwise the tool will damage the enamel.
  • Careless distribution of the gel may result in irritation of soft tissues.
  • In some people the effect is uneven, which is dependent on the natural structure of the hard tissues and individual characteristics.

Note that in the presence of artificial materials in a bleaching effect works only on natural fabrics. Thus, the teeth will have a different shade that does not look very nice.

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One caveat – if there are such defects as «tetracycline» teeth, darkening them from injury, age or other problems of integrity of structure, no single type of whitening can’t change the ugly color.


To avoid unpleasant consequences, and not to be among those who were dissatisfied with the whitening system Amazing White, you need to consider contraindications to the procedure:

  • thinned enamel from nature;
  • the tendency for allergies to any components of the gel;
  • pregnancy;
  • the period of breastfeeding;
  • milk teeth and the patient’s age up to 14 years;
  • dentures, implants, and fillings;
  • installed braces;
  • various diseases of the teeth;
  • inflammation of soft tissues, and mucous membranes;
  • dark enamel from medication;
  • the period of treatment of oncological diseases;
  • exposed root of the tooth;
  • mental illness of the patient;
  • increased reaction to light;
  • problems with the thyroid gland;
  • taking certain drugs such as antibiotics or oral contraceptives.

Before doing this procedure, it is necessary to examine the oral cavity at the dentist and to consult on the topic of contraindications. Only with this approach can fully guarantee its safety and the expected effect.

How to carry out teeth whitening system White Amazing?

The entire session takes simple steps:

  1. Initial, you need to conduct examination and cleansing of the oral cavity. The doctor needs to remove light plaque, Tartar, to clean the interdental spaces from food residues. Also at this stage to protect the enamel applied to a special gel with fluoride.
  2. Hydrating cream or oils with vitamins A and E.
  3. For easy expansion of the mouth and protect the gums from exposure to gel set the retractor and rubber dam in order to secure the soft tissue.
  4. Now the doctor put the right amount of gel to the teeth evenly distributing it across the row. The lamp is turned on for 15 minutes and spend another two repeated session over short periods of time.
  5. At the end of the procedure, the gel is carefully washed, rinse mouth and remove all protective equipment.
  6. After triple exposure lamp compare the result with the original and cover the teeth with a special fluorine-containing drug to strengthen enamel.

The doctor will definitely give advice on the preservation of the achieved results of care of the oral cavity in the first days after the procedure and may recommend some home systems for maintaining a white smile.

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Remember, the less you drink coffee, tea, addicted to bad habits, the longer it will persist the result of bleaching. And it’s not just this method but any other systems impact on the shade of the enamel. And regular care of the oral cavity will help prevent not only gum disease, but also various dental diseases.

Video: teeth whitening system White Amazing.


Valentine’s day:

I tried this method of bleaching, and I liked the result. Given that it is much cheaper than all the rest, and the tool used is almost the same, I think the best option as you do not need to overpay.


Tried to whiten teeth with home remedies, special pastas, etc. But the effect was very weak. After the procedure Amazing White were pleased with the result, especially because the whole process took a lot of time.


I was talked into this procedure that it is completely safe and painless. Actually all was not so rosy. In the first days after it I even could not sleep, was sick to the teeth! And then there’s the shade it is barely noticeable. More I won’t accept it.

Further questions

► What is the better whitening – Zoom or the Amazing White?

These two systems have many similarities to gel based on hydrogen peroxide and the lamp «cold» light. Each of the procedures promises about a similar result. To make a conclusion about which of these systems better can be said only after you implement each of them. Because the reaction of people is different and one may be better to approach the first method, others the second.