The Beyond Polus teeth whitening: pros, price, reviews

A radiant smile has become a hallmark of successful people. And get this, even if nature has not given light in color enamel by using whitening Beyond Polus. Pros the price and the reviews will be described in more detail in order to understand all the intricacies of the procedure.

The higher the demand for whitening teeth technique, the more varied they become. Among the most modern and professional ways, you can choose that will suit any needs, queries, and individual differences of the dentition.

Features of the system Beyond Polus

To have a white smile everyone wants, regardless of the way of life, the use of any products or harmful habits. Given that and the nature of tooth enamel is not has high whiteness, and often manifests itself in the grey and yellowish shades you want to lighten further. And drinking coffee, tea, wine, staining foods, Smoking, chemical drugs significantly increases the appearance of plaque, which also affects the color of teeth.

Whitening system Beyond Polus is based on the use of the gel component such as hydrogen peroxide. Besides peroxide, there are other chemicals that reinforce and protect the tooth surface from possible destruction. It penetrates into the deeper layers of enamel and brightens teeth, removes dark spots. To activate the gel chose the blue light special lamp. Due to the fact that there are several thousands of filters, it is safe for the entire dentition. This method is called cold light.

The procedure can be performed even people with bad teeth, because exposure to light safe for health of the oral cavity and the entire body. For a good fixing effect, it is recommended not to use food coloring, such as coffee, wine, tea, etc. as a result, the bleaching of enamel occurs almost ten tones and will be held for several years.

The principle of operation

Dentists use a device called an accelerator, it emits blue spectrum light. But due to the fact that the lamp has plenty of filters, fading effects of UV light and other harmful radiation. Waves that reach the tooth surfaces have a 520 nanometers. This light provides cool teeth whitening that is safe and painless procedure.

The chemical composition of the gel aktiviziruyutsya from blue light and gentle on tooth enamel, lightening it on a deep level. Penetrating deeply into the dentin, it strengthens the tooth structure and lightens it. The entire procedure takes about an hour, but the result is a pronounced and long-lasting.

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The before and after photos

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The pros and cons

His method has earned popularity due to the fact that fixed most of the shortcomings of other ways to lighten the enamel, the protective maximized exposure and well thought out care about the health of the teeth.

Advantages of the methodology are:

  • The safety of such whitening is the most important advantage and dignity than any other currently available systems.
  • On the surface of the enamel the light enters the temperature parameters are higher than 37.6 degrees. In the light excluded infrared and ultraviolet waves. As a result, the tooth does not overheat and does not destroy its structure.
  • The procedure is disposable and does not require frequent visits to the doctor. For once you can achieve the change of tint to ten colors. It’s more efficient and more convenient than many other options.
  • Used the gel gently apply to the teeth without causing sensitivity increase.
  • The system is effective even in the most difficult and complicated situations. It is used when age-related pigmentation of the teeth, and in the case of fluorosis.

Such bleaching almost no flaws. These include the relatively high price and some contraindications, though they are much smaller than other whitening procedures. Some patients experience discomfort during its implementation, including the inconvenience to keep my mouth open for an hour. But the pain is not there.


We will describe in more detail the procedure of the impact on the structure of the enamel with the system Beyond Polus:

  1. Before starting bleaching, the physician should make a thorough inspection. However, he evaluates the accessibility of the implementation of the lightening of the enamel, presence of diseases, contraindications and General health of the oral cavity.
  2. If the decision about teeth whitening Beyond, then the patient put on protective glasses, close the skin with a napkin, set the so-called retractor, which will help to keep the mouth open long enough. Additionally, you can lubricate the lips with a special balm so they don’t dry out from exposure to the lamp. To protect the mucosa from radiation can install the cofferdam.
  3. The gel is applied from a syringe, which needs to decompress when the patient. They cover each tooth across the surface.
  4. Using a special lamp with blue light spectrum, conduct bleaching in three cycles, which will last 10-12 minutes. Each stage requires applying the gel again.
  5. At the end of the procedure, the doctor should carefully remove all residues of the chemical composition and to remove the installed materials.

Patients usually notice a shade change of the teeth, the doctor may suggest to make a rating on a special scale. Next, the dentist will advise on how to comply with the oral hygiene and which products to abandon, for a time, so the effect was longer.

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Interesting fact – over the next two weeks, the result of bleaching will be adjusted. It may become more visible and slightly reduced. It all depends on the structure and characteristics of the tooth, care for it surface and additional procedures.

Some doctors recommend that after carrying out the method are Beyond Burr and tooth whitening gel at home to strengthen its impact and make tooth shade even lighter.

It is important to understand that existing fillings and other foreign bodies bleaching will not affect. It only affects the cells of the living healthy teeth and not on artificial materials. And if the tooth row, there are many foreign designs, they will have to replace the new, lighter, that fits the shade.

How long lasts the effect?

In a good private clinics on the result from the system Beyond Polus guarantee for several years. If you wish to maintain your white smile for as long as possible, preferably during the first two weeks to avoid any staining foods and beverages, stop Smoking and other bad habits.

It is also important to observe the usual hygienic care requirements for the oral cavity. The better you treat the health of their teeth, the longer they will be able to give white a sparkling smile.


The disadvantages of this procedure is almost there, but still need to consult with your doctor on the subject of whether to make such a bleaching in the following cases:

  • Caries part of the tooth units.
  • Disease and gum inflammation.
  • Exposure pricesnew plots of the series.
  • Destruction of the enamel, cracks or increased abrasion.
  • Allergic reactions to components of gel used.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Children up to age 18, as that is when enamel is still forming.
  • Too high sensitivity of the teeth from nature.

Whitening technology Beyond will not be carried out during the orthodontic treatment or braces until established. Initially, the teeth are treated, finish the process of forming or correcting the bite, and then perhaps the aesthetic changes the color of the enamel.

Video: about teeth whitening technology Beyond Polus.

The cost of whitening Beyond Polus

This whitening treatment does not come cheap, as it uses expensive special equipment and a high quality gel, gently relating to the tooth surface. However, it’s not the most expensive of currently available clarification systems.

The average price for Moscow 7000-20000 rubles, depending on the clinic. Prices in Kyiv vary less 3000-3500 UAH. Many who have tried the procedure agree that it’s worth it and we can pay the same money in a few years to refresh the color. As a result you can get a real Hollywood smile.

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«I went through this procedure and was satisfied. It lasted for a relatively short time, but pain or unpleasant sensations do not have any. Of course, to sit for an hour in the dentist chair is not very nice in itself, but during bleaching, there was nothing scary or painful. The effect was at once strong and noticeable. Such white teeth I have never had».


«To whiten teeth friend advised me. But I, unlike her, have not used the laser method and Beyond. I paid a lot less, but the effect is not worse. Now, when you want to repeat the procedure after a few years, we’re both going to use the method Beyond Polus».


«When my doctor told me about such a way of lightening enamel, I don’t believe that in less than an hour to achieve the promised results. I was partially satisfied with the ultrasonic method, which I enjoyed not so much for the clarification, but for the healing of teeth. But deciding on Beyond, I got a blinding result. Smile like a movie star and the doctor promised that to stick the effect will be a few years.»

Further questions

► Beyond Polus or ZOOM – which is better?

Both the first and the second bleaching procedure is a modern method that uses special chemical compositions and reflective lamps. But Beyond system is a more advanced procedure than the Zoom. Contraindications and disadvantages of her almost there, but the effect is much better. In addition, during the procedure, the Zoom happened, the appearance of the tan around the mouth that worsened the appearance. And when such radiation does not exclude the influence of ultraviolet light, sometimes caused burns or inflammation on the mucous membranes. When using the Beyond Polus such shortcomings are completely eliminated.