The braces RUB cheeks and lips: what to do in this case?

The main problem for patients who have decided on treatment of occlusion is that the braces RUB cheeks and lips. What to do in this case? How to help themselves, to alleviate suffering and to prevent serious problems with mucous?

The first time discomfort is quite normal and natural. Because the new product takes up more volume in the mouth, stopping to talk, to eat, and even hurting the cheek or lips. If lingual braces are installed, they also scrubbed the language. With the right actions, you can avoid such troubles and to quickly heal open sores.

This is normal?

It is believed that in the first two weeks of wearing orthodontic appliances is quite natural feelings of discomfort that can manifest itself in different variations. The inconvenience will be by themselves after a period of adaptation. Mucosa must adapt to a foreign object in your mouth and get used to its presence.

In addition, there are also other symptoms of discomfort, which provoked the beginning of the treatment. At this point, the dental unit is displaced under the pressure of braces, and you feel additional pain.

But if you notice that began to receive serious wounds or the discomfort persists after a week or two, then you should consult a specialist, who conducted you to install the system. It is possible that the condition must be corrected and then the braces will cease to cause discomfort.

If you skip this point then you can wait to unpleasant painful sensations will be joined by inflammation of the soft tissues and an infection starts in the mouth.

The cause of the problem

Modern braces are made according to the following criteria:

  • small size;
  • made of hypoallergenic materials;
  • with rounded and smooth edges and lines.

All this is done for maximum patient comfort that the products did not cause unnecessary discomfort. And yet they also need to get used to. The appearance of inflammation or sores often starts in the following cases:

  1. Have detached the clasp, that is, the bracket from the tooth surface and the edge injure the mucosa.
  2. Increased tissue sensitivity to metal alloys as part of the design that is displayed in the appearance of allergic inflammation.
  3. Too long an arc, which is incorrectly bent. Sharp edges begin to scratch the inside of his cheeks and create sores.
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All these issues are addressed in a dentist’s office or orthodontist when you call for help. The plate can be reattached with special glue and arch trim at the right place and right bend. In allergic reactions it is an adequate substitute for other materials – ceramics, plastic and so on.

What to do if rubbed braces?

Measures that can be taken in this case are the following options:

  • to eliminate the cause of mechanical injury;
  • to help the mucous to get used to the design;
  • appeared to heal the inflammation or ulcers.

For pain surface and removing the main unpleasant symptoms doctors recommend to take advantage of such available drugs as Colgate Orabase or Orajel. You can buy them at the pharmacy, and to understand how to use, it is enough to read the instructions.

To facilitate the process of habituation dentists together with the installation of the braces give the patient the orthodontic wax. With its help it is possible to reduce injury of the mucosa in the right place. If you his doctor was not given, this tool can be purchased at a specialized pharmacy, or use instead of ordinary paraffin or beeswax.

To reduce inflammation and soothe the mucous, you can use the rinse. Do saline or preparing decoctions of herbs. Such tools quickly and safely affect the soft tissues and help them heal in a short time.

Use wax for braces

This is the most competent and suitable option to ensure that the braces do not hurt. It is recommended to use from the first days of wearing designs. The instructions are simple steps:

  1. Determine where you want to protect the mucosal surface from the protruding elements of the product. To do this, use a mirror, take a bright light and examine the condition of the oral cavity. You can ask for help from loved ones.
  2. Dry part of the design and the tooth surface in the place where you are going to attach the wax. This can be done by using cotton sticks.
  3. Tear off a small piece of money, and warm between fingers, so you can easily roll a ball.
  4. Attach it indenting movement on the projection of the braces, which is traumatic for the surrounding tissues. But do not press hard so the wax left on the metal element.
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This can be done with all parts of the structure that inconvenience. If you apply this wax with the very first sensations of discomfort, it is possible to avoid serious injuries and to help mucosa they get used to the foreign object.

It is important before every meal to remove the wax with the design and thoroughly clean. This can be done by hand or using tools, for example, a toothbrush or a special brush. But if you swallow orthodontic wax, do not worry because it is completely harmless to the human body.

Video: the pros and cons of braces.

Other solutions to unpleasant symptom

What else can you do at home to speed up the process of addiction and to relieve the discomfort? In the early days, doctors recommend to observe the following rules:

  • Avoid foods and drinks with high acid content, as they can further irritate.
  • Prefer soft food, go to a medium stiffness. The solid products can cause damage to the structure, so they are best avoided for the entire period of correcting the bite.
  • Rinsing with saline will not only help to reduce the discomfort and appeared to eliminate the inflammation, but also act as an additional means of disinfection of the oral cavity.
  • It is desirable for this period to select a toothpaste with potassium nitrate which reduces the sensitivity of the gums.
  • For dental treatment and design use brush soft or medium stiffness level.

Listen carefully to the advice of a doctor, who will tell you how to care for your teeth and product. At the first sign of failure design will be sure to come to the appointment with a specialist and not try to fix it yourself.

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Some patients, especially teenagers, decide that with the help of chewing gum can ease the suffering. The result is not only deterioration of the teeth due to actively disseminate of bacteria, but a breakdown of the product. Because this substance is almost impossible to clean up and remove structures, but at the expense of ductility elastic band may pull the arc or lock in the other direction.

Why doctors emphasize not to use in the process of correcting such products. This applies to prunes, candies-toffee, and so Their use will impede the healing process and will cause a lot of inconvenience to eliminate residues from the system.