The bubbles on the tongue: causes and treatment

Bubble in the language may appear in adult or child. The disease not only has a visual unattractiveness, and is accompanied by a number of unpleasant symptoms. The reasons of occurrence and localization of multiple. Confirms the diagnosis and prescribes treatment dentist.

Pathological conditions

Depending on the reasons for the defeat of the tissues of the body, diseases caused by different pathogens. The inflammatory process appears in connection with a traumatic factor and effects: bacteria, viruses, fungi. To determine the diagnosis is carried out a visual inspection. In some cases there are additional methods of research. These include: smear and biopsy.
Education are located at: body, side, bottom, body. Most of the patients complaining of painful symptoms that occur when you touch the blisters on the tongue. In addition to the pain observed other signs of illness. But few recognize that pathology occurs with a complete absence of symptoms.
Diseases associated with pathology in language:

  • Stomatitis. With herpes for the emergence of entities precedes the deterioration of health, fever, swollen lymph nodes, hyperemia of the mucosa. The organ appears white plaque, increased salivation. Blisters on the tongue arise on 2 to 3 day from the onset of the disease. They are small, filled with bright liquid. Elements single or multiple, are arranged randomly and are localized not only on but also on the mucosa of the inner side of the lips and cheeks. Gradually the liquid into small beads are cloudy, they burst, leaving sores. With adequate treatment, recovery occurs after 7 to 14 days. Herpes stomatitis affects adults and children, is contagious. Can recur and repeated countless times.

Aphthous form of the disease characterized by the appearance of painful entities that have an oval shape;

When kandisha stomatitis foci of infection localized. They are oval or circular in shape, covered with white bloom.

  • Lichen planus. The disease most often affects women. The main feature — the defeat of the mucous membranes. In the mouth appears a grid of papules grayish-white color. Mucosa is swollen, painful. On the lips there are papules, covered with scales. Bubble formation observed on the back of the tongue. Initially have the appearance of bright knots, later transformirovalsya in red blisters and reach 5 mm in diameter. Bubbles ulcerate, leaving bleeding sores. The diagnosis is established during the examination the dentist. The presence of characteristic lesions on the body, pathology is determined by the dermatologist. It is important to make a differential diagnosis and to distinguish zoster from herpes stomatitis;
  • Allergies. Develops due to the presence of a specific agent that leads to relevant entities. Factors considered: hygiene, food, dental materials, orthopedic braces, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products;
  • Glossitis. Ulcerative-necrotic form of manifestation is accompanied by the appearance of the mouth inflammatory sites. Education bleed and ulcerate. Worsens the patient’s condition, disrupted livelihoods, food intake is complicated because of the presence of pain;
  • Viral diseases.
  1. With rubella, together with the presence of elements on the body rash in the mouth.
  2. Chickenpox is accompanied by the appearance of small watery rash. Phenomena accompanied by itching and soreness.
  3. During the scarlet fever almost filiform papillae disappear, mushroom swell, increase in size. Due to the fact that visual body similar to raspberries, called raspberry.
  • Cancer tumors. Initially superficial lesion is minor, a very rare occurrence of painful sensations. Pathology is rapidly spreading and accompanied by metastasis.
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Quite often, bubbles in the mouth on the mucosa of the body are formed due to mechanical injuries, burns by acids and alkalis. When the first symptoms of disease, contact your doctor to clarify the diagnosis. The long wait does not solve the situation but exacerbate the problem.

Causes blistering

To the appearance of pathological lesions lead to the following factors:

  • Infection;
  • Injury;
  • Burns. Depending on the degree of destruction of the bubbles contain a light or blood content;
  • Low immunity;
  • Somatic disease, such as pharyngitis, syphilis, HIV, and tuberculosis;
  • Wearing poorly installed prosthetic: braces, crowns, bridges, dentures;
  • Allergic predisposition;
  • Hypovitaminosis;
  • Bad habits: Smoking, alcoholism;
  • Low oral hygiene, infections: caries, periodontitis, periodontitis, pulpitis;
  • Stress.

Whatever the reason, you need to repair the process. Concerns about long-term current inflammation, the absence of improvement and healing, relapsing course. The treatment begins with a visit to the dentist. In pathology, not related to his profile, visit: Laura, immunologist, virologist, oncologist.
If the organ in his mouth appeared the bubbles themselves do not put diagnoses, do not take powerful drugs. At best they will not help, and at worst will cause harm.


In addition to pathologies, diseases of the tongue may be accompanied by many unpleasant symptoms:

  1. Edema and hyperemia of the organ;
  2. Swollen lymph nodes;
  3. Increased salivation (hypersalivation);
  4. Fever;
  5. Cough;
  6. Loss of appetite;
  7. Discomfort when swallowing;
  8. The soreness of body and mouth;
  9. The fear of death due to aspiration;
  10. Rash on the body;
  11. Coating on the tongue and mucous membranes;
  12. Itching in the affected area and parts of the body;
  13. Change the skin;
  14. Dryness of the oral mucosa.
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In most cases, people turn to the dentist, experiencing a significant disorder. Assistance is carried out promptly.

If education is not disturbed, takes a long time before people go to the doctor. Often, this becomes a fatal mistake.


Before taking any therapeutic action, it is necessary to determine the exact diagnosis. In appearance similar to rashes that are the result of different reasons. To determine the nature of the disease, the dentist will help.

General principles the actions of the doctor:

  • The definition of pathology by visual examination, biopsy, smear, scraping. Occasionally appoint additional methods of research: analysis for HIV, syphilis, General blood analysis, analysis to identify the allergen, parasites in the body, the test for tumor markers.
  • The appointment of local antiseptic treatment. The drugs include gels, ointments, solutions. They have anti-inflammatory action. Eliminate the pathological lesions, promotes rapid healing. The solutions include: Furatsilin Miramistin, Hlorgeksidin. Good healing and anti-inflammatory action have gel: Solkoseril, Actovegin, sea buckthorn oil and rosehip. Of folk methods people have successfully used aloe Vera juice, solutions of chamomile, oak bark, calendula, essential oils of tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, soda and salt rinse. Analgesic action have: Holisal, Kamistad, Benzocaine ;
  • In the accompanying diseases, they eliminate;

Mandatory step in treatment is diet. It is the exclusion from the diet of sour, salty, spicy, sweet, hot, cold products. Food must be fractional and gentle. It is supplied in milled form.

  • Herpetic glossitis requires the use of antiviral agents: Oxolinic ointment, Zovirax, Acyclovir. Immunomodulators will help to cope with the pathology of the maximum in a short time. The drugs the doctor prescribes. These include: Kipferon, Viferon, Anaferon, Arbidol, Immunal. Drugs have different forms of release used to treat adults and children;
  • Fungal infections need to be treated Nistatinovaya, Pimafucinom ointment. If there is no improvement for a long time, it is advisable to use the encapsulated form of the drug: Diflucan, Fluconazole.
  • In the presence of vitamin deficiency, the doctor prescribes vitamin complexes.
  • The implementation of a quality dental hygiene is very important. Brush your teeth when the disease of the tongue gently, do not use toothpastes that contain abrasives.
  • Perform a complete rehabilitation of foci of infection in the mouth.
  • Discard bad habits, strengthen your immune system follow the diet, eliminate a stressful situation.
  • Eliminate traumatic factors. Visit the dentist and tell them about the problem. If the perpetrator of the injury are the sharp edges of the filling material, the doctor will perform the polishing and polishing. If there is a problem because of the dentures required adjustment.
  • If you have blood blisters, ulcers necrotic lesion need surgical intervention.
  • If the disease is accompanied by fever, it is recommended to use preparations of Paracetamol, Ibuprofen.
  • Pathology of allergic factor eliminated by the use of antihistamine drugs, with the exception of precipitating factors.
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If a person were to suffer the same trouble as the bubble in the language, should not long defer a visit to the doctor. Seek help as early as possible to maintain their health.