The child bit his tongue to blood: what to do?

Sometimes mothers have to notice that the child bit his tongue to the blood, and then the question arises: what to do? How to help your child to remove the pain attack, to stop the bleeding? This happens during active play, when eating, to sports activities.

The language has a rich network of blood vessels and nerve endings, which is why the bite of this body are so painful and the bleeding is strong, sometimes even beyond the bus stop. Every parent need to know how to deal with such problem and in what situations it is necessary to see a doctor.

How to understand what the child bit his tongue?

When a child indicates either she noticed that the kid bit his tongue to the blood, first it is required to inspect the affected area to determine:

  • whether the blood;
  • the depth of the injury;
  • area bit area;
  • fresh this wound or it was formed earlier.

To carefully examine the oral cavity the child is older, bring him to the window or direct light source in the mouth and ask wide open it and stick out my tongue. If you bite hard, it may bleed. Fresh bite will bleed, and the place of the old possible swelling and hematoma.

Much harder to see the mouth of the crying baby, but it must be done. In some cases when severe trauma, you might find that the temperature rose, so consult your doctor for advice.


How to stop the bleeding?

To stop bleeding you should pinch the damaged vessels, which can be done in various ways.

  1. Dip the tissue in peroxide and strongly press it onto the injured area.
  2. Encourage your child to rinse your mouth with cold water.
  3. Attach to the tongue for a while wrapped in a gauze an ice cube.
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Injury tip of the tongue gauze is pressed against the oral surface of the teeth, the bite of a side plot to the gum, if you cut the back of the tongue to palatal surface. The most serious bleeding occurs in the wound the lower part of the tongue that faces the floor of the mouth. Folded napkin is placed under the tongue and pressed firmly with your fingers.

If the blood can not stop, then seek help in the emergency room – may need suturing of the wound to stop the blood flow.

What to do after the bleeding stops?

When the child bit his tongue to the blood, and it was possible to stop, you must follow the following tips to the blood flow is not resumed and there has been no infection of the wound:

  • do not offer the child food and drink for two or three hours;
  • hot or acidic foods may irritate the wounds and renew the bleeding, so avoid them for six hours;
  • in order to reduce pain is allowed to offer ice cream or allow to dissolve a cube of ice;
  • to accelerate wound healing and reduce the likelihood of infection by pathogenic bacteria, let your child rinse the mouth decoction of medicinal herbs, including sage, chamomile or St John’s wort.

Don’t be alarmed if you notice on the wound surface grayish plaque is a film of fibrin produced during the healing of wounds and preventing infection.

When you need to be a doctor?

Examination by a dentist is necessary, when the tongue bite is very strong, as indicated by some signs:

  1. The bleeding does not stop more than half an hour despite attempts to stop it.
  2. Observed through language.
  3. Bitten off a part of the language, albeit a small one.
  4. Wounded area badly swollen and formed a bruise.
  5. The injury does not heal over a long period of time.
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How to prevent the bite of the tongue of the child?

Biting tongue often occurs accidentally. To prevent possible injury, explain to the kid what to do, to the injury not occurred.

  • the child is often so enthusiastic mobile game that keeps his mouth half-open, with is very active: running, jumping. One awkward movement, it is sufficient that the language was between the teeth and the bite was;
  • in the ball games often it gets the head or face. Due to a sharp impact occurs, the movement of the jaws and tongue may be cut up;
  • fall – the most frequent children’s trouble. While his teeth closed sharply, as if the language was located between them, it is traumatizing;
  • sometimes the baby is not in control of their behavior, spoiled, widely opens his mouth. If he talks while laughing, sometimes it happens the penetration of the tongue between the teeth.

To avoid injury of the language, tell the child about how to behave, and ask to be more attentive.