The child has a brown coating on the tongue: cause, treatment

The child has a brown coating on the tongue — why he came and what it means? Human language can be compared to monitor the computer. It signals changes or failures in the body. The change of state, color, odor unpleasant to be around all of this speaks to the problem of the functioning of one of the internal organ.

How is the coating on the tongue

Our tongue is rough, pink, wet and may have a thin, white layer of plaque. That is, if a person has no health problems. If you look closely at the structure of the top layer of the tongue, we can see that the roughness is caused by the papillae. They R raspolojeny in the whole area and help a person to understand the taste of food taken.

While eating food particles are deposited between the papillae and as a result begin to develop the germs. Plaque is food particles and waste products of microbes. It is different in color and density. If layering is easily removed during cleaning of the teeth and tongue, then there is nothing wrong there. But if the bad layer is removed, and after some time will again manifest itself — it is a reason to come to the doctor.

Why do I get the patches on the tongue

If people ate chocolate, drank coffee, then the plaque may be painted on the tongue in brown. But it is necessary to clean the oral cavity, it will not be over. Another option, if after brushing the brown layer was removed completely or partially, but after some time, appeared again, it is necessary to seek the cause of this together with your doctor:

  • if a person is sick with a viral disease he has a thin layer of plaque;
  • if the disease is in the chronic form, the layer is thick.

The child, like the adult brown coating on the tongue indicates a problem with the digestive system. The brighter the color of the plaque, the greater the stage of the disease.

Causes of plaque in humans

First look at the common causes brown plaque in humans:

  1. Layering appears after sleep. When a person wakes up and goes to brush teeth, you can see the brown layer on the tongue. It’s kind of a signal from the body that has health problems. If the color of the plaque is rich and is not removed after processing, hygienic means, and after a few hours back to place this is a bad sign. Darkened the root of the tongue indicates a problem with the digestive tract, if the coated tip is about to check the respiratory system.
  2. Plaque while Smoking cigarettes. All saw the fingers and teeth of the smoker, they are brown. During Smoking stand tars and stained fingers, teeth and tongue brown.
  3. The intake of food, which is composed of caffeine. These products include: coffee, tea, chocolate. If layering brown is associated with chocolate, tea or coffee, after cleaning the oral cavity it will disappear and more during the day will not appear. This plaque is safe for humans. To reduce the appearance of layering, simply reduce the intake of foods containing caffeine.
  4. The use of drugs also has a positive effect on the appearance of a brown layer. These medications include all antibiotics prescribed (it is used to treat sore throats), malavit (ENT — diseases). Not to worry for this phenomenon is recommended before applying the medication to read the instructions. This type of plaque is safe for humans and takes place gradually after the cessation of medication. It is important to know that in case of a RAID to stop the treatment in any case can not cancel it maybe only a doctor, if they consider it necessary.
  5. Oral lesions with fungus. Fungal infection — this disease develops in the oral cavity. In the first stage of the disease the Central part of the tongue is covered with white bloom. However, if not treated on time, the RAID will eventually become brown. It will not work to remove any cleaning products, hygiene products. He left after the patient will seek medical attention for the appointment of antifungal drugs.
  6. Various food poisoning as a result of dysbiosis. If the language was obatala tinged brown, with a stomach ache, nauseous, bitter taste in the mouth, constipation or diarrhea, which is the reason it is not easy to go to the doctor and call an ambulance. You cannot self-medicate, or treated with folk remedies. If you miss the time, the body will begin the process of intoxication or dehydration, which will lead to serious consequences. The residue in this case will come down gradually yourself as soon as treatment ends.
  7. Brown the language may be, when the time came. In the first stage of the disease the tongue is covered with white layering, when trying to get rid of it pain. After painful manifestations a person asks for treatment to the doctor. But if the disease is run from the RAID repainted in brown color, it will go only after completing the course of therapy.
  8. Brown language appears when dehydration. This process occurs when the body’s output of large amounts of water. It can be kidney disease or gastrointestinal tract. People need to understand that drinking large amounts of water — this problem is not solved. Urgent medical treatment. Until there was no getting rid of the brown layer will not. If he will disappear, then the treatment prescribed is correct, if not, then you will need to change.
  9. Acute lack of vitamin In the first stage is manifested by the appearance of brown patina and cracks. If you do not begin to eliminate the cause, then eventually the language will become crimson. It is recommended in this situation to consult a doctor for purpose of medical preparations that contain vitamin B.
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Here are the not all causes brown plaque in adults and children. There are many reasons and diseases, when manifested the symptoms. Most importantly, remember that all this diversity will only be dealt with by a doctor.

The causes of the pathological state kids

Often the language of children is painted in all colors of the rainbow after consumption of soft drinks, chocolates, berries etc. This effect lasts no more than a day after everything is back to normal.
But there are serious causes brown plaque:

  1. If the small body is the stagnation of bile, or there is pathology in the digestive tract.
  2. Occurs periodically dehydration of the baby.
  3. The body is desperately short of vitamin B.
  4. Adverse reaction from use of antibiotics or antiseptics.

Coating on the tongue in a child

In the children’s oral cavity is full of bacteria. They are abnormal and normal. If the majority is normal, then the child is not sick. If, on the contrary, the child begins to feel even worse and as a result the disease progresses. The first signals the body about the disease state observed in the form of layers on the tongue.

Coating on the tongue of the child is the film that covers the entire tongue or part. It can vary in thickness, color and structure.

English tongue is the norm

Not all layers have to say about any health problems. Healthy children, waking up in the morning can detect white or grayish coating on the tongue. But it is necessary to clean the oral cavity hygiene products, as it will disappear. Young infants often present film white milk or infant formula.

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Remember, if a RAID has no odor, is easily removed for cleaning and then during the entire day does not appear again, is normal, no pathology in it.

Any deposits on the tongue are considered pathological

The reasons why appeared plaque can be defined only by your child’s doctor. But in order to respond to the first signals of the child’s body to illness, parents need to know:

  • the thicker the plaque, the more serious the illness;
  • after cleaning with a toothbrush layering not retired or retired places. It is recommended to follow during the day, there was a RAID again, so in this case, it is necessary to speak of pathology in the body of a baby;
  • the plaque can be of different colors, it signals the body about different diseases;
  • layering is dry, cheesy, greasy, wet and loose.

Methods of diagnosis of pediatric pathology

If the parents found the layering of the language of children, it is necessary to consult a doctor. The pediatrician will examine in detail the history of the child.

To complete the survey recommended:

  • make scraping the tongue and examine;
  • to consult and be examined by specialists;
  • pass the necessary tests;
  • assigned to undergo instrumental examinations (ultrasound, fahds, etc.)

What to do for deliverance

It is important to know that the main thing in this situation is not the removal of the brown coating, and detection and treatment of disease, which led to the emergence of the symptom. It is necessary to treat fungal diseases of the mouth, gall bladder, stomach, duodenum, liver… As the disease will be defeated, layering from the language of the will itself.

This should take:

  1. Using hygienic products to thoroughly clean the entire oral cavity.
  2. You need to watch the language. If layering has not appeared again, so that the consequences of the acceptance of products with dyes or drugs.
  3. The appearance of a brown layer at the tongue again, and it lasts 4 days is an excuse to turn to the therapist or the gastroenterologist.
  4. For prevention used a decoction of chamomile or calendula. Well established propolis, it fights with the germs and consequently, the reduced layering.
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What are the preventive measures

Since the plaque arises after the appearance in the oral cavity bacteria, the preventive measures aimed at eliminating them:

  • the apartment where lives the kid must be clean and regularly ventilated;
  • do not use antibiotics on their own, only as directed by your doctor;
  • reject products with dyes or limit the use. Excluded from the diet soda, chewing gum.
  • to eat more vegetables, fruits. Minimize fatty and fried food;
  • add menu: dairy products and increase intake of water;
  • to give preference to herbal or green teas;
  • fasting morning drink a glass of water;
  • to eat more foods that contain vitamin b include meat, liver, milk, buckwheat, beans, beets, shiver, nuts, etc.
  • be completed within 7 days of squats.

Recommendation of a therapist


If was discovered the plaque at the tongue of unknown origin, the first thing to remember is that eating the kid in the last days. Candy, soda, berries to color the language in a variety of colors. In this case, it is recommended to clean the oral cavity with special hygiene products. Evaluate the result if the layering is not completely disappeared or reappeared, urgently need to come to the appointment with the pediatrician.

If the plaque has a color white and gray, it could be an allergic reaction. It is important to remember that the kid had eaten, what had contact. Parents in these situations have a very serious look at this because it could the body to signal for the beginning of a serious disease.

What color are the deposits on the tongue in children

Children’s bodies are sensitive to changes in the internal organs, so the slightest failure results in the layering of the language of different colors:

  1. white layering — thrush, the flu, acute respiratory infections, scarlet fever, goiter, diphtheria, obstructive bronchitis, stomatitis, pharyngitis, gastritis…
  2. yellow — poisoning, infectious diseases, jaundice, angina, diabetes…
  3. green — stagnation in the body or bile digestive tract pathology;
  4. orange layering — gastritis, early onset of stomach ulcers, diseases of the esophagus.

So it became clear that the appearance of brown patches on the tongue the baby need to visit a therapist. Timely treatment of the disease will lead to recovery and the tongue of the child will acquire a pink color.