The child has a wobbly tooth what to do

When a child’s wobbly milk tooth, what to do, knows not every parent. So inherent nature, that milk teeth grow should be able to chew soft foods. Once the child begins to grow up, the temporary teeth are replaced by permanent.

Often the specified stage involves five years of age. Many parents are concerned about how to proceed, when the tooth begins to stagger, and whether you want to tear it. A similar question is raised mainly inexperienced mothers and fathers. If happened so that the teeth are loose, it is a Testament to their loss. As a rule, in a situation when the child appears wobbly milk tooth, we need only to wait when it will fall out on their own.

What you should pay attention

As noted above, the process of replacement of milk teeth begins at about 5 years. If this happens in children within the specified period, in this case, there is nothing wrong with that is there is no reason to worry: this condition should be considered quite natural. Loss of deciduous teeth causes children pain, as initially dissolve the roots, and only then, you can see one of the elements of swinging.

Against the background of these processes start growing permanent teeth, the place for which free milk. This process can take children up to 11 or 12 years of age. In this period it is very important to ensure younger members of the family nutrition and care of the oral cavity. These measures will enable parents to give their child a healthy and radiant smile for life.

How to behave to parents when the child’s wobbly tooth

In this case, experience is not necessary. It is only necessary to stop the habit of Chad to touch the gums tongue when reeling tooth. Otherwise, high risk of infection that can have serious consequences.

In General, answering a question about what to do if the baby has just began a similar loss of milk teeth, we should say that parents need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. The age at which occurs a change of milk teeth. If the specified process began to develop before the due date, it may cause deformation of the dentition, which develops on the background of the formation of the child’s malocclusion.
  2. The duration of the deposition process. If children’s baby teeth is so that they are on the long stagger, but not fall out, the baby immediately it is necessary to show the dentist.
  3. Deterioration of General health on the background of a wobbly tooth. If the child is swinging, and, however, increased body temperature, nausea and vomiting, then the baby should be taken to a pediatrician.
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Pull teeth yourself or at the dentist

When a tooth in a child swing, there are questions about how to pry it or not and how to do it: by contacting the dentist or at home. Quite often milk teeth happens that they fall out on their own in the process of eating or with a slight impact. Sometimes, however, parents should make the decision to pull out.

As for removing in the home, in this case there is nothing wrong, if some rules, and provided that the tooth began to wobble due to natural causes. Experts identify the following rules to remove a loose baby tooth at home:

  1. The purity and sterility of the procedure. Before you begin the process, it is necessary to carefully handle the hands with soap and water and rinse your mouth with baby food.
  2. After you have taken a piece of sterile gauze or bandage, which is captured swinging a tooth.
  3. You need to explain everything and to tell the child before you begin to delete the item.
  4. After the tooth is captured with a bandage or gauze and pulled up, turning at the same time around the axis. So it should come out without any effort.
  5. After removing it the mouth of the crumbs should rinse with antiseptic or decoction of chamomile and apply to the hole soaked the specified means of cotton wool to stop the blood flow and clot formation.
  6. If a loose item sitting quite hard, is not removed and the toddler complained of acute dental pain, you should abandon this idea and to seek help to the doctor.
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Pry the bone element at the dentist should, if the parents are unable or afraid to remove the tooth from their child. To visit a doctor is necessary when the tooth is already very long, but fall is not going to. The situation may worsen by the fact that in the place wobbly milk item can start to germinate the root.

To enroll a child at the dentist is imperative, if the teeth have started to unravel earlier than 5 years of age, since such a situation cannot be considered normal. It can be caused by the following reasons:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • structural changes in the periodontal tissue, which is called periodontal disease;
  • a deficiency of vitamins and iron in the body;
  • diabetes;
  • disorder of bone formation, or, as it is called rickets.

All of these condition are treatable. It is only necessary to observe the instructions of the doctor.

Not recommended

Quite often the parents do not pay attention to some things regarding food intake, care for the oral cavity or, for example, a situation when the wobbly tooth the baby that can also affect the health of the oral cavity of the child. However, there are some tips to avoid such problems:

  1. It is not necessary to give the baby to chew a carrot, Apple or drying. Solid foods can injure the mouth.
  2. You can not pull forcibly swinging the tooth, if the child cries and resists.
  3. It is impossible to remove a loose tooth, if your child is under 4 years. In this case, there is an unnatural change of teeth.
  4. It is impossible to loosen the tooth using sterile means. Therefore, you can put in your mouth infection.
  5. To push on a loose tooth, or to tilt it to the side is prohibited. This can cause the child severe pain and injure the gum tissue.

The need and importance of care for the oral cavity

Some moms and dads are deeply mistaken, thinking that the milk teeth because of their temporality to care is not necessary. In fact it is not. It is very important from the moment of birth to provide the baby with tender care for the oral cavity.

If you teach a child to care for the oral cavity from an early age, it will allow to avoid many problems in the future. It will also allow parents to save the family budget and keep the nerves, because high-quality dental treatment is currently very expensive pleasure.

If you save the baby health of baby teeth, this will allow time to form the native ensure the correct pronunciation of speech and a healthy digestive system.

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When the child reaches 1.5 years, he can safely start to use a brush with soft bristles for cleaning teeth. Doing it yourself he is not able, therefore, to help in this matter, he needs parents.

In the special departments of the chain stores and pharmacies you can buy brushes for kids. Such devices must be worn on the finger. They allow cleaning in parallel to massage the gums.

When the child grows up and can independently take care of the cleanliness of the mouth, you can buy a toothbrush in the form of toys. This will allow you to turn the cleaning of the oral cavity in a very entertaining game and will be some extra incentive for the baby.


Thus, the condition of the child, including the provision of oral health completely fall on the shoulders of mothers and fathers. Their responsibility is to track all the processes and changes taking place with the child, including wobbly milk teeth, and to exclude probability of any complications. Because children’s health is a component of the well-being of the entire family.