The child has an abscess on the gum: sores on the gums

When a child has an abscess on the gums, it is a natural concern for parents because the baby does not eat and his deteriorating health. And given the fact that the process can proceed hard enough, there is a need for medical intervention. To sore on the gums of the baby did not catch the parents by surprise, it is necessary to have an understanding of the mechanism of its occurrence and prevention.

The essence of the problem

An abscess on the gum associated with periodontal abscess and is a local inflammatory reaction of gingival tissue in the acute form with subsequent transformation in the process of suppuration. This phenomenon in everyday life is often referred to as flux, as a rounded, painful bump occurs near a dairy or a molar. To hearth may be on the surface of the gums, and at depth, near the tooth roots.

Most often this disease affects children that is quite an objective explanation. The mouth of any human being is a physiological capacity in which it is accumulated a huge number of microorganisms, including pathogenic bacteria. At observance of rules of hygiene and a normal immune system, they are unable to cause disease, because the body copes with them.

In childhood the immune system is under formation, and the attitude to hygiene is sufficient free, which causes an increased risk of inflammatory reaction.

The development of this rather dangerous process is going on with that order. Under the influence of various factors on the gums appears the inflammation, which first expressed a slight redness with a gradual, and sometimes abrupt formation of small bumps. If you press your finger or tongue on her, it felt sensitive pain. Begin to appear the typical symptoms of the disease. Further progression of pathology is in direction of development of purulent process with formation of cavity, filled with pus. In advanced stage the abscess resembles a boil. If the pustules burst, then there is a ulcer on the gums of the child.

The etiology of the phenomenon

The basis of the mechanism of the origin of gingival abscess is an inflammatory reaction under the influence of pathogenic microorganisms in the weakening of the body. The reasons for starting this realzie there is quite a lot. The origin of the inflammation caused by the appearance of the periodontal pocket into which the flock of harmful bacteria. The most common causative organisms are staphylococci and streptococci. In addition, reactions can cause pneumococci, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Sore on the gums the child often appears in period of angina.

Etiological trigger mechanism such provoking endogenous and exogenous factors: inflammatory diseases (periodontitis, parodontosis, gingivitis);

  • caries in advanced form;
  • injury to the gum tissue (mechanical impact, thermal or chemical burns);
  • the formation of cyst-like formation in place reportaugust tooth;
  • poorly sealed channel in the treatment of the tooth.

The most important and common reason is the breach of oral hygiene. The lack of tooth cleaning or the use of substandard toothpaste leads to excessive accumulation of bacteria, which provokes an inflammatory process.

The symptomatic manifestation

An abscess on the gums the child may have different sizes, and the process to proceed with different intensity. Sometimes the inflammation so extensively that there is significant swelling that distorts the face. In most cases this is a small bump that is given to severe pain, aggravated by any touch. Naturally, in such conditions it is very difficult to eat and sometimes to drink and even speak. The pain tends to worsen at night that disrupts sleep. Appears noticeable swelling, which can go to the cheek.

Intensive process is a General intoxication of the organism that expresses these signs: fever, chills, weakness, headache, dizziness. In advanced stages the gums formed whitish abscess with pus, the pain intensifies and worsens the General condition. You can feel the unpleasant smell coming from the oral cavity.

If no measures are taken for the treatment of the pathology, the ulcer bursts with the release of the purulent mass. In its place formed a wound on the gums. The temperature is reduced to normal and the condition improves. It creates a sense of recovery, but formed a fistula connects the cavity with the external environment, and an ulcer on the gum just attracts infection. The passage directs the new portion of the bacteria, and everything repeated again. Thus, it is hoped that the abscess, the child will go, not worth it.

Moreover, neglected diseases can cause serious complications. The result of the progression of the process of suppuration occurs of fiber that threatens sinus thrombosis, and for kids it can end tragically. Infection of the lesion on the gums can spread to submandibular lymph nodes, causing inflammation and increased size. Purulent mass through the mouth can be draining on the tonsils in the throat, that provokes the emergence of tonsillitis in the chronic form. Pus and toxins can enter the blood, leading to sensitization of the organism with intense allergic reactions. Finally, the child if not treated gingival abscess is likely to lose a healthy tooth, and sometimes more than one.

Varieties of gingival abscesses

Taking into account the etiology of the phenomena we can distinguish several basic types of boils that appear on the gums the child. Talking about them will go on.

Abscesses formed in an inflammatory process in the gums:

  • Gingivitis. As a rule, this pathology is earliest stage of gingivitis. They begin to bleed and swell with the formation of red blisters small.
  • Periodontitis. It is formed in the absence of treatment of the previous stage. In the periodontal cavity between the tooth and the gum base accumulates a purulent mass, resulting in a feeling of bulging out of the gums.

The sores caused by the inflammation of the tooth root:

  • Periodontitis — an abscess in the form of dense swelling with a diameter of about 10-12 mm with an unpleasant odor. The mechanism of its occurrence is associated with the growth of bacteria in the dental cavity and the formation of granulomas, and later cysts in the upper part of the tooth root.
  • Periostitis. This is a well known flux, or inflammation of the periosteum. It develops as a complication of periodontitis. In this case, purulent mass penetrates through the bone.

Abscesses formed under mechanical stress:

  • The epulis or adesnik. Most often this education occurs due to permanent injury to the gum, for example, the sharp edge of a damaged tooth, badly staged seal, etc. In appearance ePolicy stand out as a small swelling or bluish bulges with a diameter of 30-40 mm.
  • Hematoma. As a rule, small bloody lump fairly soft consistency. It often gradually resolves on their own.


Abscesses in children associated with growth of the teeth:

  • Whitish lump. The child she has kind of white spots on the gums and indicates that here grows a tooth. His appearance can wait 2-4 days after the occurrence of whitish bumps.
  • Sores associated with baby teeth. Bumps without pain can appear in a child near a baby tooth when he is in no hurry to fall. This phenomenon was attempted growth of a molar tooth.

Treatment guidelines

Treatment of abscesses on the gums the child depends on many factors: the reasons for their emergence, development and suppuration, presence of complications, the size of the formation. The most common this treatment algorithm:

  1. the study of abscess and the diagnosis of the type of pathology;
  2. holding analgesic activities at the local level;
  3. operational opening of the abscess and complete cleaning of the cavity from purulent mass;
  4. the removal of the damaged tooth with the use of additional anesthetic measures;
  5. conducting antimicrobial treatment to eliminate the risk of recurrent repetition.

In the treatment of a molar tooth the decision to remove it carefully weighed. If you have a chance to save the tooth, then appropriate action is taken. Usually after a thorough cleaning of the cavity and the channel is filling.

Opening an abscess is a small surgical operation. It is necessarily performed in a specialty dental office, where created all conditions to prevent emergency situations. The beginning of the main procedures is preceded by preliminary events: the cooling of the lesion of the gums to reduce swelling and pain, rinse mouth with antiseptic composition. Most commonly used weak solutions furatsilina, potassium permanganate, chlorhexidine. In severe pain it is recommended to take pain medicine, such as Analgin, Paracetamol, Ketonal.

After opening the abscess removal of purulent mass is ensured by drainage. If there is a tooth in the pocket of the lumen, the drainage is ensured through it. The sealed cavity is relieved by means of spot incision soft tissue of the gums in the immediate vicinity of the abscess. All actions are performed with local anesthesia. After removal of pus in the cavity carefully cleansed with antiseptic. When it is large, outflow of pus drainage is provided in the form of a flagellum gauze, soaked in saline solution.

Home treatment of boils

Treatment of abscesses on the gums the child must be performed by a dentist under appropriate conditions. When such opportunities do not often resort to such methods facilitate state kid:

  • reduced the temperature by receiving antipyretic;
  • rinsing mouth with a decoction of chamomile, cooled to room temperature;
  • the exclusion of solid foods (it is recommended to focus on gruel and mashed potatoes);
  • installing cold compress for relief of strong pain syndrome;
  • providing copious drinking to reduce the General intoxication of the organism;
  • use as a solution to rinse these folk remedies: infusion of sage, St. John’s wort; decoction of oak bark; the soda-salt solution.

We need to completely eliminate mechanical effect on the ulcer; to prevent warming of the focus of suppuration; the administration of antibacterial drugs without a prescription. Strictly prohibited unauthorized opening of the abscess. Note that in an unprofessional operation, the pus can get into the blood, risk for sepsis.

No wonder parents worry when a child has an abscess on the gums. If you do not treat this pathology, it is possible serious complications up to sepsis. Running form leads to large abscesses and ulcers when they break. If you notice signs of gingival abscess should hurry to the dentist.

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