The children’s teeth order of eruption: in what order

The actual question for most young mothers: how to grow teeth, order of eruption, and behaviors of a child in one of the important stages of life. That is the kid in the period of the appearance of the teeth, in what sequence should grow milk teeth in children. All these and other questions will be discussed below.

The timing of the emergence of Milkmen

The order of teething in children can be determined. The sequence of eruption of each individual. Therefore, all diagrams and tables in Pediatrics is for informational purposes only. The teeth of babies up to a year can cut is absolutely not in the order as stated in medical sources.

The «modern» children, the order of eruption of primary teeth is broken. Very rarely, the above sequence of eruption of teeth in children is the same. And time of appearance of the teeth differ from the table values. First teeth can appear closer to 9 months, and the canine will appreciate its presence only to 2.5 years. Accordingly, the first cut his teeth further depends on the sequence of teething. The same applies to the number prorezalsya Milkmen: can be cut with a single tooth, and sometimes teeth climb several pieces.

For example, in boys, usually the process is delayed in time, as the young lady’s mouth full of white milk jugs. What teeth come out first?
Based on the data the average scheme of teething in children is:

It is believed that pairwise teething infant is well tolerated. Not always this statement can be attributed to a specific baby. Someone violently takes the period when the teeth erupt. This is the most dangerous thing: many mothers not knowing how to climb the teeth confuse the flu and colds with teething and not go to the pediatrician. In the end, catarrhal disease progresses and is complicated by pneumonia. Even if you are an experienced parent and know how teething, take the time to show your baby to the doctor. The extra inspection and the child never hurt anyone. In addition, you will receive valuable recommendations to alleviate the symptoms that can sometimes bring the baby suffering.

How to know that the teeth will soon erupt

In the period of teething in children can be various failures in the body. While teething can rise the body temperature, appear the symptoms of SARS and a number of other disorders. While the tooth is trying to emerge from the gums, the body is under a lot of stress, despite the fact that the eruption is a physiological process.
The symptoms and sequence of eruption of teeth — individual and depend on the characteristics of a child.

The child, at the time the Milkmen are noted:

  • Salivation;
  • Tearfulness, lack of appetite;
  • The need to scratch the gums, the child is not released of his mouth his arms, pulls in a mouth various subjects;
  • Insomnia;
  • Swelling and redness of the gums.
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Drooling is one of the symptoms how to grow teeth in infants. Due to the increased work of the salivary glands may appear:

  1. Runny nose;
  2. Hoarseness;
  3. Dry cough without sputum;
  4. A slight disorder of digestion;
  5. Irritation on the chin, around the mouth and on the chest.

Upset stool and vomiting

When teeth erupt in infants suffering digestive system. Broken chair, you may receive occasional vomiting. This is due to increased salivation. Saliva flow into the stomach, causing the vomiting reflex. If to these symptoms is joined by a rise in temperature is most likely not teething in children, and develops an infectious process in the GI tract. Uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea can indicate:

  • Rotavirus infection;
  • Food poisoning;
  • Adenoviral infection.

Help the child requires skilled and immediate, in order to avoid dehydration. Do not be lazy to call an ambulance, better to be safe than to blame himself for negligence.

Tearfulness, and loss of appetite

The process of teething, the child is accompanied by violation of the emotional sphere. It is associated with pain and itching in the gums. That is why the baby refuses to eat, crying and behaving unusual for his character.

The rise in body temperature and weakness

While growing teeth in children the mother can detect a rise in body temperature. How to grow milk teeth depends on the condition of the crumbs. For example, if you cut one the milkman, the child may not react to the process, and if the number and order of eruption of teeth in infants is broken, climb from 2, 3 or milkman — the reaction can be more than acute.

Doctors have one rule, if the temperature rises above 38.5° C and not stabiliziruemost more than 5 days — it has nothing to do with teething. It is necessary to exclude possible inflammatory processes in the organism or virus infection.

What contributes to delay of eruption

Very often the scheme of teething in infants is disturbed and it is impossible to predict in what order to climb the teeth. They are late, do not grow those that have, and the table of eruption generally does not carry any information. From what depends as climbing teeth in children?

Scheme eruption of primary teeth is disturbed due to:

  1. The genetic factor of the baby;
  2. The features of the climate (the children living there, where it is always summer, the first teeth erupt faster);
  3. The diet of the baby (poor and monotonous food hampers and disrupts the sequence in which order the teeth grow in children);
  4. The presence of endocrine diseases;
  5. Peculiarities of baby care.

The beginnings of Milkmen laid on 6 — 7 week of pregnancy. Known cases where the newborn at birth has one prorezalsya tooth and this is not uncommon.

The delay of eruption can wear physiological in nature. If mom is concerned about the lack Milkmen in time, you should contact your dentist, it is likely that this fact is associated with the presence of pathological processes in the body, such as rickets or Edentia.

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Rickets — a disease characterized by a lack of vitamin D. due to violations of assimilation and absorption of calcium by the body, Milkmen late. Treatment of rickets is long and complex, to cope with the disease impossible.

No less dangerous congenital anomaly edentulous. In this pathology do not exist with dental rudiments. The disease is diagnosed using x-rays.

How to help your child while teething

As soon as they begin to erupt teeth in babies, the task of the mother to help the child to cope with the pain and itching gums. Front Milkmen usually erupt first, the child puts toys in his mouth to ease his condition. Do not let your child chew on everything, as there is a risk of injury to the gums. Provide the child with all sorts of tools to help you penetrate the «firstborn» to be born.

So, I suppose that started to grow teeth, help the child.


What can help:

  • The teether. Made of latex and has a liquid or gel filler. Cool fixture in the fridge and offer the kid. Enjoying a beneficial toy disappears itching and burning sensation;
  • Massage the gums of the baby. Soak gauze in cool water, wrap the index finger and gently massage irritated gums of the child. This procedure not only will help relieve itching, but also serve as a good hygienic measure. Be careful in movements, too much friction can cause injury to the mouth crumbs;
  • Brush fingertip. Provides a complete hygienic care of the oral cavity and helps to relieve discomfort from the area of eruption;
  • Bottles and pacifiers. Fully meet the needs of crumbs to scratch the gums. It is important to choose the right shape and material products. To avoid the formation of malocclusion prefer orthodontic pacifiers made of latex or silicone.

Don’t worry about the timing of the appearance of the teeth in children and the order of eruption, it is important to help the child through this period.

Medicines to ease the teething

Not all children process the appearance of the dairy runs smoothly. Trying to cope on their own, the tired mother gives in and goes to the pharmacy to purchase tools to facilitate the child’s condition. Drugs a lot, but can really help the child?

Lozenges Detoxing. Relieve the main symptoms related to the deciduous residents of the oral cavity. Allowed children up to one year. If the child will not appreciate the taste of the tablets, you can dissolve the remedy in a bottle with a drink or crushed into a teaspoon and dilute with water. The drug is not cheap, for 150 pills will have to say goodbye to 1000. You can buy in any pharmacy without prescription from a doctor.
Kamistad. Available in the form of gel. Relieves inflammation, swelling, reduces the pain and eliminates itching. Contains lidocaine and chamomile. Permitted from the age of three. the cost is quite affordable and is about 200 rubles per desyatiraundovy tube.
DataNorm Baby. Produced in solution relieves pain in the oral cavity, normalizes digestive function. You can purchase without a prescription at any pharmacy. the price of the solution is about 350 rubles.
The solution or gel Dentinox. Has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Per package you need to pay about 200 rubles.
Gel Holisal. Has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Do not use for children under 1 year. The gel costs about 450 rubles (15 g).
Kalgel. Gel drug based on lidocaine. Allowed to children from 5 months of age. stops the pain and cools, relieving itching.
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Not always the gels are effective in the period of mass appearance of the teeth. In this case, pediatricians suggest to give the baby painkillers that are allowed on their age.

Very good for suspension Paracetamol. The drug give no more than 1 every 8 hours. Has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic properties. The drug can be given no more than 3 days.

Children’s Panadol is an antipyretic and analgesic based on paracetamol. Suitable for children syrup and candles.

Nurofen. The drug based on the ibuprofen. It is recommended to apply not more often than 1 time in 8 hours. In suspension or candles to help cope with pain and fever.

In any case the kid can not give acetylsalicylic acid. The drug in children, can cause gastric bleeding. Even if you give a quarter of a tablet, the response of the body can be unpredictable.

The reason to go to the dentist

There are situations when the child should be taken to a dentist. If your child’s teeth:

  • Very early got;
  • For a long time missing;
  • Out curves or no one;
  • Wrong grow;
  • With the changed color of the enamel;
  • With weak enamel, which breaks off, cracks;
  • Break off and erased.

All of the above factors, of course, require access to specialists. But do not despair, it happens that the basic adjustment of diet or the introduction of fortified foods help to restore the teeth health.