The child’s black tongue: black tongue coating, causes

Looking into the baby’s mouth, You can detect the child’s black tongue. A competent pediatrician at each visit in the first place does just that — examines the oral cavity of the child patient. Perhaps the child before drew and licked a crayon or chewed an ink pen? This is the safest, but when you look closer it is just a RAID or the language itself has a dark color?

Many diseases have no symptoms, but the language, in addition to its basic functions, is one of the main indicators of health conditions. He can tell not only verbally, but physically about the problems and irregularities in the functioning of the body. Normal appearance of the muscular and movable organ in the human body is a smooth pink color with a slightly whitish tinge. Any other color, spots, strange consistency — an occasion to reflect on the state of health. If yellowish and white coating on the tongue is quite common and should not cause much concern, his darkening is quite a rare situation and this is necessary to speak in detail, especially when the focus children.

In infancy and a younger age of black coating on the tongue may indicate very serious failures and malfunctions in the body of the little man, which he himself can not tell. But too early to panic in the first place let’s deal with the reasons for this deviation and try to find ways to solve this problem.

Food causes

The mucous surface of the shell of the language tends to be painted in the impact of food dyes (synthetic or natural). In this situation, the black tongue of the child is absolutely safe phenomenon. It is necessary to exclude from the child’s diet of foods and drinks can give the tongue a dark color. These include: a variety of berries (blackberries, blueberries, currants, prunes, mulberry, chokeberry) and juices and compotes on their basis, all kinds of candies, chewing gum, candy, drinks of dark colour (including black tea, coffee). Then regular cleaning of the mouth will return to the language of healthy.

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Thorough care of the oral cavity is the following. After each meal rinse the mouth — this will remove food debris and reduce bacteria growth. You also need to teach kids to use a special scraper for the language to replace this tool can and a regular toothbrush.

In infants the early introduction of complementary foods may also receive the dark coating on the tongue that signals the unavailability of the child’s stomach to other foods in addition to breast milk. In this case it is necessary to postpone the introduction of new products or to change the approach to the food system.

Medical reasons

Receiving iron supplements (especially in liquid form), activated carbon, treatment with antibiotics can cause dark color of the surface of child language. An Arsenal of medicines is able to cope with all sorts of diseases, but sometimes it deals a blow on the body, weakening the immune system. A language is like a mirror, reflects the state of human health.

Particularly dangerous prolonged and uncontrolled use of antibiotics, it leads to the violation of the microflora not only of the intestine (dysbiosis), but also the mouth, can develop candidiasis (in other words, thrush or stomatitis), as a result, if time does not begin treatment, you may see the gray patches on the tongue in a child. The discovery of this problem and eliminate the causes of, and compliance with instructions and appointments the GP will help to cope with a frightening touch. Do not try to remove the plaque yourself. The use of antifungal drugs in conjunction with treatment of the oral cavity with antiseptic solutions, compliance with sparing diet will give a positive result.

Pathological causes

This is one of the most serious reasons, the black color of the tongue can indicate problems in the digestive system in some cases affects other organs. If you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, most likely, dark is only the root of the tongue, edges and tip are invariably pink. Such chronic diseases as colitis, enteritis, gastritis, often accompanied by constipation, diarrhea, nausea, and heartburn. But diseases of the pancreas and gallbladder starts without symptoms, occasionally accompanied by a bitter taste in my mouth.

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If you suspect malfunctions of the digestive tract need to visit a pediatric gastroenterologist, an ultrasound and other necessary examinations of the internal organs, to identify the sore spot.

Further, when properly integrated treatment and healthy lifestyle should not be afraid of relapse. But often blackening of the tongue due to pathologies in the gastrointestinal tract face the adults, rarely children.

Causes other diseases

  1. Various infectious diseases of the respiratory tract (sore throat, acute tonsillitis, respiratory catarrh), inflammation of the tonsils with fever, disturbance of acid-base balance (acidosis) can also lead to formation of dark patches on the tongue in children. When the healing and calming of inflammation, the mucous membrane of the mouth will come to its normal condition without any additional effort. Rinse the mouth with decoction of the pharmacy of herbs (sage, chamomile, calendula) only with the approval of a pediatrician.
  2. Complex vitamins will help boost immunity, to avoid deficiencies. Very often you can see dark spots on tongue in children, the body loses vitamins of the group PP, B. you should Never resort to folk methods of treatment of children without medical supervision, it is necessary to follow his appointments and do not exceed the dosage of the medication.
  3. Syndrome REMAK (lead poisoning) can cause black tongue. The disease is accompanied by additional symptoms (darkening of the gums, metallic taste in the mouth). Treated combination drugs and the cessation of the patient’s contact with lead.
  4. Disease Crohn’s when the patient occur autoimmune processes. In the skin and mucous membranes the skin is increased melanin content, impaired adrenal gland function, decreases the amount of hormones. Treated this disease long and hard under the close supervision of doctors.
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Physiological characteristics

Is that a dark layer that appears in the middle and root of the tongue, forming a triangle or oval in the direction of the pharynx. This is the result of multiple growths of the papillae of the tongue. Their actinic looks like lint, they have a dark color. This condition is rare and is called hairy or villous language.

Under normal health of the child, in the absence of complaints of discomfort, dryness, to focus on this is needed. The reason for this set often does not work and restore the normal appearance of the tongue occurs in children alone, without further treatment within two or three weeks.

It is worth remembering that any deviation from the norm, it’s worth to visit a doctor, to consult to make a plan of observation and treatment. Do not resort to self-treatment and do not attempt to look for the causes of black tongue in children. Only a specialist (possibly complex a pediatrician, a gastroenterologist, a dentist) can determine why the child had a dark coating on the tongue, to help cope with the problem and avoid its recurrence.

Practice good hygiene, follow a proper diet, avoid bad habits, go through the routine checks of doctors is important in maintaining the health of You and Your children. Be healthy and Your tongue will thank You!