The cure for Tartar buildup: how to remove Tartar

Means plaque is looking for a lot of people. They wonder whether it is possible to cope with pathological formations, and to remove them from the teeth without the help of a specialist?
Experienced doctors dentists give a firm confident the answer is no, you cannot do that!
Despite the dislike of the doctors, the patient will sooner or later find himself in the dental chair. Long expectation of a miracle, the use of home remedies will lead to complications and neglect of the disease. Gingivitis will develop into periodontitis. Professional treatment in this case will flow much longer, and may need attaching surgical and orthopedic procedures.

What is dental plaque

In order to get rid of the stone, you need to understand how it is formed.
After each meal, in the oral cavity remain small particles of food. With the help of saliva, they adhere to the teeth. If within 15 -20 minutes to remove the remnants of lunch, Breakfast or dinner, the food begins to decompose. The process is activated by the action of microorganisms that are constantly present in the mouth. As a result of their activity, the bacteria convert the remains of food and producing lactic acid. It affects the enamel, caries appears.

Food particles, mass of bacteria envelop the wall of the tooth and form a soft microbial plaque. It is most pronounced in the journals, in the interdental spaces.

In order to remove soft deposits, it is necessary to use the toothbrush, floss, toothpaste and oral irrigator. If oral hygiene is violated, the plaque under the influence of calcium salts hardens and becomes solid. Permanent dark education otherwise called Tartar. Depending on the localization.

  • Subgingival. You’ll have the most cervical units goes deep into the teeth and gums. Yourself to see its problematic. In most cases, pathology is found with periodontitis. The stones help loose infiltration of the gums to the units, form deep periodontal pockets. In advanced cases, it is necessary to use surgical treatment with the use of patchwork surgery, closed or open curettage. Method the doctor chooses, depending on the severity of the clinical picture;
  • Supragingival. It can be clearly seen. It is from the edge of the gums up. The lower the level of hygienic measures and long term of referral to a specialist, the dental stones are more abundant, have a pronounced pigmentation, significantly spoil the beauty of a smile. Dental treatment in this pathology is fast enough. In most cases, it is completely painless.
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If the person found in his mouth, strange dark spots, it is necessary to turn to dentist. Check whether og or hygienist will perform the procedure quickly, efficiently and painlessly.

It’s fun! Remove Tartar with 1 unit of the tooth using an ultrasonic scaler can be within 2 — 3 minutes. Thus, to clear all the pathological elements of the dentist manages a maximum of 60 minutes. After removal, the doctor will perform the cleaning and polishing with a special paste.

Those who are afraid of visiting a doctor and conduct a proper cleaning you can tell, the procedure is:

  • Painless;
  • Necessary;
  • Not only has a negative effect on the enamel units;
  • Reduces the possibility of cervical caries, periodontitis, periodontal disease, gingivitis;
  • Is nice enough and not terrible.

After a visit to the dentist, smile pleases its owner with the beauty, cleanliness, fresh breath.

The reasons of formation of pathological formations

In most cases, patients are the main culprits in the development of pathological deposits.

The most common causes of RAID:

  1. Bad habits. Smoking and the adoption of alcoholic beverages have a negative impact on the body and oral health in particular.
  2. Somatic disease. Endocrine disorders cause metabolic disorders can impair the protective properties of the organism, changing the viscosity of the saliva.
  3. Unbalanced diet, lack in the diet of hard fruits, nuts and fruit. If a person consumes too much carbohydrate food and after that clean your mouth, plaque is formed instantly.
  4. When malocclusion and constant chewing on one side, the risk of solid deposits increases.
  5. Bad oral hygiene. Many women and men do not know how to use a brush. They clean dental unit in a chaotic direction and I think the main freshen breath with pasta. But it’s wrong!

Brushing your teeth need kicking out in a circular motion from the gums to the cutting edges. If you just drive bristles from the right to the left, remnants of food and bacteria will stay in its place, only slightly drifting in space. In addition, the wrong Shoe increases the risk of wedge-shaped defects and caries.

Remember! To clean the mouth is necessary after every meal. If the person is not able to use the brush, use floss and mouthwash. The use of the irrigator significantly reduces the risk of hard and soft deposits.

Whether the pathology of children?

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This question can affirmatively answer, Yes! Kids and teenagers often face this problem. The stones are formed due to the lack of hygiene and eating large quantities of sweets, fast food, fizzy drinks, chips.

If parents do not want their children had dental plaque, teach kids the correct use of toothbrush since childhood. Enter in the daily menu apples, carrots, cabbage, coconuts, nuts, pumpkin.

Against dental calculus in children do not use:

  • Adults of abrasive cleansing pastes and powders;
  • Folk methods of treatment;
  • Alkali and acid;
  • Solid objects, such as needles, scrapers, tweezers, scissors, nail file.

Remember, the enamel of the kids thinner. Taking deposits on their own, you are putting a child at risk of developing complications.

To relieve your baby from unpleasant entities, take him to a pediatric dentist. He will conduct inspection, examination and solve the problem for a short time.

Methods of treatment by a specialist

A special apparatus having the softening and splitting of the plaque. It is divided into many fine particles, then washed with water. To improve the efficiency of the treatment combined with cleaning of the teeth by the method of AirFlow.

To remove Tartar will help a special instrument called an ultrasonic scaler. Actions of expert is virtually painless. Some patients have tooth sensitivity and need to use local anesthesia. If the stone is difficult to remove, before the procedure is sometimes carried out pre-treatment chemicals. They help to soften the stone and make it more friable.

At the ultrasonic method has some contraindications. In the presence of chronic diseases, inform your doctor about them. The manual removal of plaque is deprecated. It is quite painful and not very effective, may damage the enamel.

Remove Tartar at any clinic. Manipulation is acceptable for the price. However, after the procedure, education is often appear again. To avoid this, a preferred use of the device, be sure to follow all recommendations of the attending physician, conduct the daily treatment of the teeth, tongue and gums, and treat comorbidities.

Modern hygiene products


In order to monitor the health of the mouth is necessary every 6 to 7 months to carry out routine inspection from a specialist. There are several tools to remove Tartar, which are well cleaned soft! plaque and prevent the formation of solid deposits. These include:

  • Toothpaste companies Rocs, Lakalut, Rembrandt , PresiDENT, Weleda, Zact Lion, Jason Natural Cosmetics, Sunstar Ora2, Splat. On each tube the manufacturer specifies the index of the RDA. It indicates the presence of abrasive particles in the composition. Funds from the RDA to 50 — 60 specially made for children and people with sensitive enamel. A value of 80 -100 paste is ideal for healthy adult population. Highly abrasive preparations containing over 100 RDA can only be used after consultation with a dentist. The cleansing of the mouth the group, it’s advisable to not more than 2 times per week;
  • Special brushes are especially long and fine fibers which contribute to a better removal of soft plaque.
  • Rinses the mouth.
  • Irrigators oral cavity can be stationary and portable. They are very convenient to use. They come with different types of nozzles and permit to use apparatus with the whole family. Purification occurs by water jet, which penetrates into inaccessible areas. To enhance the effectiveness of the procedure using special floss.
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Hygienic means are able to exert good prophylactic effect. In order to achieve lasting results, initially make a complete reorganization of the mouth at the dentist.

Traditional methods

Guided by the sources from the Internet, many people want to remove the plaque, trying to use recipes and grandparents. The population of rubs in the teeth of soda, chalk, powder, handles the mouth with acids, alkalis, corrosive juices of vegetables, fruits and plants. Dentists strongly advise you to use these methods since they give absolutely no therapeutic effect, but often lead to burns of the mucosa, development of allergic reactions, emergence of pain and tooth sensitivity. Before applying any action, weigh its value and make the right decision!